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Fruit & Flower Anniversary Gift

A 4 year wedding anniversary gift can be about Fruit & Flowers.

I bought a basket and loaded it full. I added fresh fruit--blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, apple, oranges, bananas, avocado and a mango. A bag of dried apple chips. A container with dried fruit. A fruit juice. Two kinds of fruit cookies.

Then I added all these great organic products with a fruit or flower in them. Two body washes. Lotion. Two shave gels. A toothpaste. Three soaps. Chapstick. A body cream.

Plus 1 cilantro plant and a bow!

Basket #3

I made a similar one for my niece's birthday tomorrow. I used a big sand bucket and added lots of outside toys. Chalk. Bubbles. Fishing rod. Goggles. Float. Beach Ball. Balls. Shovel. Rake. Watering Can.


Happy Anniversary to the Best Man Ever!

~My Husband~



Yesterday was my birthday and I turned 34 years young. I spent the day with my sister! She made me oatmeal pie which was YUMMY! Secretly I think everyone is trying to make me gain weight. 1) The Ice Cream Cake. 2) The Chocolate Cake. 3) The Oatmeal Pie.

My Husband loves his anniversary gift. For 4 years of marriage the "theme" is Flowers and Fruit. I took a picture of his gift. I made it all by myself and I will post the picture when I transfer them over. Anyway...this supermom has lots to do today! Adios. :)

Unknown Object Found!!!

I have heard rumors of its existence. That it can only be seen for a brief moment then it is gone! It was totally amazing seeing such a rare thing. I feel so blessed to have been there right at that moment because it was only there for a brief moment.

empty basket

Breast milk has a shelf life?

~actual conversation last night with my almost 78 year old grandmother whose pastime/hobby is to worry about things. Even if she has to come up with something to worry about.~

Mamaw- I don't think Baby M is growing. I think you should take her to the doctor and start giving her something else.

Me- She is just fine and growing just fine. I spoke to the my doctor last week at my check up and they agreed with me. A mother knows her baby.

Mamaw- You are older now and your breast milk may not be as good as it used to be.


Isn't she just adorable? My mamaw that is.

I will add that Baby M has outgrown newborn diapers and now into a size 1 so my breast milk must have a long shelf life.

Mom Gets Caught Naked!

Picture if you will.

I am in the bathtub naked. My husband is in there with Lil O because she is using the potty. Then here comes H carrying Baby M.

Is there a convention in my bathroom and I didn't get the memo?

~insert gentle humorous smile here~

Number 1 Madonna Fan!

~Listening to her new CD debating if I am going to buy tickets to her Atlanta, GA show in November. They go on sale next week.~

Zoloft returns the favor?

Good Morning! I am sitting here enjoying a warm cup of coffee while Lil O is playing in the background. The sun is shining and ummm it's almost Friday?

Yesterday I got out of the house again. I had to go for my after the baby checkup. I was supposed to go last week but I was sick and had to change it. I stepped on the scales! You ready to hear?
Starting weight-- About 130
Weight I went to hospital to have baby April 15-- 182
Weight I left the hospital 4 days later-- 170
5 weeks after having a baby-- 156!!!!

Not bad at all. I feel great and think I look awesome! I know my boobs weigh much more because of being pregnant and now nursing. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

She asked me how I was and I told her the Zoloft helped A LOT!!!!!!!! I told her my kids like me again. She said something great after that and I told her I was going to use it.

She said, "They have always loved you. Now you just love them back!". HA HA HA HA How true.

Everything went well with my checkup EXCEPT for some strange reason my body wasn't dissolving a few stitches from my cesarean. So she had to take three out! OUCH OUCH OUCH!!! SO, now everything should heal nicely and etc...

After that and nursing the baby a couple times while O drove everyone at the office silly, I headed to Target. Might as well punish myself a bit more by taking my 2 youngest kids to a store all by myself. Hey, why not? I am SUPERMOM!

Lil O thought she would scream the first few aisles wanting everything is sight. Making people stare and such. Like I care. Right? So I stopped and said in a very loud voice for EVERYONE to hear. "You're crying doesn't bother me!" She stopped so I continued to shop.

