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So what. Maybe if we all slept with a pacifier the world would be a better place.

~insert happy dance here~ There is school today after being closed for TWO WHOLE days due to weather. Maybe this is why I am on the verge of a mental breakdown of sorts. Don’t get me wrong. I have wonderful kids and I love being around them. BUT, yes there is a BUT, being confined to the house for TWO WHOLE days has made me ready for a padded room without a view. Bicker, bicker, run, run, scream, bicker, stomping, run, run, scream, crying, run, run, jump, jump, scream, door slamming, stomping, screaming, door slamming, etc… Imagine this going on and on and on for TWO WHOLE days. I am twitching just thinking about it again.

Lil O was NOT on her best behavior either. No nap yesterday.. To which is probably from not having her paci. She never asked for it though.

Here is an actual email I sent my hubby yesterday afternoon:
Subject Line: Oh, I can ignore a crying child.
I am sitting here while O is poking me crying “MOMMY MOMMY”.
I have spent the last 1 1/2 hours in the bed trying to get her to nap and she wouldn’t.
SO, I unplugged the DVD player and got up.
She ran B2 into his room and H into hers because she won’t stop crying.
Okay, I am going to go think of ways to stay sane. If only I had a brand new vacuum to use. It would drown out the screaming baby in the background.

I love You,

PS. Don’t bother calling, H is on the phone.

See, that just screamed PADDED ROOM READY!

Then Lil O did have her paci meltdown. At midnight last night. She was screaming and really not sure what she was screaming for. Not once did she ask for the paci though. Us, being responsible parents not giving a frick what others think, gave her the paci back. Boy, you should of heard her sucking. Making up for lost time. I about cried when she realized her daddy was putting it in her mouth. We have decided to only give it to her at night and call it the “bedtime paci”. Works for us. :)

Now lets hope it works for her.

Man, I had some anxiety filled dreams last night.
~Being excited over the new vacuum and showing hubby how well it cleaned the house.
~Wanting a Krispy Kreme doughnut. In my dream there was one downtown and I was picking out my dozen. The price was 3 something and I paid with a $4.00 coin. Like we’d really have a use for $4.oo coins.
~Then eating biscuits and gravy at Cracker Barrel.
~Then somehow my kitchen cabinets were move-able and I was changing the kitchen around. While trying to see why sister wasn’t here yet.

Odd, I tell you. Vacuuming, food and changing things around. Yep, sounds like a pregnant hormonal dream to me. I about forgot craving my mamaw’s butterscotch pie during the night as well. I have to get the recipe today so I can make one this afternoon. It’s all about the FOOD I say!
Okay enough mad ramble from the hungry pregnant woman. Have a nice day everyone. Be back later.

Pacifier Part 2

Lil O has done really well without her paci. The only time she really really really wanted it and asked for it was nap-time yesterday. I knew that would be when she wanted it. Me and Big Sis H got in the bed with her and started A Muppet Show for her. She whined a bit. IT went like this:

O- I want my paci…I want my paci…
Me- I don’t have a paci to give you.
O- I want my paci…I want my paci…
Me- Do you have a paci you can get?
O- No.
Me- Well, I don’t have one either.

This conversation went on a few times. Then we fell asleep.

~Learned a lesson yesterday. Never ever order Pizza Hut Pizza for a snow day lunch. No wonder they are going out of business around here. Lunch was outrageous and I get better pizza at APC!~

I just canceled my doctors appointment that I had today. I really wanted to go and see how much I weigh and hear her heartbeat. They rescheduled it for Monday. Then I had wanted to hit Bed, Bath & Beyond for a few things. I have my eye on a vacuum cleaner. And if you know what a CLEAN FREAK I am, buying a vacuum cleaner means serious stuff for me. It’s a Consumer Report best buy and better than a Dyson and a fraction of the cost. PLUS, I have a 20% coupon for BB&B! Woohoo. ~insert happy dance here~ See how excited I am?!?!

