Just call me Tim Taylor.

Because the mess I made was about like his!!! Remember that TV show?? Grunt grunt.

Today I was having a moment. A moment where my expensive Bosch washing machine wouldn't spin, drain or unlock the door so I could open it. I tried everything the manual suggested I do. NOTHING!!! Soooo, what would any talented woman do?? I searched online in some forums to find answers to my problem.

There is a "door" on the front of the washer that has the motor in it. Sometimes small things can get caught there. After prying, I mean delicately getting the door open, I saw the opening. The forum had said to lay a few towels down because there would be water coming out. CHECK!! I had towels and was ready. I started to unscrew the cap. It reminded me of unscrewing the gas cap off. Water started spewing! So I thought, "what the heck!" and unscrewed it more! I cannot even begin to explain what happened next. There was water spewing E V E R Y W H E R E ! ! ! I was soaked from the waist down. The towels were beyond wet and water was still coming out!!! Let's just say it will take a few DAYS to dry out the basement! I was in tears!! My HB had just packed up a bunch of his magazines and guess where they were sitting?? Yes, in the floor of the basement that had water rising in it!!! I was frantically moving boxes. HEAVY boxes. I was trying to move them to dry land! Sand bags would have been a nice thing to have but I didn't have time to prepare them. Otherwise I would have done that before I unscrewed the cap! Seriously there was THAT much water!!

Okay, sooooo finally the water had stopped. I have a basement floor covered in water. The baby had woken up from her nap and crying upstairs. I am crying downstairs. Taking off my wet clothes. Trying to keep Lil O out of the water. Sweeping the water to the drain. Trying to save as many boxes as I could with magazines in them. It was a huge disaster!!

I really Tim Taylor-ed it for sure!!!

Then I reach my hand into the hole and there is something in the motor fan. I start digging around and pull out this wet clump of something. Looks like a bunch of cotton. Then I look harder and guess what it is????? A WASHABLE BREAST PAD FOR BREASTFEEDING MOMS TO KEEP MILK FROM DRIPPING ALL OVER THEM WHEN THEIR MILK LETS DOWN!!!!!

Well, mystery solved. The basement will be dry in a couple days and I fixed the washing machine!!! ~insert pleased smile here, tired but pleased~


Jennifer Saylor said…
I don't know if this was a Tim Taylor. A repair person would just have let that water drown your husband's mags.

I'm impressed!
Ann said…
I found you through Mom Bloggers Club.
Well, I have to say I am very impressed. (Now I know who to call when my machine goes kaput!)
Mommie Mayhem said…
Lol . My washing machine broke, hubby bought a new one. Then that one started acting up. He was up all night trying to fix it .. and finally what digging around in the fan thing a ma - gig he pulled out a chewed up baby sock. LOL So we can blame this one on motherhood lol.
Supermom said…
HA HA Thank you!
~hanging head~ now I know why the washer came with a net bag for small items....

Have a nice day. :)