Mom, you need to look fancy.

Have I really let myself go? Do I look that bad? I know after I take my bath I just put on clean pj's. I DID just have a baby 4 weeks ago! ~insert sobbing here~

Nahh, it is all in good fun. I was sitting on the couch nursing the baby when Lil O walked up and said, "Mom, you need to look fancy.". Then she put a few bracelets on my wrist. So, is that all it takes? A few bracelets? If I had only known I would have been wearing a few and even splashing some perfume on my neck! Or I could of put on my "fancy" pj's. Yanno, my flannel ones. Or wear my silk robe. ha ha

I am glad my 3 year old gave me the mini make over today. I really needed it. If you don't already have a 3 year old, get one. Borrow one if you have too! (You just cannot borrow my 3 year old.) They are COOL!!!


nana said…
and so wheres the picture of mom after her makeover?