He compared our baby to Nixon.

Happy Belated Fathers Day and Happy Belated 2 Months Birthday to Baby M.

2 months #3

2 months #2

June 15 ~2 months old~

Nixon Laughing

Oh wait that's not Baby M but Nixon Laughing. Here's Baby M laughing:

2 months #4

Life is busy for me. I have the best intentions to post a blog but then something happens. Or the baby makes it impossible to type even the simplest of posts. Now if I had the Blackberry Curve I wouldn't have to sit at the computer to update my blog. I could do it from any room of the house. In the bath. In the bed. On the couch. From the porch. In the car. Waiting for the cinnamon rolls to cook. ETC... Must have Blackberry Curve before vacation........ Pretty please with a cherry on top! I did say the magic word. P L E A S E. ~humorous smile here~

PS. Took Baby M for checkup yesterday. 9 pounds 9 ounces. 22 1/2 inches long. 3 shots.

Okay....my time is up Nixon is crying. I mean Baby M.


Jennifer Saylor said…
OK, O looks just like her dad. Who does M look like?
http://appliejuice.wordpress.com said…
ROTFL those to laughing photos are the best! I am sorry I have missed your blog. I'll keep up now. It's on my google page. LOL

Your baby is so very adorable. :)

Mary Jane said…
We love your sense of humor.