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Hi. I am Michelle The Grouch.

No your brother doesn't have a baby in his belly...

I told her I just wasn't ready yet...

It’s snowing. Sadly not enough to make a snowman.

Apparently It Would Kill Her

There's Something About Mary.

Yes, pinching does hurt.

Sometimes I feel as if I have no time and other times I have too much time on my hands.

I am glad I have this huge belly. It gives my new milk jugs something to rest on.

Should I Not Have Said That?

The Toilet Paper Queen is Killing Us!

My Husband Has The Nicest Hands

What do you do when you find your 9 year olds BROKEN RETAINER?!?!

My 10 seconds of fame–maybe 15 at most!

Happy 3rd Birthday to you O!

Stretch marks are like the undiscovered terrain on a map. I think.

Four More Days

What’s on your menu for next week?

There is a TV monster in the house. What have we done?

Remote Area Medical R.A.M.

Doulas Rock!

Really, what could be sweeter?

Happy March 1