I am going to go hide the sugar cookies I made for Lil O’s big day yesterday and put nice clean sheets on my bed. :)

Lil O and the Pacifier

We are totally bragging on Lil O today! It is HER day today. I have HB bringing home balloons and I am thinking I have a cake or cookies I can make for the occasion!

We opened a new pack of pacifiers last week. It had two in it. When I gave her a new one I told her there was only one left. ~Yanno I really didn’t believe she would stop sucking on one and I would have bought more in a heartbeat.~ Sooo, last night I heard that sound. A sound of a paci with a hole in it. I asked her to let me see the paci. I then told her it had a hole and we had to throw it away. I reminded her it was the last paci we had. She of course said “No”. Then daddy talked to her. Asking her if H & B2 had paci’s–to which she knew they didn’t. She HANDED it over all by herself. I was so proud and didn’t know what to say. In my mind I was thinking “there is one paci in my purse and one in the bathroom, just in case she has a meltdown”. She didn’t and hasn’t so far. Last night she would wake up and whine for just a second thinking she had lost it in the bed. I would remind her that we didn’t have anymore paci’s. I’d pull her closer to me in bed and snuggle with her and rub her back until she drifted back to sleep. She only did that about 4 times. This morning I told her how proud I was and we have been bragging about her! After giving lots of high 5’s of course! She hasn’t asked for it back or anything. AWESOME! I wasn’t planning on taking it away, it just sort of happened. I do know that if it is needed, I will get the 2 that are hidden. :) I don’t want my baby upset. But it would be a last resort. When she takes her nap today I will make a cake, cupcakes or cookies to celebrate when daddy gets home with the balloons.

We had a light dusting of snow last night with ice. No school today. BONUS day with the kids. It’s still blowing some snow. So no ordering pizza for lunch to be delivered. BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B2 is playing Viva Pinata. It is a really neat game for boys his age. He’ll be 10 in April. I like watching him play. Check it out, if you haven’t already.

H is reading a book on the couch. She just finished one and starting another. I am soooo proud. Time to visit the library. :)

Lil O is playing with her toys. Not asking for a paci BTW.

I am enjoying cup of coffee number 2. Clothes are washing and clothes are drying. Plus the dishwasher is going. And it’s only 9:20 am. Well, I have been up since 5 am. After my FOURTH visit to the bathroom, I wasn’t able to go back to sleep. Then I heard the ever so lightly “ding” to tell me I have a text message. Which said, “no school”. HB was able to set his alarm for later because he didn’t have to get the kids up as well.

Anyway…….have a nice day today everyone.

Michelle In Real Life

Hello! We watched Dan In Real Life last night. I really really like Steve!!! I am not sure if I liked this movie though. How about 1 Thumb Up. :)

OMGoodness!?!?!?!? Lucky Otter was awesome yesterday! HB got the special burrito and loved it. I made my own and of course loved it! Spinach wrap, black beans, rice, cheese, garlic, caramelized onions, roasted potatoes and MANGO SALSA! YUMMMMMMYYYYY!!! I already want another one. I was telling Lil O we could make them at home but they just wouldn’t be as good as LO’s.

I still haven’t heard from my sis and her “Passion Party”. No telling what happened with a room full of women and toys everywhere! I mean “bath products”. ~blush~

~BTW, it took my sis 1 whole hour to call me–to tell me she found the quilt pictures.~

My MJ emailed me yesterday. She is planning on coming up to see the new baby and help me. We just have to get a date down. It really depends on when this little girl makes her grand entrance! She has like 7 weeks and 2 days left to grow. Not that I am counting. Okay, I am counting. I even have a countdown clock set up! I am just looking forward to seeing her and holding her after all this time.

I guess I’ll stop rambling and get up and put the roast in the crock to cook all day. Have a lovely Sunday!!!

How long will it take her to call? I’ll time it!

Good morning. I am glad it is Friday. Not that I have anything special planned for the weekend. I am working on a menu and grocery list so my HB can take me shopping when he gets off work. It is so hard for me to get around these days, the extra help is very much needed.

