Getting kids in the kitchen.

Last night was an exciting night for me. ha ha

It was a brand new ICA and Season 2 of Army Wives. Both were entertaining to watch. I won't talk about anything else just in case you are waiting to watch...

I am beginning to feel O L D. Yesterday my oldest daughter ,who is still my baby, turned 14 years old. Life is flying for sure. We celebrated her birthday with family at Longhorn and with Ice Cream Cake. It was a good day and I didn't cry!!! Yet....

School is out and I am preparing my summer plans to keep all 4 kids busy and entertained. I am going to get H and B2 involved in the kitchen more. I am going to let them come up with a meal once a week and help them prepare it. I think it will teach them about the kitchen and cooking. Plus, I know they will enjoy it. Coming up with a menu, shopping for it and cooking it. Even Lil O can help. She already loves setting the table and cleaning it up.

Baby M will be 8 weeks old tomorrow. She is sooo amazing.

Okay I am off to fold those 2 baskets of clothes!!! The Adventures Of Supermom indeed.