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Day 1 On Zoloft

Okay this morning is starting out like CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!! The 3 year old is going to make me batty really quick. This I promise. She turned into demon 3 year old a couple days ago. Once the having a baby is going to take attention from me had set in. Things were going so well or at least I thought they were. I get up now telling myself, "I am not going to spank her today. I am not going to raise my voice at her today.". Well, I already shot that to hell and it's not even 9 am yet. She tests me. Taunts me. And I end up spanking and raising my voice at her. Then I feel guilt for doing both of them!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!! I just don't know what to do. I spend time alone with her. I snuggle with her in bed and watch a movie with her. I get the play-doh out. I talk with her. So, Baby M is not getting all the attention. Nothing seems good enough for Lil O though. It has gotten to where she doesn't want me to wear the baby in the wrap or nurse her. ~Insert me running around crying here.~

I did start Baby M on breastfeeding boot camp yesterday. She is going to be a piggy before too much longer. Since she was 6 ounces shy of her birth weight, the doctor wants her back next week for a weigh in. Then she mentioned maybe I am not resting enough with 4 kids in the house and I need to drink LOTS. And to make sure she is nursing for 15 minutes and then offer her the other breast. To which I thought I had been doing. After setting my alarm to go off every 2 hours last night to wake and feed her I realized she usually falls asleep and doesn't finish nursing or get offered the other breast. I am such a failure. If I had been paying attention I would have noticed this. I am sorry I just went back to sleep as she nursed. It was easy since she shares our bed with us. So, last night I woke her up and changed her diaper and let her nurse on one side. Burp her. Then encouraged the other breast.

I also started Fenugreek yesterday as well. That really gets the milk flowing. ~It really helped when I was nursing Lil O.~ It's an herbal we buy at the organic grocery. I am sure a pharmacy might have it. I am just not too sure about that though. I take 2 pills three times a day with a huge glass of water. The one thing you will notice once this great herbal gets in your system is that you smell like maple syrup. No joking. You'll feel like a walking pancake in NO time. I am sure there are worse things to smell like. Then add in "Mother's Milk Tea" to my diet and I will feel like a cow on steroids. Whatever works because Moon Pie is worth every bit of it.

H gets her braces off today!!!! I cannot wait to see that perfect smile we paid for!!!! :)

Yesterday Moon Pie turned 2 weeks old. We took lots of pictures but due to being busy or crying I wasn't able to post one. Here you go:

2 weeks

Here is another taken yesterday before we left for the doctor. All bundled up:

2 weeks #2

And this was taken April 25. No they didn't fall asleep like this. I put Baby M next to Lil O as we were going to bed. I thought a great photo moment.

April 25 Sleeping babies

Too bad they don't have matching paci's.

To Zoloft or to not Zoloft...

As you call tell I am still having a rough time. My doctor called in Zoloft yesterday, to which I haven't picked up yet from the drug store.

Then we took Baby M to her 2 week check-up today and she isn't back to her birth weight. I have to take her back next week for a weigh in and go from there. Which might mean breastfeeding clinic of supplementing. To WHICH I wouldn't do either.

Once I get me straightened out I know the milk will work itself out as well. And since she is pooping and wetting ALL the time I know she is getting enough. Who actually made that rule they had to be at birth weight by two weeks old???

Depression kicks you when you are down and even when you are up.

I am having a really hard time getting over these "baby blues". I even hate the term "baby blues". I know it's just a normal thing after having a baby.

Here I have this great family. A husband that adores me and 4 super fantastic awesome amazing kids. BUT!!! I want to run around the house crying, screaming and talking to myself. Yep, that's about it.

The 4 kids

I cry over everything. I cried because all the cinnamon rolls were eaten and H & B2 didn't think of their mother and save her 1 or 2. I cried over reading a blog of someone that I know online. She is having a difficult time and that made me cry. I cried over the kindness of my sister stopping by the other day because she knows I am sad. I cried that my daddy was holding my hand yesterday when he was here. I cried because I think I have been a lousy mother the past 8 months to my children--raising my voice and being on their butt for things. I cried because I haven't been cooking and we are tired of take-out. I cried over the TV. I cried over the house being messy and the people that are making it that way. I cried because there were too many people in my house. I cried when they left, WAIT--no I didn't!!! I cried just because I wanted to!!! Anyway...