Since the shopping trip went off rather well and I wasn't ready to head home I called my mamaw to meet me for lunch. So we did and it was yummy!

I made it home, took a nap, then my two oldest kids got home from school.

The End. :)

5 weeks old this week. Smiling without the help of gas now. Such a TREAT!!

5 wks True Love

5 wks Smiling

5 wks Sweet Baby

Making a funny face.

5 wks Funny Face


5 wks Smiling~Laugh

Another funny face.

5 wks Funny Face 2


5 wks Smiling Again

Okay, enough!! FEED ME!!

5 wks Hungry!  Feed Me!

Hmm, I wonder...

If I doubled my cough syrup the codeine would make me sleep?? As you can tell I am still sick. I did go to my doctor yesterday and was told I have a respiratory infection. Given the Z pack and a cough syrup. I hope to feel better before my company gets here on Monday. My MJ and her handsome husband are coming back up to stay a few days. They always come up end of May for my birthday (May 29) and anniversary(May 30). She is making me a birthday cake she said. YUMMY!

I overheard a conversation the other day and have been meaning to share it. Lil O and her dad were in the kitchen and I was resting in bed.

O-I want a cookie.
HB-You have to eat first.
O-I want a cookie.
HB-You have to eat first.
Lil O walks away I am guessing then comes back and says, "FINE". ha ha I imagined her with her hands on her hips as she said that.

Then yesterday we were talking about something and she said, "That sounds like a plan". I am always saying that to the kids. Sooo, she has picked that up from me. Plus, now when she gets mad at me she will say, "You are not my best friend anymore" or "You are mean". My favorite is, "You are bossy mommy". Oh well, I cannot make everyone happy all at ONE time I suppose.

My "baby blues" are much better. The Zoloft has taken the edge and anxiety away. That makes me happy.

Today Moon Pie is 5 weeks old, pictures will come later or tomorrow. Also I will post pictures of Saturday. Me and Lil O planted some beautiful flowers outside in some pots. She picked out red, purple, pink and yellow flowers for us to plant. :)

Okay, I am going to drown my sickness with codeine and relax until I have to do something.

I thought it was Spring?

Then why are we having to use the heat still?

Nothing new going on in my house. I am still SICK!! I think it is day 8! I did call my doctor today and they are going to see me at 4. I said, "Please don't make me come in. I just had a baby and all I need is an antibiotic.". My begging didn't help. I guess she saw that I hadn't been to see my doctor in about 2 years. I haven't needed to see him. Plus the past 10 months I have been seeing my OB.

So this means I have to get dressed. Get both babies dressed and go to my doctor. You know this is much more complicated than it sounds. It will go like this. Shower. Nurse the baby. Put lotion on. Change a diaper. Give Lil O a snack. Nurse the baby. Try to put makeup on. Clean up Lil O. Nurse the baby again! Try to fix what hair I have. Change a diaper and put Lil O on the potty. Then probably change one of the girls clothes. Find me something to wear. Feed the baby. Plus, you know once I get down into the basement one girl will need a diaper change or the baby will want to nurse. I see all the mothers nodding in agreement with me on this one. A never ending cycle.

My mamaw is getting the two oldest from school and keeping them until I get home. I hope I can get in, see the doc, get a script and head home all in an hour. Don't laugh at me. I am sure it happens maybe once every 5 years. Here's to this being my year of a quick doctor's appointment.

Okay, I must start the above schedule. I am going to try and eat lunch first then shower. I hope that everyone has a lovely Monday.

On a Roll Today.

~Breastfeeding the baby, taking a shower before noon and skipping breakfast.
~Wearing maternity jeans and your nursing bra. $40.00
~Going to the grocery store. $140.81 (including Oreo's)

Leaving your children with your sister for less than an hour to leave the house ALONE. PRICELESS!!!!!!!
Bonus: Making it home with a dry shirt.

