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I'm just not Supermom anymore....

I think I’m just worn out with blogging. I’ve been around a long time and I think I have given all the advice that I know. You firs...

You mean I can have sex now? Sex after having a baby.

~I hope this doesn't make my husband blush but it IS blog worthy~

It eventually happens after you have a baby. Cesarean or vaginal, the feelings are the same. Having sex after a baby is sort of like getting ready for a first date. All nervous with butterflies. The moment has to be right. You take a bath/shower. SO you don't smell like a milk machine. You shave your legs and under your arms. You put your smell good lotion on. You want to feel like a WOMAN and not a MOTHER!!! Then you pray to find the time between breastfeeding and taking care of the other kids to be alone.

It is really hard, for me, to find that moment. After having a baby sucking on me for the past 11 WEEKS and then to think of sex. It is hard for us moms. We still love our husbands, promise. In all fairness, there are 4 kids in our house. It's juggling to find time to be alone. And when we do crawl in bed all I want to do is SLEEP!! Or try to if the baby will let me.

Not to forget the Zoloft I am taking for PPD. That zaps what sexual appetite I have to pieces like a bug zapper.

I look forward to having sex again......I just hope its days away instead of weeks. HA HA!!

Supermom Doesn't Blog Here Anymore.

Who knew having a 4th child would take up soooooooo much of my waking and sleeping hours?? Perhaps I would have settled for a dog instead. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

No I don't think I would have taken the dog instead. Hmm, but I wouldn't have to worry about a college fund or love interests when she is older.

I did spend some quality time with Lil O yesterday. We made a cake together and it was YUMMY!!!!!

I have been working on a menu for the week and things for the kids to do. IE: Pool, Fun Depot, Movies and the Library. Oh, and getting all four of them in a picture!!!!! I am crossing my fingers on that to play out! Just so 3 of them are looking at the camera with a smile I really don't mind what the baby is doing. Unless she is screaming. I wouldn't want that in a picture.

Well anyway....must go hold a baby that is ready to nurse and nap. Ahhh, the life of a baby.

I promise to do better with blogging in the future. If I can GET my HB to Verizon to get the BLACKBERRY then I could blog from the couch. Perhaps while nursing. While in bed trying to sleep. Or maybe in the middle of the night while changing a diaper. You get the drift! TA TA!!

God tested me and I PASSED!!!

Last night I prayed for more patience and to do better during the day. I had strayed and wasn't including him in my day like I usually do.

This morning I go to pick up Baby M who is crying in the bouncie seat to see a BIG wet spot on the couch. Lil O had peed on the couch! I set a crying baby back down to clean up. Not once did I fuss. I put Lil O on the potty and then in the bath. I brought Baby M in the bedroom and nursed her while Lil O played. I sat there on the bed and laughed knowing I had been given a test!

I PASSED!!! :)

I could only take so much of that PACIFIER!!!!

SO I cut the tip off.

Lil O is screaming, "Mommy broke my paci.".

Oh well, such is life. Bad mommy...

A Blog About Laundry.

If Pablo can write a poem about Ironing, to which my husband gave me, I can write a blog about laundry.

I recently posted a picture of an unknown object found in my house.

empty basket

An empty laundry basket. It is a rare site to find one of these around except in a store not bought yet. I have been known to throw clothes downstairs just so the basket is empty in my bathroom. Silly huh? But it is a psychological thing I am sure. Like an empty dishwasher, which I will talk about another time.

With 4 kids and 2 adults in the house you can only imagine the laundry I do. My HB will often say something about me doing laundry all the time. I have too!! If I keep it under control it doesn't control me.

I recently taught my daughter the difference between clean, wearable again and dirty. Just because you wear it to the mall for a couple hours DOES not mean it is dirty. I told her unless it smelled dirty or had a spot on it then it is WEARABLE AGAIN. I know she thought that gross but then again she isn't doing the laundry now is she. With my 10 year old son it is automatically dirty. If you have a son you know this to be true.

Money found in washer and dryer. FINDERS KEEPERS. I consider that a tip and appreciate it. If you ask me if I found any money they answer will be NO even if I did. You should have emptied your pockets before you threw it in the basket. ~gentle smile~

I can honestly say my laundry is caught up----until this afternoon when clothes are taken off....