I am going to call my fabulous doctor in the morning for something to stop this crying.

Speaking of crying, Baby Moon Pie is awake and wants to eat. Which is all she ever wants to do and I sure that will make me cry as well. Plus, my husband went out to get breakfast and he's home.


Why? Why? Why?? Why? Why?? Why? Why?? Why?
Why?? Why? Why?? Why? Why?? Why? Why?? Why?
Why? Why??? Why? Why??? Why? Why??? Why?
Why??? Why?? Why? Why??? Why?? Why?
Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why

This is what our 3 year old started saying to EVERYTHING just a couple days ago.
OK, who taught her this?!?!?! Why????????????????

When you "think" you are having a bad day...

Just remember what it is like to be in the 4th grade.
This morning while putting B2's things away I saw a folded up piece of paper that revealed this great message. Shh, don't tell him I took a picture and posted it here.

Love Note

Isn't that just awesome?!?!?! It really makes me smile when I come across things like this.

Another meaning for "Hands Free"

As everyone knows I am ALL FOR wearing your baby, breastfeeding, the family bed and holding your baby. Before Baby M was born I bought this great baby bjorn that is bright red so I could wear her. ~BTW, I already have 2 wraps in the house from Lil O~ I used the Bjorn the other day for the first time and found it to be a bit big for Baby M. Even at the size she is now.

Soooo, I knew of a lovely woman in our area that feels the same way as I do about wearing your baby and knew she sold wraps of all sorts. I looked her up and guess what I did? Bought ANOTHER wrap/carrier for Baby M.

Here is her site. Nature Baby

Here is the wrap I bought. My one week old model did a great job showing the product. Don't you agree?

Wrap Picture

Of course I bought PINK!!!! There are lots of nice colors to choose from but I thought my Baby M would love a PINK wrap to match everything else. The wrap comes with a great DVD to show you step by step of using the wrap. I hate to brag but I am. I put the wrap on while watching the DVD and became an instant pro at using it the first time. After my shower I threw it on again and Baby M is in it as I am typing this! AWESOME!! SUPER!!

With having 3 other kids and a husband in the house it is nice to have my hands free. Even if it is to drink a glass of water or use the TV remote.

So, if you know of someone having a baby or you yourself has a baby you would love this wrap!

Another topic. Postpartum Depression. ~Which will be know as PPD from now on.~ It's a tough subject for sure. Today my hormones started acting up. Since I am not ALLOWED to do anything for 2 weeks I feel totally helpless and lost. I did break that rule and clean the hall bathroom yesterday though. ~shrug~ Then this afternoon as my mamaw was leaving I got terribly sad. She was the sweetest and made dinner for us and a HUGE pan of chocolate brownies with her homemade chocolate icing. She knew I was craving them so she made a pan JUST FOR ME!! Hear that other people in the house?? Just for ME. The woman who just had the baby. The woman who cannot move due to pain. The woman who is wearing that beautiful wrap that allows her to actually type this post. Anyway... As she was leaving I had this sad thought like, "OMG, what am I going to do when I lose her?". I know it is not a rational thought but who said I have to be rational? She will be 78 in June and she is the love of my life! She has taken care of me and made me the woman I am today. She is very proud of me and my family. She loves her great grand kids and would do anything for us. It just made me sad that I was sharing this special moment with her and then I thought of her dying and losing part of me.

Okay making myself sad again. I am going to tuck my kids into bed and say our prayers. Then go HIT the brownies. Night Night

Happy One Week Birthday Moon Pie

Wow, seven days old!! Time to celebrate!!

I think we already did with some much needed sleep last night.

So, me being a proud mom had to post PICTURES!

One Week Old

I think this is a secret sign to do with her sister. What do you think?

One Week Old #2

Part Two

I'll just make a long hospital stay fit into one paragraph. Here goes.

Was in lots of pain. On great medication. Lots of visitors, maybe too many. Pain. Was up a few nights due to a baby that wouldn't sleep. Pain. Perhaps had a kidney stone. Which meant another IV that included morphine. Let's not forget the catheter. I so hate those things. Pain. Nice nurses. My doctors made their rounds each day and so did Baby M's. ~Great doctors is what they are!~ Lil O spent one night with us. Pain.