Guess you can tell what I did yesterday. After that we even went out to lunch. OUT as in getting in the minivan and driving to a restaurant that waited on us hand and foot. That kind of OUT!!!!!

I have a few different things I want to blog about today and going to do it all in one blog instead of several.

Yesterday was the 15th. That means Moon Pie is ONE month old. Time flies when you don't get much sleep.

It has been a great month. We are completely and totally in love with Baby M. We were before we even left the hospital. Now that we are home and life is trying to settle down I am enjoying every moment with her. She is such a snuggle bunny. She loves to snuggle and be all wrapped up in a warm blanket. Since she shares our bed I get to snuggle with her all night long. She loves that as much as I do!!!!! She will root around until she finds me then she goes right back to sleep. Baby M has more awake periods now. She loves to look around and explore the big world around her. She also enjoys her bath time. With me or without me. She loves to be rubbed down with lotion too!! She is really such a joy and wonderful baby girl. We are truly blessed!!! Now if we could get Lil O to not be jealous then life would be fabulous!!!!

May 15, 2008 Happy ONE month Birthday To You! Snuggle Bunny Moon Pie :)

1 month old

1month old #2

I enjoy my bath.

Isn't she the most beautiful baby you have ever laid your eyes on????

Okay, moving on. I am still sick!! I hate being sick!! When I started feeling bad earlier on in the week I had a conversation with my mamaw. She is from the way old school and not sure about all this fancy stuff in 2008. Well even before 2008. She thinks computers are evil. She cannot work the VCD/DVD player STILL. Following me? Here's a REAL conversation we had.

Me- I am getting sick.
Her- With?
Me- Whatever the kids had I guess. I feel icky!
Her- Now the baby will get it?
Me- I doubt it.
Her- No, she will get it from your milk.
Me- Umm, no it doesn't work that way.
Her- It doesn't?

Noooo, it really doesn't work that way. If anything Baby M is being protected from the breast milk she is getting to fight off the cold I have. It's interesting how people were taught long ago and some of the things that come out of their mouth. I love her so freaking much that she can be comical to me. She can rub others the wrong way but it's just because they haven't had the chance to know her the almost 34 years that I have. ha ha

Next! Calling number 4 !!!

Down feathers

See the above picture. I call it Evidence Picture #1. See the little flecks of white against the hardwood floor? Blow the picture up if you have too. This is what I woke up to this morning just in MY BEDROOM. In one confined little piece of floor beside the bed. Want to know what it is????? My HB's DOWN BOOTIES THAT ARE OVER 30 YEARS OLD!! That's what it is!! ~Insert lots of cuss words here!!~ I even bought him a BRAND NEW PAIR for Christmas. I am sick and tired of picking up these feathers. I have been fussing at him for a long time about the feathers. He doesn't see it as a big deal but his anal OCD wife wants to throw the damn things in the lake that is beside our house! I am going to warn the down booties now! You better run and hide little down booties. Your days are numbered!!!! Better cower under the bed or in the closet because when I get my hands on you--DIE DOWN BOOTIES DIE!!! I am going to get B2 to make me a noose so I can give them a SLOW and painful death. I'll post that picture too!

Whew, okay I feel better. They are going to DIE though. Just you wait and see.

I watched Grey's Anatomy last night. Too bad the season finale is next week. It feels like it just came back on after the writer's strike. BUMMER!

Okay, TGIF! Have a lovely weekend. Party hard or get lots of rest. Whatever works for you.

Mom, you need to look fancy.

Have I really let myself go? Do I look that bad? I know after I take my bath I just put on clean pj's. I DID just have a baby 4 weeks ago! ~insert sobbing here~

Nahh, it is all in good fun. I was sitting on the couch nursing the baby when Lil O walked up and said, "Mom, you need to look fancy.". Then she put a few bracelets on my wrist. So, is that all it takes? A few bracelets? If I had only known I would have been wearing a few and even splashing some perfume on my neck! Or I could of put on my "fancy" pj's. Yanno, my flannel ones. Or wear my silk robe. ha ha

I am glad my 3 year old gave me the mini make over today. I really needed it. If you don't already have a 3 year old, get one. Borrow one if you have too! (You just cannot borrow my 3 year old.) They are COOL!!!