Just call me Tim Taylor.

Because the mess I made was about like his!!! Remember that TV show?? Grunt grunt.

Today I was having a moment. A moment where my expensive Bosch washing machine wouldn't spin, drain or unlock the door so I could open it. I tried everything the manual suggested I do. NOTHING!!! Soooo, what would any talented woman do?? I searched online in some forums to find answers to my problem.

There is a "door" on the front of the washer that has the motor in it. Sometimes small things can get caught there. After prying, I mean delicately getting the door open, I saw the opening. The forum had said to lay a few towels down because there would be water coming out. CHECK!! I had towels and was ready. I started to unscrew the cap. It reminded me of unscrewing the gas cap off. Water started spewing! So I thought, "what the heck!" and unscrewed it more! I cannot even begin to explain what happened next. There was water spewing E V E R Y W H E R E ! ! ! I was soaked from the waist down. The towels were beyond wet and water was still coming out!!! Let's just say it will take a few DAYS to dry out the basement! I was in tears!! My HB had just packed up a bunch of his magazines and guess where they were sitting?? Yes, in the floor of the basement that had water rising in it!!! I was frantically moving boxes. HEAVY boxes. I was trying to move them to dry land! Sand bags would have been a nice thing to have but I didn't have time to prepare them. Otherwise I would have done that before I unscrewed the cap! Seriously there was THAT much water!!

Okay, sooooo finally the water had stopped. I have a basement floor covered in water. The baby had woken up from her nap and crying upstairs. I am crying downstairs. Taking off my wet clothes. Trying to keep Lil O out of the water. Sweeping the water to the drain. Trying to save as many boxes as I could with magazines in them. It was a huge disaster!!

I really Tim Taylor-ed it for sure!!!

Then I reach my hand into the hole and there is something in the motor fan. I start digging around and pull out this wet clump of something. Looks like a bunch of cotton. Then I look harder and guess what it is????? A WASHABLE BREAST PAD FOR BREASTFEEDING MOMS TO KEEP MILK FROM DRIPPING ALL OVER THEM WHEN THEIR MILK LETS DOWN!!!!!

Well, mystery solved. The basement will be dry in a couple days and I fixed the washing machine!!! ~insert pleased smile here, tired but pleased~

The Yearly Trip to Tourist Town.

HOWDY!!! I'm baaaaack! From the mountains of TN. I go to Pigeon Forge, TN every year with my family. My mamaw and great aunt like to shop and hang out by the pool watching the kids play. Plus go out to eat. We always have a great time and I feel blessed to enjoy this time with them every year. We pop popcorn and stay up late talking. It is really nice.

On our way to Pigeon Forge, TN

We headed down a day early this year because we were taking the kids to Dollywood. I haven't been there in 12 years so it was all new to me!!! It was loads of fun. Lots of great rides, shows and food. Everyone had a great time. My favorite part of the trip was seeing the Kratt Brothers LIVE!!! Before Gordon came around I had a huge crush on one of the brothers. The one in the blue shirt in fact. He is such a cutie!!!!!!! They are in Dollywood doing their show all summer! ~Lil O calls them the Crack Brothers!!~ HA HA!!!

Kratt Brothers Live Show - Dollywood

~swoon, to have an animal adventure with him~

Okay, back to the trip! In Dollywood we rode the rides, watched a few shows, took a train ride, had great food and shopped! I even met a friendly bear. Looks like he is trying to give me a wet willy.

I met a bear in Dollywood.

BTW, do people never see a woman wearing her baby in a wrap??? You won't believe all the odd strange looks that Baby M and I got! DUHHH, people!! Yes, it is a baby in there. Yes, she can breath! No, she isn't being squeezed to death. Yes, she loves it! She has been in the wrap since she was 7 days old. To her she feels like she was never born. All snuggled up next to mommy. No, IT'S NOT A TUMOR!!! Sorry, I couldn't resist! ha ha

Dollywood - O's first coaster!

Lil O loved riding her first coaster!!!!! She rode the Veggie Tales coaster and LOVED IT!!!

Then we took a train ride on Klondike Katie!