The most important thing that happened during those days was that we fell completely in love with Baby M.

See, giving you the short version allowed me to leave out the suppository that gave the hemorrhoid. My breasts growing 10 X's their normal size due to milk. All the fluid leaking from various parts of my body. And all that pushing on my poor poor uterus making sure it was FIRM! OUCH, that hurts!!!!! Plus, finding a comfortable way of getting in and out of the bed. I still never accomplished that one. I am still working on it at home though.

At least the food was good, right?

I am really glad I was allowed to come home on Friday. I didn't think she was going to let me but I asked really nicely. Plus, doesn't good behavior take away time you have to serve? Anyway...

We made it home. Things have settled down. She still thinks she has to stay up until 2-3 am watching crap TV with me on the couch. Then we will crawl in bed together and sleep soundly for about 2 hours until she wants the boob again. Not a bad routine I suppose.

I just cannot believe how beautiful she is. All my kids have been. She is just a pleasure and I just want to hold and love on her all day. Which is pretty much what I do all day when allowed. Everyone else wants to hold her too. So, I have to pass her around I suppose. But she always makes it back to me. Well my boob that is. I am such a big supporter of breastfeeding. LOVE IT!!! I ENCOURAGE IT!! I have breastfed all my children. And not just for a couple weeks. I am talking years for each child alone. Lil O hasn't been off the breast for a year yet to think about it. I was sad to have her stop. It was more her decision than mine. It worked out though.

I just had the best cup of coffee in my entire life.

Or maybe it is the lack of sleep telling me that. I have not had a chance to sit down and really type out a post since I returned home. I cannot imagine why that is. ha ha I guess I will catch everyone up to date on the past week.

All in all, everything went well. We got to the hospital at 5:30 am tax day morning. I was given this HUGE blue gown. I really don't think I am that big but the gown fit pretty well. It was a special gown because if I were to get cold they could hook a hose to it and blow in warm air to warm me up. How sweet is that? Very thoughtful. My family stopped in to see before I was taken back. Then the nervousness set in when everyone started coming into my room to talk to me about the surgery and what was going to take place. I was strong though and didn't cry. Yet. Everyone was so kind to me. They were a great group of people. It's too bad that I only saw them behind their masks and will probably never see them again.

I was rolled back to an operating room about 7:15 am. I warned them that in the past I cried like a sissy getting my epidurals. Not because they were painful just because I am terrified of needles. Turns out the spinal wasn't that bad. I started to cry when they were sitting me up to start the procedure but that was it. It didn't hurt at all! I will definitely not worry about getting another spinal when I have my next child. :)

when I saw a familiar face when I needed it most. My doctor. Even though I had already spoken with her during the morning, seeing her in the room calmed me a bit. After the spinal was finished and working my HB was let into the room. Again, I cannot say it enough, the room was full of WONDERFUL people. Everyone was so nice to me and my husband.

It felt like time had stopped for some reason. I thought she was never going to get to the baby. When I was told it would be 2 minutes until I saw my baby, it hit me that I was going to SEE my baby. It was so exciting. I still remember when her head was out, after they suctioned her, I heard her cry. That was when the tears started to roll. I sat my head up a bit because I was ready to see her. Then she was held up. My baby girl. Our baby girl. I just cried and cried. I think they brought her over right then and I remember kissing her. She was the most amazing/beautiful little girl. Surgery went well. My husband would go be with her and take pictures then come back to me. He was the best!!! He even cut the the cord. He was so proud.

Here is a touching picture of mommy meeting her baby:
Mommy meets baby.

Then off to recovery we went. We let Lil O meet Baby M first. It was cute. She is a good big sister. I remember thinking right after she was born that her face was so round. I have already given her a nickname. Moon Pie. Because of all those banana moon pies I was craving towards the end of my pregnancy. So Baby M can stand for Moon Pie as well. Speaking of Moon Pie, I hear her grunting. I must run and feed her and the rest of the kids. I'll continue the story when am able to sit back down.

I've been at home about 27 hours now.