Speaking of hard to get around….I worked my fingers off yesterday. I worked on my sisters Tinkerbell Quilt and even finished it. I was a woman on a mission. TO CHECK SOMETHING OFF MY LIST BEFORE THE BABY GETS HERE! I was in the floor piecing and pinning. I should get a Best Sister Award for yesterday. And it took ALL day to finish the quilt. Even though it was just basic squares and easy to sew. Quick and easy made this beautiful quilt.

A picture from above. I have the back flipped over so you can see how I pieced it together.

T Quilt

Tied together:

T Quilt 2

I think it looks pretty and I know she will like it. Even though I am timing her to see how long it takes her to find it on WordPress, she CANNOT HAVE IT UNTIL JUNE! That is when her BIRTHDAY IS! SO, I have it put up for her special day. ~insert evil laugh here~

Well, I am off to work on that grocery list. Have a lovely weekend!

My sis is hiding in the closet!

The Passion Party closet that is.

She is having a party Saturday at her house. She wants me to come.

My response, “Does it look like I need to come to a Passion party?”.

It looks like I have been to a hell-of-a good one already!

PS. I refuse to post pics of lil O growing up in the same blog as Passion Party. lol Even though that was a good party as well!

I just got home from my weekly Target trip.

I had to get out of the house this morning. Soooo, I hit Target with a list. I am trying to take care of lots of things before the baby gets here. We have a couple birthdays in the next few weeks & months that I want to prepare for. Not to mention Easter is early this year. If you shop at Target–they had LOTS of 1.00 stuff for Easter baskets. I loaded up for everyone! Then I bought a blanket so I can FINISH my sisters Tinkerbell quilt. I might even start on that this afternoon. If I get my mopping finished. :) At least it is a start! I’ve had the top piece finished for months! lol

The changing table was delivered yesterday! SWEET!! Now she can be born. Well, preferably in 8 weeks. lol I put all her tiny PINK clothes in it yesterday. ~insert awwwww here~

Have a great Wednesday!

I really don’t snore.

My HB told me the other night that when he came to bed, I was snoring. O was awake and had her head covered with her blanket! lol I will add that I am getting over the flu and have that annoying cough still. So, I REALLY DON’T SNORE!

8 more weeks until the baby gets here.

So what if she likes grape jelly on her blueberry waffles.

Good Monday morning from my computer chair to yours. This blog is going to be all about my youngest daughter O. She will three years old in 23 days. Or there abouts. Not that I am counting them.

It is sad to think of my baby growing up. It seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. Then she turned 1, then 2 and now 3! She is such a big girl.

As she is running around the house now in her Dora nightgown with her ponytails all messy. Wearing her princess jewelry. Sucking on her paci. Yes, she still has it and we are okay with it. If you aren’t, then you come take it from her. lol

I think of how much I am in love with that little girl. ~And my other 2 children.~

I love it when she laughs and says, “Tickle me”. Tells me I am her best friend forever. And when we are all snuggled together she will wrap her arms around my neck and tell me she loves me with all of her heart.

Here recently you can ask her something and she will say, “Umm, no” or “Umm, yes”. Its cute.

Yesterday when her big brother locked her out of his room we heard her scream through the door, “BEN CALVIN”. lol She thought using his middle name would get that door open. It didn’t but we got a good laugh from it.

I love to hear all these new words she picks up. She has been talking for a long time. She started speaking complete sentences when she started talking it seems. Such a VAST vocabulary for someone so small. Well small in age I guess.

She is one tall girl. She got that from me. :) She has the most beautiful big brown eyes, from her daddy. Blond streaks in her hair where the sun has kissed it.

I like it how she always calls PINK things green. lol

I like to paint her toenails. She likes it too.

I love it when we are in bed for our nap together and I make up a story for her. She will say after, “That was a great story”.

I like how she picks out her clothes and shoes for the day. We don’t argue much over her choices. lol

I like to watch her jump on the trampoline. Hair flying everywhere. Laughing. Just enjoying herself. Freedom.

It warms my heart when I come home from being away from her she will say, “I am so happy, I have missed you”.

