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Fruit & Flower Anniversary Gift

Happy Anniversary to the Best Man Ever!

Unknown Object Found!!!

Breast milk has a shelf life?

Mom Gets Caught Naked!

Number 1 Madonna Fan!

Zoloft returns the favor?

Hmm, I wonder...

I thought it was Spring?

On a Roll Today.

Mom, you need to look fancy.

Four Weeks Old

My 3 Year Old Does Love Me After All.

I breastfeed in public. No biggie.

Happy Mothers Day!

Such a beautiful day in my neighborhood.

May 9, 2008

What it really means to us. Another regift.

3 Weeks Old

It's like regifting....right?

They Are Putting My Zoloft To The Test

I know I am over doing it, but what is a Mom to do...

Guess what came out of his mouth?

Day ? On Zoloft

Day 3 On Zoloft

Day 2 On Zoloft