Things that Baby Moon Pie is good at so far:

~wetting her diaper
~pooping in her diaper
~sleeping some more
~breastfeeding, even while sleeping and snuggling
~you get the drift

Things that I have been doing:

~laying around
~lets not forget sweating due to my body trying to figure out what in the world is going on

Most of my day has consisted of holding Moon Pie and nursing her. Followed by diaper changing and holding her some more. Right now I am going to collect both girls and see if we can nap in the bed for a bit.

One More Night! I'm So Excited!

Today deserves a TWO song title. Since I will not be able to post for a few days I had to come up with something fun.
I just got in from my LAST weigh in. The scale said 182 pounds. We talked about my surgery and I am ready I suppose.
The hospital already called to go over everything this morning. I forgot to tell them one of the MOST important things I am allergic too! LATEX!!!! Duhh! I was confirming the two medications I was allergic too and completely forgot the LATEX! I already wrote it on an index card in big black letters "LATEX".
Okay I must go prepare to meet my new little girl. I know Baby M is going to be just a beautiful baby girl. See you when I make it back home. :)
My last belly picture:

1 day to go belly

Things You Really Don't Need To Know...

~I am moving this from the sidelines so it may retire peacefully in my archives.~

*I don't like anyone to eat off my plate while I still am! *I am joining the 4 kid club. Where do I sign up for my free coffee mug and t-shirt? *In high school I won a biscuit baking contest. *I think smelling rain has a calming effect on me. *I want a Yorkshire Puppy and his name would be Gomez. *I have recently been told and found out my favorite color is green. *Touching clay pots, chalk and unfinished pottery makes my mouth water. Crazy huh? *I was an exchange student in high school for 3 weeks in France. *I actually like Paula Abdul and I admit it--I watched the first episode of her new show! *I am a bit OCD about having a clean house. Please no shoes upstairs. It drives me crazy. *I do not believe in ghosts. *I love playing board games. In fact my husband asked me to marry him over a Scrabble game. *I enjoy watching old TV series. In fact we have been watching a Three's Company marathon. (Now if only Love Boat would have one.) *I have a secret crush on Gordon Ramsay! It is his attitude that is very attractive. Not to mention his AMAZING blue eyes!!! *I think mean people suck. *I watch the Girls Next Door. I think it is a cute reality show. Holly is my favorite! *I am addicted to Halls Menthol Cough Drops. Even when I am not sick; I have a HUGE supply. Oh so good! Does this make me weird? *I am true to my face. I have tried so many things (organic and non-organic) on my face to make it feel better. Once I hit a certain age my face changed over night. I found my favorite and I tell everyone that asks. CLINIQUE!!! My face feels amazing and I love the way I look. (My husband even enjoys their lotions.) *I look at People.com everyday!!! I browse the pictures. I am such a junkie. You'd think I knew them and we were best friends. I can tell you all the smut. OMG I am so ashamed!

One TWO buckle my shoe...

Company here. Cannot think. Hungry. Must have FOOD and peanut butter cups. What does a pregnant woman do when there are 7 people in her house? Hide in the bathroom and take a long hot bath. :)

Three Is The Magic Number


Everything is running smoothly as I am typing this up. Shhh, I do not want to jinx it!

Yesterday my weigh in went well. I weigh 181 pounds. Yes, you heard me correctly. 181 pounds. Again I was told how big the baby was and glad I had my cesarean scheduled. I am a bit nervous now to see this HUGE baby I have been growing for almost 39 weeks.

So to make myself feel better after weighing 181 pounds I went to Tar-jay to spend some money. On this and on that. I don't think I bought myself anything unless the Wet Swiffers and Pledge Polish count. Since I am an OCD clean freak I guess they would count as a purchase for me. ~I did some silly survey on MySpace with my daughter and she even called me OCD and said I cleaned the house too much.~ Well, all I can say is, if she picks that up from me, her family would NOT complain!

I am glad I went to the doctor before I met my husband for the Indian Buffet. I would have ended up weight 191 pounds for sure. Two trips to the bar and MANGO RICE PUDDING!!! I am sure that added up. I really don't care. I am enjoying being barefoot and pregnant. Minus the hip pain of course.