Dollywood --Train Ride

Dollywood - Train ride
While the boys went to ride a coaster, us girls watched a show.

A very Veggie Show. :)

Dollywood - Veggie Tale Show

After our day at Dollywood we were ready to head back to our room and hit the pool. Nap or eat, whatever. This is where we met up with my mamaw and great aunt!

O by the pool.

O by the pool.

Pigeon Forge - B2 slide

B2 coming down the slide.

Pigeon Forge - By Pool

Baby M laughing.

Pigeon Forge - B2 & O slide

Big Brother helping Lil O down the slide.

Pigeon Forge - Supermom with Baby M

This would be me and Baby M. No I am not breastfeeding. BUT IF I WAS!! Please stop staring at me!!! I don't stare at you when you bring out a bottle and feed your baby now do I??? It's like you haven't seen a woman breastfeeding before. Get real!

Pigeon Forge - Supermom with her hero Supergrandmother

This is me again with my superhero! My mamaw!!!

We had a blast as you can tell!!! Maybe we should head back again before the kids go to school!!!!

The Pacifier Intervention

~a scheduled post while I am away from the computer~

This relates to the previous post. Since the new baby our pacifier routine is SHOT!!!! I have even spoken to her doctor at the baby's two month checkup.

(Before new baby) At first we took the paci away in this post: Lil O and the Pacifier

(Before new baby) Then: Pacifier Part 2

(Before new baby) Then the breakdown: So what. Maybe if we all slept with a pacifier the world would be a better place.

(Before new baby) Then we struck a deal: Happy March 1st

So here it is 9 weeks after the baby and the pacifier has become more stressful than I could even imagine. She wants it all the time. The at nap time and bedtime paci was working GREAT!!! I understand she is going through so much with a new baby in the house. I just get tired of my smiling 3 year old screaming and kicking over a pacifier. Makes me want to flush it down the toilet. If I wasn't afraid it would stop up the toilet I would do JUST THAT!!!! Then she would see it really was gone forever.

Does that make me mean???

My 3 year old makes me want to cry.

~a scheduled post while I am away from my computer~

I am having difficulty with my 3 year old since the baby has been here. Yeah it was all nice smelling flowers for two weeks then it turned SOUR!!! A real stinky sour. Like there is a sweet sour smell. Sour like baby spit up that you found on a onesies that you forgot was in the diaper bag. Now that is S O U R ! ! ! ! ! !

We are at our whits end and not sure what to do next. She is hitting, kicking and screaming at us and others. I wish there was a Terrible 3's Boot camp that I could drop her off for a year. I have never had the terrible 2's just the TERRIBLE 3'S! We have tried spanking her. Sitting her on the bed. Taking things away. Ignoring her. Nothing works. She will follow you around the house SCREAMING at the top of her lungs at you. I am sure my neighbors think I am being mean to her. If you are a neighbor or a friend of my neighbors who have complained about her crying, please pass to them she is just fine. Could you do that for me? And if you want to come entertain her when you hear all of it, please stop by! I'll fix coffee for us. We can play a game of Gin while we both ignore the perfectly okay baby that is going through a terrible 3 stage. :)

Other things we have tried and failed terribly at: Pinching her back if she pinches you. Didn't work. Shouting back WAHHHHHH at her. Didn't work. ~See previous about how we are not being mean to her, just trying to make her stop her fit.~ Kicking on the floor. Didn't work. Hitting her back if she hits us. Didn't work. I promise again she isn't being hurt in all this. Well, I am sure the pinching hurts but HEY it hurt us when she pinched us FIRST!

Also as a mother I can TUNE any of my children out when needed. So again if you hear her screaming and think I am not there to kiss and make it all better. I am here. Ignoring her terrible 3 tantrum. ~gentle smile~

Oh oh I forgot one that I knew would work. Holding her on the bed during a tantrum. Kissing, hugging and tickling her all over while telling her how much we loved her. DIDN'T WORK!! She would scream, GET OFF ME!!!!!! I would continue to kiss and tell her how much I loved her.

I know that all of this is happening because the new baby takes MOST of my waking time. I try to do things with her and such but it's not working well. UGH!!!!!!! I really need to add a couple extra hours to the 24 hour day. How can I do this?? Anyone know??