Four Weeks Old

May 13 ~4 weeks

 May 13 ~4 weeks #2

My 3 Year Old Does Love Me After All.

Lil O was doing a great job adjusting to the new baby for the first TWO weeks then it went crazy after that. She is hitting and not listening. I am trying to be very patient with her and try to understand how she feels with this new crying machine in the house. Something that has to be held 22 hours of the day. Something that requires MOST of the attention. Something that takes the attention off her. I would hate to be the 3 year old in this house and try to figure out what is going on. Add to that a mommy going through "baby blues" and trying a medication for that. I admit, she has seen me cry, seen me angry and seen me not really care. I am much better though. I haven't raised my voice and I haven't spanked her. Except for Sunday. I spanked her then. She was a terror when we went out for breakfast and when we got home I did spank her. I told her I was so I had too.

I whispered to Lil O that she was my favorite big girl. She said, "That makes me happy". Well, it makes me happy too. I love my Lil O more than I could ever describe to anyone. Like I love all my children. All my children bring all these great different things to the table of our life. Without all these different things, life would be so boring. It is great to see them enjoy life and what it has to offer.

I breastfeed in public. No biggie.

I am a big supporter of breastfeeding! BIG BIG!! I have breastfed all of my children. My oldest daughter will be 14 in June and she nursed for 2 years. My son nursed for over a year. Lil O nursed for over 2 years. Now I am breastfeeding the new baby (who will be 4 weeks old tomorrow, sniffle). It is such a special time to bond with my baby and give her the best nutrition she can get.

I bring this up because I have always breastfed my children in public. I have never cowered in the bathroom or the car to nurse them. They have to eat just like everyone else and they eat where I am. I am very polite about it. I don't just pull my boob out and feed her. I always make sure I am well covered. Trust me, there is a polite way and the "OMG do you see what she is doing" way. So anyway this afternoon we stopped to eat at Earth Fare. A grocery that has a YUMMY bar during the day. Moon Pie woke up in the line and was ready to eat! I sat in the booth and nursed her as I was eating my dinner as well. No harm and I didn't flash any innocent bystanders.

Breastfeeding is such a natural and beautiful thing. I LOVE BREASTFEEDING!!!! Breastfeeding ROCKS!!!!!! Anyway... I just wanted to share my love for breastfeeding and talk about nursing your baby in public.

With the kids being sick and coughing and spreading THEIR germs around the house is was bound to happen. I am starting to get sick. I woke up from my nap with a scratchy throat and now I feel all icky. I popped some cold meds and made a cup of HOT coffee to ease my achy body. Moms aren't supposed to get sick. Who will take care of everyone else if we cannot??? I have Moon Pie in the wrap and she is snug as a bug in a rug. I love this thing. Lil O is in her pj's playing around the house. My HB is watching Top Gear on the couch. I hope he doesn't get sick as well. Then there would be no one to take care of me!!! And that is what it is all about! ha ha

I am supposed to go to the doctor for my 4 week check up tomorrow. So she can check out my cesarean scar and make me step on the scales. I picked up a nice thank you card for her to enclose a picture of her holding Moon Pie. I am also picking up her a gift tomorrow from this neat place downtown. They have great bath things. It is also a spa. My HB always gets me bath products there on special occasions.

Here is a photo taken on Mothers Day with all my four children. We had just got home from eating breakfast out and had put our pj's back on. Yes, I look tired. I am. Plus, I did just have a baby a few short weeks ago.

Mothers Day

I took this later on during the day. I love this picture.

Holding Hands

Such a beautiful day in my neighborhood.

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the rabbits are digging holes in the backyard. I took a picture of the wild rabbit digging a hole under the kitchen window. Cute little bunny.

I have been taking is E A S Y today since my husband is home. Which meant I got a couple extra hours of sleep. Which I needed in a bad way.

