I have too much on my mind these days. Having a baby in 12 weeks is at the top of my list for sure.

Busy weekend here with kids and some snow. H & B2 both got AB honor roll on report cards Friday. AWESOME JOB YOU TWO! We are going to take them some place special next weekend to celebrate their great grades.

HB took H and her “BF” to the movies on Sunday. They saw Cloverfield. Their choice of course. I have been having issues with the “BF” for some reason. So I really prayed and gave it lots of thought Sunday night and that helped me so much. God answered and I heard. I am very proud of the “BF” bringing up his grades and wish him the best of this school year. I know that him and H are really just friends and maybe at this point in his life–she is just the friend he needs. After all they are just 13 and not planning a Vegas wedding anytime soon. ~gentle smile~

I also pray for patience everyday—I am still waiting for that request to be answered though. Any day now please. :)

I did go through O’s baby clothes the other day and washing them up. All those tiny pink, yellow, purple and green baby clothes. It was nice to see all the familiar things that O wore. She was with me when I was sorting through them. I’d say, “You wore this at the hospital when she was born”. It was fun. A bit sad to think that this will be the last baby in our house and wearing these clothes. What’s one more baby with 4 in the house already? LOL I am getting to old for this baby stuff anyway. Seriously I can tell a BIG difference having children when you are younger and older. I was 20 and 23 when I had my first two. Then 3o when I had O and I’ll be 33 (almost 34) when this baby is born. I am not saying I am way old but my body has changed and there is a BIG HUGE difference having babies in your 30’s verses in your 20’s.

Okay, I have things to do today. I hope that everyone has a lovely day.