Oh well, I know this too shall pass.....I just hope it passes QUICKLY so I stay sane.

Supermom Convention

This picture was taken at the last Superhero Convention.


NOOO, that is not a fanny pack I am wearing in the above picture. It is my UTILITY BELT!!! Which includes band aids, extra pacifier, braces wax, gum, mints, photo ID's of my children just in case they get lost, cell phone, debit card and chap stick. Oh and my favorite color of Clinique lipstick and powder. I must look good while taking care of a boo boo.

I bet you didn't know I was close friends with Batman and Wonder Woman. They are swell to hang out with. Except when Batman drinks too much then he wants every woman to go to his bat cave with him. I think that is how he met Robin in fact. ~eyeroll~ He is such a show off.

Wonder Woman has even let me drive the invisible jet. Talk about a cool ride! I am envious of her. I have been trying to get the minivan to be invisible. It's not really fair that Batman has a cool fast car and Wonder Woman has the invisible jet. While Supermom gets a minivan. Hmmm, I think I need to bring that up at the next meeting. Don't you think so?


Moms are used to eating cold food.

Let me explain.

We as mothers take care of everyone else in the home. We are the true short order cooks. With young children around it is hard to eat a HOT meal!!! They usually finish first then you have to bathe them. Or they are making a mess and you have to clean it up.

With having an infant in the house it is even harder to eat a hot meal. She can be in a deep sleep and when I go to eat she is WIDE AWAKE!!! No joke. Yes, I can breastfeed her while I eat and I usually do. That requires a delicate ritual as to not spill everything on her. And if it's anything that requires a napkin I can forget about it. I would just wait until she is fed then enjoy my cold meal alone either in the kitchen or sitting by myself at the table.

Sunday's I usually make homemade pancakes for everyone. Even with my griddle I am the last to sit down to eat and by then everyone is finished. Do they think to sit at the table with me to small talk??? Nooooo, they are off and running. Occasionally my husband will stay but his eyes are glued to Sunday Morning on the telly. Then I go clean up the mess.....

Short order cook I tell you.

He compared our baby to Nixon.

Happy Belated Fathers Day and Happy Belated 2 Months Birthday to Baby M.

2 months #3

2 months #2

June 15 ~2 months old~

Nixon Laughing

Oh wait that's not Baby M but Nixon Laughing. Here's Baby M laughing:

2 months #4

Life is busy for me. I have the best intentions to post a blog but then something happens. Or the baby makes it impossible to type even the simplest of posts. Now if I had the Blackberry Curve I wouldn't have to sit at the computer to update my blog. I could do it from any room of the house. In the bath. In the bed. On the couch. From the porch. In the car. Waiting for the cinnamon rolls to cook. ETC... Must have Blackberry Curve before vacation........ Pretty please with a cherry on top! I did say the magic word. P L E A S E. ~humorous smile here~

PS. Took Baby M for checkup yesterday. 9 pounds 9 ounces. 22 1/2 inches long. 3 shots.

Okay....my time is up Nixon is crying. I mean Baby M.

I need to learn to type with my toes.

DO you know how hard it is to blog with four children at home? Trying to vacuum. Trying to take a bath. Trying to talk my husband into getting me the BLACKBERRY CURVE!

My phone battery for my phone DIED and I started looking for phones. I fell in love with the Curve. I started thinking I could update my blog while sitting in carpool and such.

Now I have to breastfeed Baby M.

Don't forget tomorrow is Fathers Day. We are taking our favorite father out for brunch I think.

I Like Ruffle Butts Instead of Big Butts.