This morning I made everyone go out for breakfast. I know, cruel mom making her family take her out to breakfast on her last Saturday as a pregnant hormonal woman. Just think next Saturday I'll be just plain old hormonal woman. It was soooo TASTY! Eggs, biscuits & gravy, corned beef hash and potatoes. Oh My, I am glad I had leftovers I can have for lunch. Then of course after eating all that, I came home for a nap. My hip is killing me. I have been using my heating pad and of course I took a vicoden. Once that kicks in I am going to go downstairs and start laundry.

I need to change the sheets on H's bed and have her room ready for our company tomorrow. I am excited to see MJ & R!!!!!!! Should be fun before I have this baby girl.

Enough nonsense talk. I am going to wash clothes and fix the savages some lunch. :)

Four Days

I see in the far future for Shakira. After she has her hip replacement surgery she will be singing a new song "Hips Don't Hurt". Or advertising for a new arthritis medication.

I say this because the past month I have been having a really hard time with my left hip, Piriformis muscle and sciatica nerve pain. Due to an old injury and having my doctor tell me I had bursitis in that hip. Soooooo, the point is one night I was making the usual bathroom run and I was trying to stand up. My HB asked "Are you OK?". I made some comment about my hip. And of course he said something witty about Shakira and "Hips Don't Lie". I guess it was one of those stories where you had to be there. Which would be odd, all of you in my bedroom while I was trying to get out of the bed and walk to the bathroom.

I am ready to walk out the door to have the weekly weigh in. Then I thought about hitting Target for my weekly trip. I'll be jonsing soon when I won't be able to go by there for a visit. It's pretty bad I long to hold onto that cart and waddle around the store wasting time to have something to do after a doctors appointment. At least I am not going to BELKS cruising the CLINIQUE counter honey. Then I am sure the total would be WAY over the Target bill. Unfortunately I am all stocked on my Clinique. I can always look forward to their summer special I am sure.

Lil O is walking around telling me how her belly hurts and the baby is kicking. I know SHE will be glad next week when that baby is out of HER tummy. It is adorable to see and hear her "act" like me. Do I really sound that bad? What's even better is watching her copy me getting out of the bed. Wonder if she is going to breastfeed her new baby as well?

H is being the typical 13 year old girl. Homework and watching music videos. Oh and the occasional phone call. I am having some issues with her and her hair. She will work on it at night. Curling or straightening it. Whatever is in style for the next day you know. Then in the morning she will wake up and FIX it again because of course she has slept on it. This morning I hear HB telling her that she has been in the bathroom for 30 minutes. ha ha Then I have to VACUUM the hair balls out of the bathroom every morning when she is finished and wipe the hairspray ICK off everything. I guess if that is my only complaint/problem then life really isn't that bad. :)

B2 brought up the movies AGAIN yesterday while I had them folding the clothes I had washed. I really thought we had that taken care of. I guess he didn't get what NO meant the other day so I had to rip out, stomp on his heart again by saying, "NO you cannot go to the movies.". Then of course it broke my heart seeing tears roll down his face. IT JUST ISN'T FAIR!! I know he wanted to go be with the girl he totally adores and watch a movie. But ummm, no. His birthday is coming up so maybe she will go to his party! Then that will make him happy.

Okay I must go weigh in.

Tick Tock Tick Tock

5 DAYS UNTIL A BABY! One. Two. Three. Four. Five!!!!!

I can tell the anxiety has set in. Weird dreams and sleepless nights. I remember about a week before I had Lil O I sat up many a nights watching the old Iron Chef watching them cook all that icky fish. Those cute Japanese men. I will say, I have been making myself stay in bed instead of getting up and jumping on the computer or turn the TV on. ~Weird dream last night involved me kissing an old flame and then being confused. Shaking head.~

The only man I enjoy kissing and want to is my HB. He knows this. Even if he wont have whoopie with me! ~gentle smile~

Other than everyone calling to check on me in the morning and coming by the house, everything is normal around here. FYI, I promise if I go into labor you will know. Yesterday I was taking a nice bath and my mamaw stopped by. She will always blow the horn and that is my signal to open the garage door for her. Since I was in the tub I didn't hear the horn. And Lil O didn't come running to tell me. She knows if she hears a horn that MAMAW is here. Then I start to hear banging on windows as she walks across the front of the house shouting my name. I in turn jump up and run to open the garage door leaving my quiet oasis behind. She said she was worried I was passed out somewhere in the house and she couldn't talk Lil O into opening the front door. The door is so heavy/old that she couldn't open it anyway. It was a nice surprise visit as she and Lil O built a Lego Castle for me.