Lil O is sick. Baby M just got her FIRST real bath today. No pictures of that because I was in the tub with her. Next time though. HB is taking H and B2 to see Iron Man sometime today.

My husband and kids are taking me out to breakfast in the morning for Mothers Day. I wonder what time we will actually make it out the door once all 6 of us get ready. ha ha The adventures of leaving the house with 4 children. I am sure it doesn't even compare to getting 17 children out of the house though. Soon to be 18 I just read. Someone give me the happy pill she is taking please!!!! We know she has to be on something to continue to pop babies out. Oh I forgot she isn't taking anything to stop having them. Silly me. I promised I would be nice and not call her crazy. I am going to keep that promise and be sure to not call her crazy in this blog.

Okay, Happy Mothers Day to the moms out there!

What it really means to us. Another regift.

(I wrote this years ago and post it every Mothers Day.)

What Mother’s Day means to all women, young and old. Before you dismiss or put this special day in line think about what it means.

This is a day for all Mothers to be celebrated for the life we have brought into this world. (After all without us you wouldn’t have your little bundle of joys.) For all the noses we have wiped and said it will be all right. For all the times we have bathed our children and tucked them in at night. For reading that story just one more time. For feeding and wiping off the walls 100 times because food has been thrown. For never wearing clean or ironed clothes ever again. For all the advice we have given and the advice not yet shared.

Being a Mother isn’t always easy. Once the ‘Oh my GOD!! I’m pregnant!!’ wears off; reality begins. We carry a baby for 9 long months. We gain 50+ pounds and feel like crap. We are nauseous and throw up. We don’t sleep. It’s hard for us to get around. Our slender figure a distant memory. Our doctors poke on us all the times and we feel like a pin cushion.

Then to our delight our labors are long or we have major surgery. Yes, we are thrilled to finally have our baby. The alien taken from our body. Then we have weeks ahead of us to recuperate. We have a period for 6-8 weeks. We have fluid dripping from some part of our body the whole time.

The only clothes we can wear are the ones we wore while pregnant. We go through our closet hoping to find that one piece of clothing we can squeeze into. And even though the little alien is out of our body we cannot help from feeling that we are from another world. As the weeks pass. And life is calming down. We still have a baby attached to our boobs and stinky diapers to change. With 30 extra pounds we finally just went and bought some ‘big’ clothes just to say we aren’t wearing those damn maternity clothes anymore. NO MORE ELASTIC BANDS AROUND OUR WAIST!!

Then we have the rest of our lives to take care of these little people. We clothe them. Feed them. Play with them. Take them to school. Help with homework. Send them to their room. And we most of all, LOVE them unconditionally for the rest of their lives.

One day we may even hold them to cry. One day we walk them down the aisle. Watch our grandchildren be born. One day we celebrate them being a Mother on Mother’s Day. (Father on Fathers Day) So, to all the Mothers out there: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!! May this day bring you all the happiness you deserve being the great woman you are.

After all we are Mothers. (And perhaps feel like we aren’t appreciated at times. We take care of our children not because it’s a job. We do it because we love them and want to take care of them.) So before you put our special day in order of it’s importance make sure you really know what it means to all Mothers, young and old. Anyway wouldn’t you rather celebrate a day you gave life than a day you turn one year older?

3 Weeks Old

Such BEAUTIFUL feet.

3 weeks old ~ feet

3 weeks #2

3 weeks  #3

It's like regifting....right?

~I wrote this years ago and posting it again since Mother's Day is near.~

(MY IDEAS–to be changed later.)

Yes I can really cook dinner, read a book, paint my toe nails and feed the baby all at one time.

A mother will be nodding right about now reading what chapter one is about. Being a Supermom means being able to multi-task every single day. It is amazing how we nurse a baby, read a book, help with homework and actually cook dinner. Without messing anything up. It’s rather comical watching a man try to do the above. Seriously men can only do ONE thing at a time. My husband will be holding the baby and actually ask me to get something for him. Shocking isn’t it? Not really if you think about it. I still wonder why that is though. I believe that when men are doing their ONE thing, they go into ‘the zone’.

