Such a beautiful day in my neighborhood.

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the rabbits are digging holes in the backyard. I took a picture of the wild rabbit digging a hole under the kitchen window. Cute little bunny.

I have been taking is E A S Y today since my husband is home. Which meant I got a couple extra hours of sleep. Which I needed in a bad way.

Lil O is sick. Baby M just got her FIRST real bath today. No pictures of that because I was in the tub with her. Next time though. HB is taking H and B2 to see Iron Man sometime today.

My husband and kids are taking me out to breakfast in the morning for Mothers Day. I wonder what time we will actually make it out the door once all 6 of us get ready. ha ha The adventures of leaving the house with 4 children. I am sure it doesn't even compare to getting 17 children out of the house though. Soon to be 18 I just read. Someone give me the happy pill she is taking please!!!! We know she has to be on something to continue to pop babies out. Oh I forgot she isn't taking anything to stop having them. Silly me. I promised I would be nice and not call her crazy. I am going to keep that promise and be sure to not call her crazy in this blog.

Okay, Happy Mothers Day to the moms out there!