This weekend I have to get H's room ready for company. MJ and R will be up to house sit and keep the kids in line while I am at the hospital. Have fun with that you guys. Did I mention that they don't have children? MJ has been my bestest friend for many years now. It is odd, that we can go a few weeks without talking and pick RIGHT UP where we left off. That's how you can tell you have a true friend. I will even forgive her for making me be in her wedding a FEW SHORT months after having Lil O! ~gentle smile~ Can you say "FAT IN THAT DRESS"?
I do know that if she didn't move AWAY to the DC area, we'd be together A LOT! But nooo she had to move away.

On another note. There are TWO 10 year old girls calling the house for B2. OMG, I mean like one calls, a minute later the other one calls. It is very aggravating. Not only do I have BOYS calling for H now I have girls calling for B2 all the time. One of the girls even wants him to go to the movies with her and her parents this weekend. Can we say, "NO" all at once? I could understand if it were a GROUP of 10 year olds going or a party or even asking us as a family to go but for him to go alone with her and her family. I think not! That was a bit too much for me to handle. I was trying my best to be delicate with B2 during all this, sort of blaming me and not knowing when the baby would be here being the reason he couldn't go. Did I handle that right??

I want us to go out Saturday morning for breakfast to celebrate the A's and B's on report cards this week. Both kids were AB honor roll. AWESOME WORK!!! They are indeed great kids. Plus, I am being selfish, I want to have breakfast at this place one more time before I have the baby and am at home for a bit of time. ~innocent smile~

Things to do and well whatever...

Six Days

Since I have been calling the new baby "Baby M" and then talking about Madonnas new CD coming out.......

Why didn't I think of adding Madonna to the baby name list. Sadly her name is not Madonna and I don't think I could talk HB into making it that now. Plus I would have visions on her going through the "Papa Don't Preach" phase. Soooo, I think I'll keep the name we have picked out and surprise you with it when she is born.

I have been trying to be clever and name the past few blogs after song titles with numbers in them. So, I was looking for a song with the number 6 in it. I found this really cool song by DJ Shadow. A really sexual video and the song is good too.

Just in case you didn't notice:

7 Days is by Craig David.
Eight Days A Week is a given. BEATLES!

7 Days

I am patiently waiting for a baby but I haven't mentioned the other THING I am waiting on. Actually there are two more things I am waiting for.

1~ MADONNAS new CD at the end of the month!!! I love the song "4 Minutes". MADONNA IS A ROCKSTAR!! I have been a fan for as long as I can remember!! I have been through all the phases of Madonna dressing as well. ~dancing in my chair as I watch the video for 4 Minutes~

2~ When Madonna announces her TOUR DATES!!! I AM SOOOO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a HOT show it will be! I wonder if that Cutie Justin will be there too! WOW, a bonus. TWO HOTTIES in a room together that I enjoy!

So there you have it....

Eight Days A Week

Happy Monday. It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Well, now that the clouds have moved out and the sun is peeping around the corner. I even hear birds outside. Of course I have windows open. :) This Supermom is on top of things!

I am even going to cook dinner tonight. I am making HB's guacamole recipe and tacos. YUMMY! I did a lot of the prep work this morning because in the morning I am at my best. Everything is chopped up and I even made a salad. ~insert proud smile here~

You wouldn't know I was about to give birth in 8 days. Well, yes you would if you saw this huge belly of mine.

8 Days To Go

I need to take all my belly photos in order and make a slide show. I have seen a few of those out and think they are cool. I'll add that to my "list" of things to do. Or I can add it to my HB's list. What is a husband without a "honey do" list? Probably a happy husband I am sure.

