A Blog About Laundry.

If Pablo can write a poem about Ironing, to which my husband gave me, I can write a blog about laundry.

I recently posted a picture of an unknown object found in my house.

empty basket

An empty laundry basket. It is a rare site to find one of these around except in a store not bought yet. I have been known to throw clothes downstairs just so the basket is empty in my bathroom. Silly huh? But it is a psychological thing I am sure. Like an empty dishwasher, which I will talk about another time.

With 4 kids and 2 adults in the house you can only imagine the laundry I do. My HB will often say something about me doing laundry all the time. I have too!! If I keep it under control it doesn't control me.

I recently taught my daughter the difference between clean, wearable again and dirty. Just because you wear it to the mall for a couple hours DOES not mean it is dirty. I told her unless it smelled dirty or had a spot on it then it is WEARABLE AGAIN. I know she thought that gross but then again she isn't doing the laundry now is she. With my 10 year old son it is automatically dirty. If you have a son you know this to be true.

Money found in washer and dryer. FINDERS KEEPERS. I consider that a tip and appreciate it. If you ask me if I found any money they answer will be NO even if I did. You should have emptied your pockets before you threw it in the basket. ~gentle smile~

I can honestly say my laundry is caught up----until this afternoon when clothes are taken off....


Anonymous said…
Yes my house knows no empty laundry basket:(
list mama said…
I feel so good when the clothes are folded neatly and packed away in the laundry basket and delivered to my room upstairs. Isn't that enough?

Adria Sha said…
I am envious. I have given up on ever being caught up on laundry. Heck, I'd be happy if I could get the kids to stop unloading the clean laundry from the dryer and dropping it on the floor with the dirty.