Zoloft returns the favor?

Good Morning! I am sitting here enjoying a warm cup of coffee while Lil O is playing in the background. The sun is shining and ummm it's almost Friday?

Yesterday I got out of the house again. I had to go for my after the baby checkup. I was supposed to go last week but I was sick and had to change it. I stepped on the scales! You ready to hear?
Starting weight-- About 130
Weight I went to hospital to have baby April 15-- 182
Weight I left the hospital 4 days later-- 170
5 weeks after having a baby-- 156!!!!

Not bad at all. I feel great and think I look awesome! I know my boobs weigh much more because of being pregnant and now nursing. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

She asked me how I was and I told her the Zoloft helped A LOT!!!!!!!! I told her my kids like me again. She said something great after that and I told her I was going to use it.

She said, "They have always loved you. Now you just love them back!". HA HA HA HA How true.

Everything went well with my checkup EXCEPT for some strange reason my body wasn't dissolving a few stitches from my cesarean. So she had to take three out! OUCH OUCH OUCH!!! SO, now everything should heal nicely and etc...

After that and nursing the baby a couple times while O drove everyone at the office silly, I headed to Target. Might as well punish myself a bit more by taking my 2 youngest kids to a store all by myself. Hey, why not? I am SUPERMOM!

Lil O thought she would scream the first few aisles wanting everything is sight. Making people stare and such. Like I care. Right? So I stopped and said in a very loud voice for EVERYONE to hear. "You're crying doesn't bother me!" She stopped so I continued to shop.

Since the shopping trip went off rather well and I wasn't ready to head home I called my mamaw to meet me for lunch. So we did and it was yummy!

I made it home, took a nap, then my two oldest kids got home from school.

The End. :)

5 weeks old this week. Smiling without the help of gas now. Such a TREAT!!

5 wks True Love

5 wks Smiling

5 wks Sweet Baby

Making a funny face.

5 wks Funny Face


5 wks Smiling~Laugh

Another funny face.

5 wks Funny Face 2


5 wks Smiling Again

Okay, enough!! FEED ME!!

5 wks Hungry!  Feed Me!