I had this odd end of the world dream last night. Everything was flooded, frozen and it was very cold. I remember begging this man for help. It was so cold. I remember train tracks as well. Does this mean I am not one of the "chosen" when the rapture happens? Hmmm, something to think about. Maybe. Or that I am a pregnant hormonal woman with anxiety of having her fourth baby and someone being totally dependant on me. Someone latched to my breast every couple hours ALL day long. Someone to totally adore ALL DAY long as well. It isn't all bad. :) I am all for nursing a baby, wearing a baby, sleeping with a baby and holding a baby. Ahh, the life of a baby in our home.

1 Percocet + 1 Percocet =

The Floor. Seriously I have been in a fog all day since I was given some at 6 am at the hospital and then sent home. I get up, I go back to bed, I get up, I go back to bed and currently I am up but I know I'll be back to bed in a bit. Ugh. It all started at 3 am this morning when I woke up in LOTS of pain on my left side. Which screams to me "KIDNEY STONE"!! I have been dealing with them for the past 14 + years of my life and know what that pain in one of my sides mean. Add a couple constant contractions then my doctor wanted me to go to the L&D for a look see.

No blood in urine, means possibly no kidney stone. Contractions could point to labor starting. No dilation. The IV (she was an awesome nurse, I didn't even feel her stick my hand when she put the IV in) fluids helped make me feel better. Dehydration? Perhaps. So, after being there 1 1/2 hours, they sent me home. Of course after taking 2 pills of that and 2 pills of this. I know the 2 percocets knocked me for a loop. We returned home and all 3 of us crawled in bed and went back to sleep.

Baby M's heartbeat kept reminding me of this kiddie TV show that Lil O likes to watch. The Backyardigans where they have a horse race. The heartbeat kept reminding me of a horse racing. At point I asked the nurse to turn it down so we could actually think.

I was excited and scared. Excited thinking maybe I would see my baby girl today and scared thinking that maybe I would see my baby girl today. I will be 38 weeks on Tuesday and know she will NOT come until she is ready. So I am going to enjoy this week with my husband and 3 children. Doing this and doing that. Then in 9 days see my new baby girl.

Rain Rain Go Away.

Come again another day. April showers bring May flowers though. Well, whatever works.

No news is good news around our house. The most important thing I suppose is that there is still NO BABY! UGH. I would write a discussion I had with my husband last night but I am afraid I would make him blush. I did call my friend Tammy last night and told her and she LAUGHED her behind off. Okay, you talked me into it. I'll tell you.

Me--I was reading one of my birth books in bed and shouted through the house, "We could have whoopie, maybe that would start labor!".
I heard my husband shuffling through the house in his slippers to the bedroom. So I repeated myself.
"We could have whoopie, maybe that would start labor."
I think the poor guy was in shock. Then you won't believe what came from his mouth!!!
HB--"Now's not a good time for me."
I gave him the look. Thinking HES NOT READY! I am the one that weighs 176 pounds. I can only think of one part of my body that doesn't hurt. MY ELBOW! I am packed and READY to have this baby NOW. Yet, he's the one not ready!
MEN! ~hands on hips~

So he shuffled back through the house and I called my friend Tammy and when she picked up the phone I said, "My husband won't have whoopie with me.". Then the laughter began. :) Seeing the word whoopie has made me think of The Newlywed Game all of a sudden. I love to catch those old re-runs.

Desperate times call for drastic measures...

Which usually means you are going to say, "What a stupid idea. Why did I do that?". Even though at the time the idea didn't seem all that bad. For example:

You are craving a hot tasty cup of coffee. With the right amount of sugar and milk. Yummy! You reach into the fridge to get the milk and there is NO milk. No cream. No half-n-half. NADDA! NOTHING! ZILCH! Your vision of a hot tasty cup of coffee gone. POOF! Not even some of that yucky powder creamer you have for emergencies. Then you think you have spotted salvation. Your daughters strawberry milk. Why not? Coffee is good with strawberry cake. Why wouldn't strawberry be just as good in your coffee?

Well, I am here to save you from making the same mistake! It DOES NOT work well together. They don't hold hands so to speak. They don't "complete" each other. So whatever you do, do not add strawberry milk to your coffee. A lesson I learned the hard way. "Why did I do that?"