For example:
Men watching TV=la la la I cannot hear you.
(Unless they hear the word sex.)
I think that one word stops any average man in his tracks. Sometimes...
Example 2:
Men on computer=la la la I cannot hear you.
Yes honey I am watching the baby he says. HA! He was busy watching TV or playing on the computer that he hadn’t noticed the baby had left the room and creating a masterpiece with crayons all the way down the hall.
If I had just said SEX he’d be awake.
Enough about men. Back to me because after all I am the author.

Being a Supermom means my day is all about multi-tasking. Just to prove I carried a notebook with me all day and wrote details about my day. Everything that I did and some things I forgot to do.

Shall we begin?

My day started at 11:30 pm which is odd because I just went to bed a few hours earlier. We had a missing pacifier so I had to help find it. Couple hours later it was lost again. Damn pacifiers.... The third time I just picked the baby up and her pacifier and brought her back to bed with me.
We woke up around 8ish. This was really nice because that is sleeping in for us. I get up and have my morning bathroom visit. This is usually the only time I am alone in the bathroom all day.

Then I make my way into the kitchen to start water for coffee and oatmeal. When that is going I go back to my bedroom and make my bed. Then I go to my oldest daughter’s room and make hers. UGH, she is so messy. I open windows and turn off night lights as I go. If I have enough time I go ahead and make my sons bed. I did this morning.

I then head back to the kitchen to my boiling water. Make a quick cup of instant coffee and instant oatmeal. To make me feel better I add fresh blueberries to the oatmeal. I then start strawberry waffles in the toaster oven for my daughter and fix my son a bowl of cereal. While the waffles are cooking I clean the table and get the recyclables ready to be taken downstairs. By this time everything is ready and the oatmeal has cooled off for the baby to eat. Everyone sits down and eats as I feed the baby in her highchair.

After everyone is done I make my way into the living room setting out toys to get the baby settled (too late she has decided to follow me around instead of play with her toys or watch TV) and straighten up the room from the night before. Then I clean up the dining room table and make my way into the kitchen. Whew, I am tired already.

I go and turn on my computer. Move the baby back from the TV and put one of her hair bows up where it belongs. Find my coffee and sit down.

I was actually able to sit down with hubby and finish my coffee. Today is a bonus day because it is a holiday and he doesn’t have to go to work. I love holidays!

Our time was brief. The oldest came in our room to talk. So we talked to her. Then I got up and helped her pick out some clothes then I walked to son’s room and picked him some out. I get help from my 12 year old daughter in picking out my clothes. We wear our matching shirts and skirts. You have to look pretty for a holiday.

**Changed first diaper and dressed the baby**

I have to iron my clothes because linen will wrinkle if left in the dryer for a day or two. This reminds me that I have clothes in the dryer to come up.

I actually have the bathroom alone and sneak in a quick bath so I can shave my legs. Since I have to wear a skirt today. My husband ends up coming into the bathroom and we talk while I shave my legs.

I left the baby with the oldest to entertain so I could put on what little makeup I wear and fix what little hair I have.

Wahoo found time to sneak and check my email and go to the sites I visit everyday.
Go to search for the baby. Found her in big sisters room, dancing.
We leave to run errands. Office supply store. Clearance store. Grocery store to shop for the cookout we are having this afternoon.

Return home. I start loading the dishwasher while I fix lunch. I heat up leftover pizza from the night before and fix son a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. As lunch is heating up I put up the groceries, clean up the fridge and run hot water to put in the babies pool.
Enjoy lunch with my family.

Lay the baby down for a nap after hosing her off from lunch. Clean up her mess and pick up the dining room and clean the kitchen. Again.

Head downstairs so the older kids can play in the pool. I set up two chairs. One for me and the other for my husband. Before I am able to sit down to relax I come up with a genius idea to fix the pool. It has begun to sag on one side. That is what a Supermom does after all.

Then I realize I need chap stick so I venture back upstairs for that and some lotion. Go back downstairs to my chair. As I watch the kids play I make put a menu/plan for our cookout.
Time for a baby check so I come back upstairs. The couch looked so inviting I ended up taking a nap too. This is very rare for me. I have no time for naps.

