It's like regifting....right?

~I wrote this years ago and posting it again since Mother's Day is near.~

(MY IDEAS–to be changed later.)

Yes I can really cook dinner, read a book, paint my toe nails and feed the baby all at one time.

A mother will be nodding right about now reading what chapter one is about. Being a Supermom means being able to multi-task every single day. It is amazing how we nurse a baby, read a book, help with homework and actually cook dinner. Without messing anything up. It’s rather comical watching a man try to do the above. Seriously men can only do ONE thing at a time. My husband will be holding the baby and actually ask me to get something for him. Shocking isn’t it? Not really if you think about it. I still wonder why that is though. I believe that when men are doing their ONE thing, they go into ‘the zone’.

For example:
Men watching TV=la la la I cannot hear you.
(Unless they hear the word sex.)
I think that one word stops any average man in his tracks. Sometimes...
Example 2:
Men on computer=la la la I cannot hear you.
Yes honey I am watching the baby he says. HA! He was busy watching TV or playing on the computer that he hadn’t noticed the baby had left the room and creating a masterpiece with crayons all the way down the hall.
If I had just said SEX he’d be awake.
Enough about men. Back to me because after all I am the author.

Being a Supermom means my day is all about multi-tasking. Just to prove I carried a notebook with me all day and wrote details about my day. Everything that I did and some things I forgot to do.

Shall we begin?

My day started at 11:30 pm which is odd because I just went to bed a few hours earlier. We had a missing pacifier so I had to help find it. Couple hours later it was lost again. Damn pacifiers.... The third time I just picked the baby up and her pacifier and brought her back to bed with me.
We woke up around 8ish. This was really nice because that is sleeping in for us. I get up and have my morning bathroom visit. This is usually the only time I am alone in the bathroom all day.

Then I make my way into the kitchen to start water for coffee and oatmeal. When that is going I go back to my bedroom and make my bed. Then I go to my oldest daughter’s room and make hers. UGH, she is so messy. I open windows and turn off night lights as I go. If I have enough time I go ahead and make my sons bed. I did this morning.

I then head back to the kitchen to my boiling water. Make a quick cup of instant coffee and instant oatmeal. To make me feel better I add fresh blueberries to the oatmeal. I then start strawberry waffles in the toaster oven for my daughter and fix my son a bowl of cereal. While the waffles are cooking I clean the table and get the recyclables ready to be taken downstairs. By this time everything is ready and the oatmeal has cooled off for the baby to eat. Everyone sits down and eats as I feed the baby in her highchair.

After everyone is done I make my way into the living room setting out toys to get the baby settled (too late she has decided to follow me around instead of play with her toys or watch TV) and straighten up the room from the night before. Then I clean up the dining room table and make my way into the kitchen. Whew, I am tired already.

I go and turn on my computer. Move the baby back from the TV and put one of her hair bows up where it belongs. Find my coffee and sit down.

I was actually able to sit down with hubby and finish my coffee. Today is a bonus day because it is a holiday and he doesn’t have to go to work. I love holidays!

Our time was brief. The oldest came in our room to talk. So we talked to her. Then I got up and helped her pick out some clothes then I walked to son’s room and picked him some out. I get help from my 12 year old daughter in picking out my clothes. We wear our matching shirts and skirts. You have to look pretty for a holiday.

**Changed first diaper and dressed the baby**

I have to iron my clothes because linen will wrinkle if left in the dryer for a day or two. This reminds me that I have clothes in the dryer to come up.

I actually have the bathroom alone and sneak in a quick bath so I can shave my legs. Since I have to wear a skirt today. My husband ends up coming into the bathroom and we talk while I shave my legs.

I left the baby with the oldest to entertain so I could put on what little makeup I wear and fix what little hair I have.

Wahoo found time to sneak and check my email and go to the sites I visit everyday.
Go to search for the baby. Found her in big sisters room, dancing.
We leave to run errands. Office supply store. Clearance store. Grocery store to shop for the cookout we are having this afternoon.

Return home. I start loading the dishwasher while I fix lunch. I heat up leftover pizza from the night before and fix son a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. As lunch is heating up I put up the groceries, clean up the fridge and run hot water to put in the babies pool.
Enjoy lunch with my family.

Lay the baby down for a nap after hosing her off from lunch. Clean up her mess and pick up the dining room and clean the kitchen. Again.

Head downstairs so the older kids can play in the pool. I set up two chairs. One for me and the other for my husband. Before I am able to sit down to relax I come up with a genius idea to fix the pool. It has begun to sag on one side. That is what a Supermom does after all.

Then I realize I need chap stick so I venture back upstairs for that and some lotion. Go back downstairs to my chair. As I watch the kids play I make put a menu/plan for our cookout.
Time for a baby check so I come back upstairs. The couch looked so inviting I ended up taking a nap too. This is very rare for me. I have no time for naps.

I am gently tugged at to watch the spaceship being launched then I go back into my slumber.
Wow, how long did I sleep? I am not sure. I missed the rain we got though.
When I finally make myself get up I head for the kitchen. I have food to prepare. My oldest wants to help so we start on food. I had garlic butter to make. A sweet syrup to poor over the pineapple. Vegetables to prepare. So much is going on in my kitchen.
Then the baby is up.

**Second diaper change for the baby**

I am busy in the kitchen that I let the oldest take the baby out to play in her pool. Naked pool playing!

Hubby gets the grill going and I throw on a few things that have to cook before the meat can be put on.

(Fast forward through the grilling out part.)

During a beautiful dinner I have to leave and give the baby a bath. She is done and is going to start throwing the food off the tray. So I get up and take care of her. While she is in the tub, I pick up in my room. Put away a few clothes that are laying around. After the bath and get her in a clean diaper. NUMBER 3 and realize there is only one diaper left. I look in her drawer for some clean pj’s. Then I think back to those clothes in the dryer. This t-shirt will do.

We go back to join dinner already being cleaned up. I enjoy the rest of my dinner cold. A mom is used to cold food. So it was no biggie. Hubby is loading the dishwasher for me. BONUS! I clean up the dining room and get it back together. I even put my ‘fancy’ place mats back down. I finish up in the kitchen and then I sit down and talk to my company. (Hubby’s mom came down to our house in the past I fast forwarded though.)

We sit around and watch the kids play. Nice visit indeed.

She leaves and I eat a few spoons of ice cream. YUMMY! Then I sneak a quick shower so I can put on clean pajamas of course.

After I get out and can manage things my husband leaves to do a few things. In that time I check email again and send out pictures of our holiday together to my friends. The baby is with me so I play her some music so she can dance.


When hubby gets back he gets ready to take the kids to see the fireworks. I stay home because I am putting the baby to bed just when they are walking out the door.So this is where we stop. The house is quiet and I am typing up my day from the notes I took during the day.
Everyone is home now and it is time to brush teeth, turn down beds and tuck everyone in for the night.

I still haven’t gotten the clothes from the dryer--there is always tomorrow. I guess....
©MSLee, July 4th, 2006