I am checking things off and ready for this baby to arrive.
  • Hairs cut.
  • Toe nails painted. I did them myself yesterday, talk about feeling like a lumpy pretzel!
  • Suitcase packed.
  • Laundry caught up.
  • No dirty dishes.
  • Insert other various chores a mom does on a day to day basis and I am finished with them too.

But fear not. She will come when the house is TOTAL CHAOS!!!!!!

Tomorrow I do go for my weekly check-up. I get to step on the scales again. YIPPEE! Maybe I can get a sucker for good behavior afterwards. Then I want to buy an answering machine. We have never had one but I think it is the time. I am trying to come up with a catchy message to leave on it after the baby is here and I have ALL the phone ringers turned off. What do you think?

"Hi. Yes we know you have been trying to reach us and are unable too. The ringers are turned off as every time our little bundle of joy falls asleep, the phone rings and wakes her up. ~In the background you will hear a screaming baby, Lil O wanting to watch Dora for the 101 millionth time and H & B2 arguing over who gets to play XBOX 360.~ Sorry we aren't up to visitors right now but we will let you know when we are. Feel free to drop hot food off at the front door. Just knock 3 times and go back to your car. We can handle it from there. ~Then my hormones will kick in and I'll start to cry.~ I just want some sleep. Am I asking too much? Okay I have to go all this crying has made my milk leak all over the place." ~then static~

I am still working out the kinks but I'll have it perfected soon.

There is no "written" rule your socks have to match, I suppose.

~Insert quick back story here~
Hi, I am Supermom. I have been a blogging mom for over 3 years now, at various sites online. I am married to HB and we have 3 (almost 4~she will be here in 13 days) children. H, B2 and Lil O. The new one will be known as Baby M, I think.
I purchased my own (dot).com name awhile back and I am FINALLY putting it to use. I have been COPYING & PASTING for DAYS from my WordPress Blog to my own (dot).com name.
Here is a picture of me, I just took it for your viewing pleasure. Yes, it is just my belly. Trust me, that is all you would look at anyway, well my belly or my boobs. So, I am showing you what I'd rather you look at. You are probably thinking, like everyone else, OMG, that poor woman looks like she is going to BUST open at any moment. Well, I am not. My EDD is April 21. Soooooo........

04 April 02, 2008 Belly

Well, that is a quick Bio for now. Please come back and see what crazy things are going on in our house and feel free to comment. I could be your next BFF!!!!! :)

Okay, let's start my very first OFFICIAL BLOG ON The Adventures Of Supermom!!!!!

Right now I taking off my Supermom Cape and throwing it onto the ground. Jumping up and down on it while saying a few foul words. Okay, maybe more than a few foul words. I am not WORTHY of such a title. A title I gave myself but none the less. I AM SUPERMOM. Cape and all. I am still working on the invisible jet though. I don't think minivans come in that color.

I have been neglecting my Lil O, ME and the unborn child I am carrying. I have been a focused crazy man woman trying to change all my archives over to this name. I WILL NOT MENTION I STILL HAVE 3 MONTHS TO GO!!!!!!! Be patient with me please. It's rather annoying having to go to every blog I have written for over a year and COPY & PASTE into my new blog. Without forgetting to change the date as well. I have been living off coffee, banana moon pies and Little Debbie Oatmeal Cakes. Ummm, dammit, now my husband HB will know the whole REAL truth of the junk food in the house. Oh well.... He can start organic boot camp after the baby gets here. ha ha It's all in good fun!

My two oldest kids just had Spring Break and glad to be in school. You have to have that social life yanno?

As for Lil O I have been discussing fashion sense with her. She has a SOCK FETISH for sure. She changes socks several times during the day. SEVERAL TIMES! She doesn't even care if the socks match. I guess at 3 years old it wouldn't be a focal point for me as well. When I have better things to do. Like: color, dress like a princess, play with the toy kitchen, watch certain shows, sleep and eat. So socks matching isn't her thing. At least she has dressing like a princess down pat.

I had better go and do a 10 minute tidy so it looks like I have been doing other things BUT C & P old blog entries. ~and enjoy a banana moon pie of course~

Picking up my Supermom Cape. Dusting it off knowing I can throw it in the wash to use later on in the day when it is needed the most.