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Wilderness at the Smokies Hotel & Waterpark Resort in Sevierville, TN
{Winter Stay & Play FAM at Wilderness at the Smokies}

What are your plans for tonight??

So far our New Years Eve looks like an uneventful night. Not that we mind!

We have special memories of New Years Eve already. On our second New Years Eve together Superdad proposed to me over a Scrabble game. Giving me the most beautiful engagement ring! He did good!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful New Years Eve! I look forward to hearing all about your celebrating!!!

I want to introduce you to someone!

Everyone knows I am working on a blog makeover. Something like that.

Last night I stumbled across this blog. What's Cook'n... (I'll link you in a sec. I want to share the story first.)

It's about a beautiful baby girl named Bree. Bree was born in March to a wonderful mommy, daddy and two big brothers. Trust me people. I cried like a baby last night and was up until midnight reading her blog and looking at her pictures!

I left her wonderful mommy a comment this morning because her blog touched me so much. Let me explain a bit more. Her first son Caleb was born with DS.

As you know we were told there was a chance that Baby M would have DS. They noticed a nuchal fold thickness during a routine ultrasound. We didn't have any further testing done because we would love our daughter no matter what. It was a rough wait for us. Until my cesarean. You can read about that here, here and here. Anyway....

Then she had another handsome son Gunner. That brings me to B…

Lots of "breakable butts' out there!

The other day my friend Mrs F broke her butt. You can go here to read all about it on her blog.

For some odd reason today while at Fun Depot with my 2 youngest babies I was "butt watching". Yeah you moms I was checking out your trunk. Well, seeing if you had junk in your trunk. If you are like me the butt fairy DID NOT visit you when you hit your growth spurt.

You'd be amazed at all the flat butts that are out there! Including mine. I am sure that Sir Mix A Lot and Enimen wouldn't be writing a song about these butts. Okay, my point. I really don't have one. I just wanted you to know that I was checking out butts today! It's all your fault Mrs F!!!


Let it Snow...Let it Snow...

I am putting my order in to the "big guy" for snow this winter.

I have lived in my town my whole life. Yes, 212530 34 years.

I remember we used to get snow. Didn't we??

Okay, so this winter I'd like some snow please. Enough to build a snow fort, throw snowballs and make snow angels. Did you hear me "big guy"?

So, do you put ketchup on your eggs?

I started this poll because my son B2 put ketchup on his scrambled eggs the other day. Superdad was pretty grossed out about that. I know several people that do it as well. So I wanted to throw it out there and let you tell me!

8 people voted yes. I will actually add 2 more votes to that because they weren't able to vote. I will add one for B2 and my sister. They are in the ketchup on eggs club! So that brings it up to 10 for YES!

15 people voted NO.

1 person agrees that I should stop being so silly!! Isn't that a Veggie Tale song?? Hmmm.

Thanks for those that took the time to vote and comment.

My husband is going to push me over the edge!

There is one room in the house that I don't like messed with. It happens to be my dining room area. The first room you see upon entering my house. Through the basement of course.

I think my husband has a special radar. I know it isn't intentional but subconsciously maybe he likes to "F" with me. Maybe over me hating his down booties I am sure of!!

"Supermom has polished the table. Put down her DO NOT EAT ON place mats. Centered the bowl just perfectly on all the sides." That's the radar I am talking about.


My perfect dining room table turns into his "work" station.

Yes, he has a desk. Why doesn't he use it? It's full of stuff as well. That's why.

Okay, the question I ask,

"What space in your house has to perfect for all to be right in the world?"

PS. He knows I feel this way or I wouldn't post about it!

PSS. I'd love some Photoshop CS 3 Extended Version help. I am working on a brand new The Adventures of…

I love my Food Processor!

Good Morning the day after Christmas!!! I hope that you had a wonderful time with your family like I did with mine! I only have a minute to write about TWO days of celebrating! So here goes!

Christmas Eve we went to my grandmothers house and spent time with family from my mom's side. My mom was in from TN so that was a bonus visit. I was cleaning up last week and came across two outfits that belonged to H and B2 when they were the ages of Baby M and Lil O. They cleaned up well so I let Lil O and Baby M wear them on Christmas Eve. I will scan H & B2 in the same clothes and post them when I get a chance.

After we got home we settled down to watch A Christmas Story. You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!

It was easy getting the kids to bed! They were excited to get to sleep and see what Santa would bring. Even though H & B2 no longer believe in Santa I made them hit the hay as well because I had surprises from them as well.

Lil O woke up at 6:50 am and crawled in bed with us. …

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Merry Christmas! I know that technically that is two days away BUT I wanted to make sure that everyone knows how much they mean to me.

I am glad that you find the time to visit my blog and take the time to comment!


Michelle :)

Something to keep you on the edge of your seat!!!!