Oh my goodness
Honey, look at her ruffle butt
Its so pink and frilly
She looks like one of those diaper commercial babies
That are always on television
They only use her because she looks like a total doll baby
I mean her ruffle butt
It's just so pink and frilly
I can't believe it's so adorable
It's just out there
I mean, it's just so cute
Look, she's just a baby

I like ruffle butts and I cannot lie
You other mommies can't deny
That when a baby strolls in with a ruffle butt
All pink and frilly
You get excited
Wanna ask to hold her
Cuz you notice that butt is ruffled
All pink and frilly
I'm hooked and I can't stop staring
Oh, baby I wanna hold ya
And take your picture
With your pink and frilly ruffle butt
But that butt you got
All pink and frilly
Ooh, ruffle butt
You smile and look my way
Well use me use me I’ll hold your frilly ruffle butt

I've seen them lookin
To hell with onesies
She's got pink frilly ruffle butt

I'm tired of plain ole onesies
Saying they are the thing
Take the average mommy and ask her that
She’s got to have frilly ruffle butt

So Babies (yeah) Babies(yeah)
Have you got pink frilly ruffle butt (hell yeah)
Well shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake that ruffle butt
Baby got frills

I Like Ruffle Butts

Baby M has been loving this wrap since she was 7 days old!!!!!! It's called a hug a bub wrap from Australia. It ROCKS!

hug a bub
~June 11, 2008~

Baby M is 8 weeks old. As of yesterday! Isn't she beautiful!!!

8 weeks old #2
~June 10, 2008~

~Infant Bereavement Photography~

Yes it may sound morbid BUT it is not.

I am a Birth Doula and a member of DAMA finishing up my DONA certification. Birth and Death are natural things. We hate it when someone young dies and we know that the old do die.

Yesterday I got this email from a fellow DAMA member. She met this lovely woman the other day. They started talking about jobs and such and she does Infant Bereavement Photos. She included the link to the site as well. At first I thought how horrible! To lose someone so small. Something you were looking forward too. Soo many things went through my mind.

Then I went to the site.

It was soooo beautiful. I cried and cried looking at those tiny baby photos and reading what the parents had written about their baby. Photos of parents holding their babies. Siblings holding the baby. It was amazing. It gives parents a piece of their life. They can treasure their baby forever.

Here's the link if you'd like to see. Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

The organization doesn't charge to do the photos but they do take donations. I am adding them to my donation list. I think it is a great idea and I know the people that take the time to take the photos are a gift from God. Thank you!

Oh, he's James Bond.

Out of the mouth of Mary Jane:

Your husband is more like James Bond than my husband.

I've come to a conclusion..

One of my daughters has to find a nice British man to marry so I can hear him talk all the time


My next husband has to be British...

~joking honey~

Getting kids in the kitchen.

Last night was an exciting night for me. ha ha

It was a brand new ICA and Season 2 of Army Wives. Both were entertaining to watch. I won't talk about anything else just in case you are waiting to watch...

I am beginning to feel O L D. Yesterday my oldest daughter ,who is still my baby, turned 14 years old. Life is flying for sure. We celebrated her birthday with family at Longhorn and with Ice Cream Cake. It was a good day and I didn't cry!!! Yet....

School is out and I am preparing my summer plans to keep all 4 kids busy and entertained. I am going to get H and B2 involved in the kitchen more. I am going to let them come up with a meal once a week and help them prepare it. I think it will teach them about the kitchen and cooking. Plus, I know they will enjoy it. Coming up with a menu, shopping for it and cooking it. Even Lil O can help. She already loves setting the table and cleaning it up.

Baby M will be 8 weeks old tomorrow. She is sooo amazing.

Okay I am off to fold those 2 baskets of clothes!!! The Adventures Of Supermom indeed.

Breastfeeding Question. Where did "ninny" come from?

I was having a chat yesterday about "ninny". IE: Breastfeeding.

My mamaw has always called it that. My kids call it that. "Want some ninny?"

I googled it and really didn't find anything conclusive. Since I hear it all the time I just knew there would be something about it somewhere. I was wrong.

When I talk with my mamaw today I am going to ask her about it.


I HEART Gordon Ramsay

If you are a friend of mine or a fellow blogger who reads this crazy blog then you know of my long running mad crush on Gordon Ramsay. I will not mention the bad sex dream I had about him once which left me totally disappointed.....

I watch his shows. Kitchen Nightmares--the British version. (I never got into the American version.) Hell's Kitchen. The F Word. F meaning FOOD! Yeah right. That's his story so I will let it pass. Speaking of Hell's Kitchen, I haven't watched it this season because I am totally over that show. I don't think any of them can really cook since the first/second season and once you have watched a couple seasons, you have seen enough. I would rather much watch Top Chef. Shhh, don't tell Gordon I said that. Sorry Gordon.