I simply adore when we wake up in the morning and she will ask, “You sleep good mommy?”. Since she shares our bed, I get lots of snuggle time at bedtime and when we first wake up. On occasion I have felt a poke poke for me to get up that she is awake and ready to get up out of bed. lol

I like sharing my bath with her. Having her and bubbles at the same time is such a treat. We do this about every day.

There are so many things I have learned from all my children. They teach us what really is important in life. They are. They teach us to not be selfish and only think of ourselves. They teach us that love is really unconditional. I am still trying to get patience. I pray for that everyday. I hope that I am able to teach them as much as they have taught me.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Monday. I will because I will be with Lil O enjoying her as much as I can. Learning from her. Laughing with her. Letting her be her, because that is what she does best.

I absolutely hate the term SAHM.

I don’t know why it bothers me so. I just find it an icky term and I have NEVER used it! I just twitch when I see it used by people. lol It’s the little things right?

~warning this post is written at 5:30 am, I am not accountable for words this early~ lol

Yes, I may “stay at home” and I am a “mom”. But I find it ummm maybe “lessening” my duties while at home. I am at a loss to describe what I am trying to say.

For example, these are the duties I have being just a plain “mom” who stays at home:

CEO ~this is what I personally call myself. CEO of my family and I will write that in Job Description when I fill out paper work or get asked my occupation.~

Amateur Chef
Sex Toy ~Remember I am married.~ :)
Art Director
Police Officer ~Did you take the toy from your sister?? Were you just in the kitchen?? Show me your hands??~
Laundry Attendant
Maintenance Manager of the house
Taxi Driver of “Mom’s Jag”
Computer Geek ~so I can blog about crazy things I think about early in the morning or google, “strange smells coming from shower drain” for my Janitor position.~

Okay you get my drift.

I started calling myself CEO of my family long ago. It is fitting. I go from being a drug store manager to managing things around the house. I just try to imagine the kids as my employees. lol They have jobs to do just like I do. DELEGATE DELEGATE! lol

I think it was 2 weeks ago my husband shared a link with me. I have been reading her blog and think she is a RockStar. Let me quote her when she describes what SAHM means. ~The language is a little rough so cover your eyes if you aren’t into dirty words.~

I am a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) or a Shit Ass Ho Motherfucker. I do both equally well. I think she is a RIOT! Check out her page. I have her bookmarked and look everyday hoping for a good, much needed, laugh.

I just did a search to find out how much a CEO of the family should be earning a year by their duties. Annual PayCheck Value from 2006: $134,121.

So, go ahead and call yourself SAHM’s if you want, don’t let me stop you. I just wanted to give you something to think about. But for me I will always be:

Michelle, CEO of my Family.
(Don’t go stealing my line either. Make up your own title. lol)

Well, I am off to make more coffee and get ready to party until I am PINK at my baby shower. :)

PS. My husband said since I am CEO he is CFO. Chief Financial Officer. As well as Sex Toy. LOL

A Few Awesome Things To Happen Today:

~B2 got his braces off this morning. His smile looks awesome!

~My doctors office called. Her ‘birth’day is planned for April 15th. Yes, that is tax day. Do I get an extra refund?

~HB brought me the most beautiful flowers home at lunchtime.

~I have my Lasagna in the oven cooking. The salad is almost finished. My mamaw and great aunt are joining us for dinner. Then we can all enjoy valentines cup-cakes.

Hope everyone has a nice night with their family.

Happy Valentine's Day

~the day that poor innocent boyfriends and husbands better not forget!~ LOL I have already given everyone their Valentines and they were all happy. I should have taken a picture of the table they woke up to this morning. But I was half asleep setting it up during the night when I made a bathroom run.

I got an email yesterday asking how I was. To be honest I am a mess. Not only taking care of a sick baby with the flu, then getting it myself hasn’t helped the situation. I went for my 30 week check-up yesterday. I weigh 167 1/2. I looked around making sure a doctor didn’t have his foot on the scale. They are known for that. No doctor. I think I look fabulous though. I only wish I felt it.