January brings big changes and more fun on The Adventures of Supermom!!!

~Guest Bloggers

~Supermom dances!!! Oh yeah!! You heard me correctly. I will have to figure out a YouTube video series.

~Ask Supermom anything! I am thinking a weekly post of questions and answers!

I cannot wait for January!

I have to wash it ONE day!

Since Lil O discovered a Christmas present for her EARLY she hasn't take it off. Seriously!! She has slept in it the past TWO nights and is wearing it right now!!! She has only taken the dress off to take a bath and well that is it. She puts it over her clothes or pajamas!!

I am glad she did take it off for us to go to the mall today. She walked up to Santa, told him she wanted a doll, hugged him and then we left.

I have nothing to tell. I must be pretty boring. I like boring!

The Verdict Is In

Earlier in the week I posted about getting a Food Processor for Christmas from my husband.

Here's that post.

I also posted it on two groups that I am a member of.

Here are some of the other responses.

twitter moms

~Only if it's a really good coffee maker :)

~Appliances for Christmas...hmmmm. Only if he wants to WEAR it! of those massage chairs would be OK...that COULD be considered an appliance ya know. :)

~I don't know, last year my Mom asked for a really special blender and was really excited that we bought it for her. She was considering another small kitchen appliance this year but I know she doesn't like vacuums for her gift. I don't mind getting small kitchen appliances either, but it has to be something I want like a Kitchen Aid stand mixer (been wanting one of those for a really long time).

~I LOVE getting appliances at any time and think they make a great gift. Who wouldn't want a kitchen aid mixer stand, but with prices averaging $250... I consider…

I need a support person.

Will you be that person?

I am trying to decide if I am going to let my hair grow out some. Not Rapunzel length or anywhere close to that.

I need someone I can vent to about how my hair is driving me crazy. Yanno, at the awkward phase of growing it out.

Kind of like AA but for hair.

Ummm, a hair support person. HSP? Nahhh, that doesn't work for me.

Only serious inquiries apply.

Uh Oh. Now what?

This is what happens when Lil O finds her Christmas present.

What's on the Telly?

Random things I have watched this week and some of last. I watched a few things so you don't have to! I am nice like that!

Batman. Very intense movie. You cannot watch this movie with small children around. Heath Ledger did a great performance. When is the next one due out and who will be the villain? IMPO Michael Keaton is my favorite Batman. I heart you Michael Keaton.Burn After Reading. DON'T BOTHER!! I REPEAT DON'T BOTHER!!!!!!!! Instead of watching this movie go take a nap, go out to eat, read a book or even visit the dentist. Yes, it is that bad!The IT Crowd. TWO THUMBS WAY UP!!!!!!!Diary of a Mad Black Woman. This is the last time I listen to my 14 year old when it comes to a movie recommendation. The very last time! Just FF through most of this movie so you can say you did in fact see that movie! Yes, she does end up with the nice guy!Top Chef. Was it just me or did Natasha Richardson change dresses for the Judges table? At the party her boobs we…

I am not THAT woman...anymore.

I didn't go out to find the perfect outfits. Buy socks and shoes that match. I didn't look for the perfect red ribbons for their hair. I didn't make B2 wear a tie. I didn't even plan on taking these pictures.

It just happened.

My beautiful children. H, B2, Lil O and Baby M.

Yes, Lil O is wearing a sun dress. That is what she picked out to wear today. I was toooo tired to argue.

They may not be perfect Christmas themed photographs that some might desire but they are PERFECT for me.

Do Moms like to get appliances for Christmas?

Okay, Superdad told me today that my Christmas present would be coming in the mail this week. That when UPS brought it to not really go get it. They were unable to wrap the present so I would be able to see by the box what my present would be. Got it?

I mentioned that it better not be an appliance. I said, "Mom's cook and clean all year round that the last thing they want is something to cook or clean with."

Correct Moms? You tell me.

I RUINED it for him! I had mentioned that I needed a Food Processor to make some kitchen things easier to make. A Food Processor would definitely make making Hummus much easier.

Soooo, he bought me a Food Processor for the holiday.

What is your opinion on this? Do you like getting a gift like this for Christmas?

I told Superdad, "An appliance is something you need for the house and together you pick it out to buy for the house. It's not a gift you give for anything."

Was I wrong? Sorry honey. You get 4 STARS for listening…

Just in case you were wondering!

Countdown to Christmas Can't Wait? How long 'til Christmas?
8 Days
16 Hours
53 Minutes

Twas 12 days before Christmas

Twas 12 days before Christmas, when all through the house
Lil O was sick and throwing up on the couch.
While Mommy was cleaning up the mess,
hoping no one else would confess,
that their tummy was in distress.

Lil O was resting on the couch,
while visions of Spongebob danced in her head.
Baby M was playing with her toys,
making lots of noise.