I am gently tugged at to watch the spaceship being launched then I go back into my slumber.
Wow, how long did I sleep? I am not sure. I missed the rain we got though.
When I finally make myself get up I head for the kitchen. I have food to prepare. My oldest wants to help so we start on food. I had garlic butter to make. A sweet syrup to poor over the pineapple. Vegetables to prepare. So much is going on in my kitchen.
Then the baby is up.

**Second diaper change for the baby**

I am busy in the kitchen that I let the oldest take the baby out to play in her pool. Naked pool playing!

Hubby gets the grill going and I throw on a few things that have to cook before the meat can be put on.

(Fast forward through the grilling out part.)

During a beautiful dinner I have to leave and give the baby a bath. She is done and is going to start throwing the food off the tray. So I get up and take care of her. While she is in the tub, I pick up in my room. Put away a few clothes that are laying around. After the bath and get her in a clean diaper. NUMBER 3 and realize there is only one diaper left. I look in her drawer for some clean pj’s. Then I think back to those clothes in the dryer. This t-shirt will do.

We go back to join dinner already being cleaned up. I enjoy the rest of my dinner cold. A mom is used to cold food. So it was no biggie. Hubby is loading the dishwasher for me. BONUS! I clean up the dining room and get it back together. I even put my ‘fancy’ place mats back down. I finish up in the kitchen and then I sit down and talk to my company. (Hubby’s mom came down to our house in the past I fast forwarded though.)

We sit around and watch the kids play. Nice visit indeed.

She leaves and I eat a few spoons of ice cream. YUMMY! Then I sneak a quick shower so I can put on clean pajamas of course.

After I get out and can manage things my husband leaves to do a few things. In that time I check email again and send out pictures of our holiday together to my friends. The baby is with me so I play her some music so she can dance.


When hubby gets back he gets ready to take the kids to see the fireworks. I stay home because I am putting the baby to bed just when they are walking out the door.So this is where we stop. The house is quiet and I am typing up my day from the notes I took during the day.
Everyone is home now and it is time to brush teeth, turn down beds and tuck everyone in for the night.

I still haven’t gotten the clothes from the dryer--there is always tomorrow. I guess....
©MSLee, July 4th, 2006

They Are Putting My Zoloft To The Test

I have had TWO sick kids home from school today. If you add those TWO to the TWO that usually stay home then you get FOUR!

This is the first time I have been alone with all four children since Baby M was born.

To which she is 3 weeks old today. I haven't taken any pictures yet. I have been too busy. Does anyone know my name? I forgot it along the way.

Why did I have so many kids?

I know I am over doing it, but what is a Mom to do...

I have a sick 13 year old at home. I am going to take her to the early office sick appointments in the morning if she doesn't feel better. In the mean time I have her doped up on cold meds and have been making her hot tea to drink. I have to make my baby girl comfy. :)

Lil O is playing all over the house. It looks like the toy store threw up a few times. Which is fine with me. It means she isn't following me around upset that Moon Pie is in the wrap attached to me.

I have been busting my behind. I am actually going to cook. I haven't cooked a meal since Moon Pie was born. That will be 3 weeks TOMORROW!!!! I did a lot of prep work to make HIS guacamole recipe already. All I have to do is mix it all together and let it sit until dinner. Closer to dinner time that is. I am going to make those quick and easy tacos and Bob's your uncle.

Plus the BOAT LOAD of laundry I am working on. Dusting. Vacuuming.


Guess what came out of his mouth?

~My 10 year old came home and the first thing he said to me.~

"You've lost some fat!!!" With a big look of amazement!!!!!!!!!

Why thank you B2, why yes I have.

Day ? On Zoloft

I forgot what day I am on. Yes, I know I could count back and figure it out if I was inclined too. As you can tell I am not. I have been busy here and really feeling crummy.