As time gets closer I am getting restless. Unable to sleep mostly. I would KILL for a good night’s rest. We have 8 1/2 weeks to go until she will be born. I’ll know her exact ‘birth’day in 2 weeks when I go back.

The fear of the unknown is coming back into my mind. I am a member of a Downs Syndrome board and that helps me some. I have met other women who have chosen to wait just like us until the birth to know if their baby has DS. I had my ‘breakdown’ at the doctors yesterday. It made me feel better. The midwife was so kind and understanding. She called that day for us ~the day I have my cesarean~ a bittersweet moment. I hadn’t thought of that until she said that. It is true though. All of the unknown will be known that day.

I try to tell people and tell myself that no matter what, everything will be fine. But until you are in my shoes, our shoes, you cannot understand how we actually feel about all this. It is terrifying. I am not worried about my family and friends, we have so much love that it will pour all over the place and into the outside world around us. I fear how she would be treated by people that aren’t sure what DS really is. Long ago they used to put DS kids in institutions to live out their life. How tragic. To do something like that. But it’s the unknown people do not like. I am so glad people are educated on the matter now.

So I am all set to say DOWNS SYNDROME ROCKS even if she doesn’t have it because after all the reading I have been doing~~I have found these children to be special gifts from God. Is she does, I will be the best Downs Syndrome advocate you ever met. Anyway…

So just know I have lots of tears these days and will until she is born. I so long for that day to see her crying face.

Why I am miserable.

Influenza - Symptoms

The symptoms of influenza (flu) appear suddenly and often include:

  • Fever of 100 F to 104 F, which can reach 106 F when symptoms first develop. Fever is usually continuous, but it may come and go. Fever may be lower in older adults than in children and younger adults. When fever is high, other symptoms usually are more severe.
  • Body aches and muscle pain (often severe), commonly in the back, arms, or legs.
  • Headache.
  • Pain when you move your eyes.
  • Fatigue, a general feeling of sickness (malaise), and loss of appetite.
  • A dry cough, runny nose, and dry or sore throat. You may not notice these during the first few days of the illness when other symptoms are more severe. As your fever goes away, these symptoms may become more evident.

Influenza usually does not cause symptoms in the stomach or intestines, such as vomiting and diarrhea.

I am married to Danny Devito?

I was in parts of my dream last night and he had the softest lips. I know I am sleep deprived or catching the flu. I haven’t seen or thought about Danny Devito in forever. Has he even been in any recent movies?

Lil O has the flu. Aching, fever, loss of appetite, cough, sneezing, etc…

It all started Wednesday afternoon when she woke up saying her back hurt. Then yesterday morning it came on QUICKLY! I talked her into going back to bed around 930ish am and that is where we stayed all day, all afternoon and all night. She was in and out of sleep. I held her most of the time. Except when I tried to sneak out to make a bathroom run and find something to eat. It just ended up waking her up and I’d just crawl back in bed. I spent lots of time reading my Bible, working on my cross stitch project and thinking.

I don’t see how someone could want to stay in bed all day—my body is so sore from yesterday. We had the portable DVD player in bed with us and I watched Season 2 of The Muppet’s, Scooby-Doo and Maisy. To which if I see anytime soon AGAIN I will start to pull my hair out. I knew I should have had HB stop by Blockbuster and rent some DIFFERENT DVD’S!

Anyway…I hope that everyone has a wonderful day. I am going to hold my baby all day and continue to pray that I do not get the flu. I already spoke to my OB yesterday and was told to call as soon as I knew something so they could keep watch over me.

I thought I would post a blog.

Hello. Happy rainy Wednesday to you all.

I just got up from bed and think I might go back. Baby X is draining me off all my energy. I am lucky I can get up and walk to the bathroom every 15 minutes from the lack of it. LOL

No news is good news in our house. I have been to lunch with my mamaw this week. Shopping at Babies R Us this week. Cleaned house this week. Had my hair cut this week. Slept bunches this week. And it is only Wednesday.

Well, I am still tired. Time to lay back down. Have a lovely week.