I thought it was Spring?

Then why are we having to use the heat still?

Nothing new going on in my house. I am still SICK!! I think it is day 8! I did call my doctor today and they are going to see me at 4. I said, "Please don't make me come in. I just had a baby and all I need is an antibiotic.". My begging didn't help. I guess she saw that I hadn't been to see my doctor in about 2 years. I haven't needed to see him. Plus the past 10 months I have been seeing my OB.

So this means I have to get dressed. Get both babies dressed and go to my doctor. You know this is much more complicated than it sounds. It will go like this. Shower. Nurse the baby. Put lotion on. Change a diaper. Give Lil O a snack. Nurse the baby. Try to put makeup on. Clean up Lil O. Nurse the baby again! Try to fix what hair I have. Change a diaper and put Lil O on the potty. Then probably change one of the girls clothes. Find me something to wear. Feed the baby. Plus, you know once I get down into the basement one girl will need a diaper change or the baby will want to nurse. I see all the mothers nodding in agreement with me on this one. A never ending cycle.

My mamaw is getting the two oldest from school and keeping them until I get home. I hope I can get in, see the doc, get a script and head home all in an hour. Don't laugh at me. I am sure it happens maybe once every 5 years. Here's to this being my year of a quick doctor's appointment.

Okay, I must start the above schedule. I am going to try and eat lunch first then shower. I hope that everyone has a lovely Monday.