Fruit & Flower Anniversary Gift

A 4 year wedding anniversary gift can be about Fruit & Flowers.

I bought a basket and loaded it full. I added fresh fruit--blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, apple, oranges, bananas, avocado and a mango. A bag of dried apple chips. A container with dried fruit. A fruit juice. Two kinds of fruit cookies.

Then I added all these great organic products with a fruit or flower in them. Two body washes. Lotion. Two shave gels. A toothpaste. Three soaps. Chapstick. A body cream.

Plus 1 cilantro plant and a bow!

Basket #3

I made a similar one for my niece's birthday tomorrow. I used a big sand bucket and added lots of outside toys. Chalk. Bubbles. Fishing rod. Goggles. Float. Beach Ball. Balls. Shovel. Rake. Watering Can.



Mary said…
I will have to copy the fruit basket idea. Looks yummy!
Cherie said…
Nice post!! I too got a same gift from Gift Tree for my best friend.