We all know Gordon loves the F word. But mostly we just hear "bleep bleep bleep bleep". Might as well be the "B" word.

Anyway...my HB gave me "Roasting in Hell's Kitchen: Temper Tantrums, F Words, and the Pursuit of Perfection" for my birthday last week. A book written by Gordon himself even including some nice pictures. There is a link to the left that will take you right to Amazon to check it out.

I enjoyed the book! I read it in three days which is an accomplishment in itself since I have a new baby and 3 other kids to take care of.

I heart Gordon Ramsay. :)

The Missing Duster...

Yesterday something comical happened and I wanted to share.

Lil O is known for getting my duster (the hand held swiffer kind) and helping me dust around the house. I had just changed it to a new clean duster and had it sitting in the chair in my bedroom. That is usually where I start my dusting. I was in a CLEANING mood yesterday and had my day planned out. Mopping, vacuuming and dusting every inch of the house. Except the hidden inches, I am not joking on that one.

I went to grab the duster and it was gone. Missing. I knew it had walked away with help. So I yell for Lil O to come in the bedroom and start to interrogate her over the missing duster. She HAD GUILT written all over her 3 year old face. Those big brown eyes didn't look a little innocent. In my mind I am picturing a dark room with a light in her eyes as I say, "I KNOW YOU TOOK IT!!! FESS UP!! WHERE IS IT?". She just smiled and such. She walked around helping me look for it as she would say, "I cannot find it.". I searched all over my bedroom, under the bed, in the closet and even IN her bed. N O T H I N G !!!

So, I brought out the big guns. I called her daddy. TWICE. He didn't answer the first time. I am sure he thought there was a MAJOR emergency with me calling two times in a row. AND THERE WAS! My DUSTER was missing!!!!

Me- YOUR daughter took my duster and now she won't tell me where it is!!! Here talk to her!

I hand the phone to Lil O. She was listening and talking to him. Telling him she couldn't find the duster. Moving her hands around and such. I get the phone back from her to HEAR my husband laughing at my emergency situation.

Me- I KNOW she has it and she won't give it back to me!


It's not nice to laugh at an OCD wife on ZOLOFT who is missing her DUSTER!!!!

We get off the phone and I start to backtrack and think about the chair. What was in it? Who has been in my room? Could it have been moved?

BINGO!! I had cleaned out some of my clothes for Goodwill. I had been shopping Sunday at JCP for clothes that didn't have elastic around the waist. You can only wear MATERNITY clothes for soooo long and I have had my fill!! So, I bought clothes on Sunday that zip and snap!!! ha ha It is the little things in life! Anyway, I had bagged the Goodwill things up and took them into the basement. So here I go downstairs with a baby attached to my boob and Lil O in tow because she wanted to help me. I dump the bag out and guess what?

The missing duster was FOUND.

Of course I had to apologize to Lil O for blaming her for it and she just smiled as I kissed her forehead. I promise she had GUILT written all over her face at the beginning. Maybe she has done something that I haven't discovered yet for the guilty face. I hope not. LOL

So, I dusted, vacuumed and mopped. Then made a lovely Mango Salsa. Corn on the cob and cooked some white fish in garlic and olive oil for a TASTY dinner. Then I served these great fruit bowls. I had cut up fresh strawberries and a kiwi. Then added fresh blueberries. This Supermom did it all yesterday! ~insert pleased look here~

Tinkerbell and Mermaid aren't the same?

~actual conversation with Lil O~

O- Where's my blankie?
Me- On your Tinkerbell bed.
O- Oh.

She gets down to get the blankie then crawls back in bed with me.

O- I have a Mermaid bed not Tinkerbell.
Me- Oh, I get them confused.
O- ~laughing~ You are so silly Mommy.

I am only here to amuse my 3 year old some days. :)

Summer Idea For My Kids:

1) Shut and lock all ground level windows.
2) Entice them outside.
3) Lock door behind them. ha ha

Don't worry. There is plenty of shade. They can have their game boys and IPOD's as well. Or even read a BOOK! I can leave out snacks and water.

There is a kiddie pool, trampoline and swing to play on.

Ahh, sounds like a plan.