On a Roll Today.

~Breastfeeding the baby, taking a shower before noon and skipping breakfast.
~Wearing maternity jeans and your nursing bra. $40.00
~Going to the grocery store. $140.81 (including Oreo's)

Leaving your children with your sister for less than an hour to leave the house ALONE. PRICELESS!!!!!!!
Bonus: Making it home with a dry shirt.

Guess you can tell what I did yesterday. After that we even went out to lunch. OUT as in getting in the minivan and driving to a restaurant that waited on us hand and foot. That kind of OUT!!!!!

I have a few different things I want to blog about today and going to do it all in one blog instead of several.

Yesterday was the 15th. That means Moon Pie is ONE month old. Time flies when you don't get much sleep.

It has been a great month. We are completely and totally in love with Baby M. We were before we even left the hospital. Now that we are home and life is trying to settle down I am enjoying every moment with her. She is such a snuggle bunny. She loves to snuggle and be all wrapped up in a warm blanket. Since she shares our bed I get to snuggle with her all night long. She loves that as much as I do!!!!! She will root around until she finds me then she goes right back to sleep. Baby M has more awake periods now. She loves to look around and explore the big world around her. She also enjoys her bath time. With me or without me. She loves to be rubbed down with lotion too!! She is really such a joy and wonderful baby girl. We are truly blessed!!! Now if we could get Lil O to not be jealous then life would be fabulous!!!!

May 15, 2008 Happy ONE month Birthday To You! Snuggle Bunny Moon Pie :)

1 month old

1month old #2

I enjoy my bath.

Isn't she the most beautiful baby you have ever laid your eyes on????

Okay, moving on. I am still sick!! I hate being sick!! When I started feeling bad earlier on in the week I had a conversation with my mamaw. She is from the way old school and not sure about all this fancy stuff in 2008. Well even before 2008. She thinks computers are evil. She cannot work the VCD/DVD player STILL. Following me? Here's a REAL conversation we had.

Me- I am getting sick.
Her- With?
Me- Whatever the kids had I guess. I feel icky!
Her- Now the baby will get it?
Me- I doubt it.
Her- No, she will get it from your milk.
Me- Umm, no it doesn't work that way.
Her- It doesn't?

Noooo, it really doesn't work that way. If anything Baby M is being protected from the breast milk she is getting to fight off the cold I have. It's interesting how people were taught long ago and some of the things that come out of their mouth. I love her so freaking much that she can be comical to me. She can rub others the wrong way but it's just because they haven't had the chance to know her the almost 34 years that I have. ha ha

Next! Calling number 4 !!!

Down feathers

See the above picture. I call it Evidence Picture #1. See the little flecks of white against the hardwood floor? Blow the picture up if you have too. This is what I woke up to this morning just in MY BEDROOM. In one confined little piece of floor beside the bed. Want to know what it is????? My HB's DOWN BOOTIES THAT ARE OVER 30 YEARS OLD!! That's what it is!! ~Insert lots of cuss words here!!~ I even bought him a BRAND NEW PAIR for Christmas. I am sick and tired of picking up these feathers. I have been fussing at him for a long time about the feathers. He doesn't see it as a big deal but his anal OCD wife wants to throw the damn things in the lake that is beside our house! I am going to warn the down booties now! You better run and hide little down booties. Your days are numbered!!!! Better cower under the bed or in the closet because when I get my hands on you--DIE DOWN BOOTIES DIE!!! I am going to get B2 to make me a noose so I can give them a SLOW and painful death. I'll post that picture too!

Whew, okay I feel better. They are going to DIE though. Just you wait and see.

I watched Grey's Anatomy last night. Too bad the season finale is next week. It feels like it just came back on after the writer's strike. BUMMER!

Okay, TGIF! Have a lovely weekend. Party hard or get lots of rest. Whatever works for you.


nana said…
DAYUM this was some way WAY awesome posting today
keep it up
altho I worry now
does this mean you can only do these totally awesome posts...while your sick?
Supermom said…

Maybe being sick and annoyed together.

Wardeh said…
Moon Pie is so beautiful! And so are you! Congratulations to your family, Michelle. And a Happy (late) Mother's Day!

Love, Wardeh