I actually got dressed in REAL clothes, NOT PAJAMAS, yesterday and left the house. Grocery shopping. The house was empty of anything edible. Well anything GOOD that was edible. I made a pretty simple menu for the week and made my list. Lots of veggies, meatloaf, lasagna and tacos with my homemade guacamole. Well, it's HIS recipe but I will make it. ~A quick and easy tip for FAST tasty tacos. Buy a couple cooked chicken breasts where ever they sell them. Just take the meat off the bone and add it to your onions, peppers and insert favorite taco fillings here. Then enjoy.~ I read that tip in a magazine long ago and thought it brilliant. I love anything that makes cooking for a family easier.
Okay, back to leaving the house. By the time we got to Earth Fare of course it was time to nurse the baby. It is always that way. So I used my handy dandy wrap and nursed her while I shopped! No joke. I was able to maneuver her into the wrap so she could nurse and I could throw things in the cart at the same time. I am down like that I suppose.

It was a bit too much for me though. I had to take a rest when we got home. No biggie though.

Then add company coming over yesterday from out of town with their two kids. ~twitch~ No, it was a great visit. I was just already in a mood and didn't feel well before they showed up.

Ugh, I lost my train of thought. I hate it when I do that. It's like "bright shiny object" and I am lost all of a sudden. I can blame it on the new baby sucking me dry of any brain cells I may have left.

Oh, a movie I watched last night. A Love Song For Bobby Long. Something like that. I got sucked into watching in on the IFC channel while I was channel surfing last night. It was a really good movie. I don't think it got great reviews but I rather enjoyed it. The soundtrack sounded pretty good. One song is called "Different Stars". I think that is one we really like. Check it out. You might like it too. The movie and the soundtrack.

I must go...

Day 3 On Zoloft

Guess who woke up in a CHIPPER MOOD?? That would be me. I am working on cup of coffee #1 and actually feel like my mood is changing. I am sure it is just me and not the medication. I don't think it would change much in just 3 days. This maple syrup smelling mommy is going to make today a great day full of adventure. Or at least I hope to.

Lil O went POO in the potty yesterday again. TWO times!! We moved from tic tacs to M&M's. They work rather well to bribe with. All you really have to say is, "You can have some M&M's if you pee or poo in the potty.". Works like a charm.

Baby Moon pie is awake so I must run. Anyone watch Grey's last night??????

Day 2 On Zoloft

And we have a reason to C E L E B R A T E ! ? ! ? The wonderful fantastic amazing Lil O went POO in the potty TWO times yesterday!! ~Insert happy dance here~ Then her surprise was tic tacs and she downed the whole little box. I didn't care though, she earned it. Do you know how long it has taken her to POO in the potty??????? In all honesty I think she is a bit freaked out now and hasn't used it since. So today I am going to get her panties on her and get her back on the horse!

Baby Moon Pie is still sleeping. Breastfeeding boot camp is taking a toll on her. lol And my breasts as well. She is going to gain those 6 ounces back by the weekend. ha ha Watch her weigh 9 pounds come Tuesday.

The Fenugreek is working. I know this because this morning my husband leaned over to kiss me before he left for work and he said, "You smell like maple syrup. Bye Mrs. Butterworth.". Such a comic isn't he? Thankfully he isn't allergic to maple syrup.

On another note. I watched the news yesterday. Which is rare for me. I don't really watch the news. It just upsets me. My mamaw once told me, "You'd know what was going on if you watched the news.". Yeah, I'd know about all the kids taken from their mothers on a compound just because we don't believe in how they live. About the man that locked his daughter in the cellar for all those years and even had children with her. Oh and lets not forget, I'd miss all the Clinton and Obama updates. Those are the only ones I can think of at the moment.

No thanks. I would rather watch Two and 1/2 Men. I started watching reruns about a year ago of this show. It is hilarious!!!! Charlie Sheen can be hilarious when he's not on drugs. JOKING! I know the show is still on but I am able to watch the reruns better than the nightly showing of it. But watching Charlie and Alan make complete idiots of themselves makes me laugh. Not some ha ha laugh either. Deep from my body laugh. A woman who is depressed needs that laughter too!