My 3 Year Old Does Love Me After All.

Lil O was doing a great job adjusting to the new baby for the first TWO weeks then it went crazy after that. She is hitting and not listening. I am trying to be very patient with her and try to understand how she feels with this new crying machine in the house. Something that has to be held 22 hours of the day. Something that requires MOST of the attention. Something that takes the attention off her. I would hate to be the 3 year old in this house and try to figure out what is going on. Add to that a mommy going through "baby blues" and trying a medication for that. I admit, she has seen me cry, seen me angry and seen me not really care. I am much better though. I haven't raised my voice and I haven't spanked her. Except for Sunday. I spanked her then. She was a terror when we went out for breakfast and when we got home I did spank her. I told her I was so I had too.

I whispered to Lil O that she was my favorite big girl. She said, "That makes me happy". Well, it makes me happy too. I love my Lil O more than I could ever describe to anyone. Like I love all my children. All my children bring all these great different things to the table of our life. Without all these different things, life would be so boring. It is great to see them enjoy life and what it has to offer.