Over in the office there arose such a clatter,
I looked over my shoulder to see what was the matter.
It was just Superdad watching the game,
hoping that Carolina wins today.

The tree lit the room with such a glow,
too bad there's no snow.
My lil toes are sparkly red,
it's almost time for Santa so I better get in bed!

I guess you see how my afternoon/night is going.

Supermom goes on vacation.

~leaving the kids alone for the first time.

No, I am not blogging from some tropical location.

I'd like to thank Superdad for bravely accepting the challenge of watching Lil O and Baby M so I could get a pedicure.

I haven't blogged about my new friend before. Sometimes I feel as if somethings are more personal. Yes, I can blog about sex, compacting and things my kids do BUT a girl has to have some secrets.

My new friend is a blogger! A damn good blogger!!! She is hilarious and makes me LOL! She is new to my little town! I am glad I was given the chance to meet her and hang out with her. You know getting out of my comfort zone and meeting new people isn't easy for me. My sister says I am unapproachable. No, she wasn't paying me a compliment. Got to love family.

Anyway, let's just say, "There is no one else I'd rather walk downtown with in spa flip flops in 30 degree weather than Mrs. Furious."

Who really isn't that furious at all.

My piggies are…

I never want to ride in an ambulance.

I was cruising the Internet highway and found this article.

I am pretty disappointed in this. Is nothing safe anymore?!?!?!
Here's just a small sample of what you will be reading.

Paramedics Accused of Molesting Patients
(Just click above to read the article.)
Across the U.S., emergency medical technicians have been accused in recent months of such crimes as rape, soliciting minors over the Internet and possession of child porn, according to an AP survey of the state agencies that oversee those professions. Exactly how many of these EMTs were alleged to have committed their crimes on the job is unclear. But some of more shocking cases include: — A Standish, Mich., paramedic sent to prison in March for molesting a girl who was on her way to the hospital after she was injured at her 15th birthday party. — A Pinellas County, Fla., paramedic arrested in July after he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in an ambulance en route to a hospital. — A Chester County, Pa., paramedic sentenced in J…

You're never too young to worry about fashion.

I love these pants. It's a little baby suit that Lil O used to wear. Baby M just paired the pants with a t shirt. Just call her a Baby Fashionista.

Here she is eating her honey nut o's with such determination.

Helping Children of Divorce Cope During the Holidays.

I have never spoken about my divorce before. I feel that somethings are just private and shouldn't be thrown out for strangers to read. It is a personal matter and for the sake of my children shouldn't be regarded as a light subject.

With that being said I want to share a few things with you.

The divorce became final in 2001 I think. Maybe 2002. Is really isn't important about the dates. The holidays have always been stressful for me and I know it has been for them. I wanted to spend as much time as I could with my babies and so did their dad. We have shared the holiday season. Usually that means I accommodate him more than myself. Okay, let me stop because I don't want to point fingers. ~whistling~ (He always busted a gut to spend time with his family but rushed when we were at mine. For example they were at his house Thanksgiving all day, they were at my house TWO WHOLE hours! Fair?)

Sooooooo here we are coming to a MAJOR holiday and all I want to do is m…

A blog for Thursday typed up on a Thursday.

I had to get up early this morning to head to B2's school for a program. It was sad to see my son knowing this is his last year in elementary school. Kids grow up too fast!

Then we hit Earth Fare. We as in Baby M, Lil O and my MIL. Man, that was a very tiring trip. Baby M wanted the boob towards then end and wouldn't take no for an answer. So we abandoned the buggy and had coffee and tea while sitting in a booth.

It has been raining for TWO days. I wish the weather was a bit cooler and then we'd have lots of snow!

Here's the menu:

Meatloaf, BBQ Roast, Veggie Night, Tacos with homemade guac, breakfast for dinner~english muffins, eggs, hash browns and some great looking organic sausage and salmon loaf. Not in this order though. Whatever I happen to grab at the time.

I have a bone to pick with the toy company. I have potty trained 3 children. One of those still sleeps in a diaper or pull up. I have a baby in diapers. No way in hell am I buying a doll that pee'…

A Wednesday Blog Typed Up on a Thursday.

Consolidating online.

Yep. I am making online changes. I deleted my MySpace profile and Twitter account today. I was getting sucked into too much online stuff.

I want simple. I want less. I want less stress.

~huge smile~

I went to the doctor today for my wrist. I had surgery on my left wrist due to an injury ten long years ago. It hurts. :( It's another ganglion cyst. I decided to wait and see if it goes away on its own before I have surgery to remove it. I see him again in 3 months. I really hope it goes away SOON because my wrist has ached all day!!! I am back to wearing this stupid looking black splint that I wore the last time. UGH!

Then I treated my mamaw to lunch at Chili's. I don't know why I bother the some of these chain restaurants. Don't get me wrong. I love Carrabba's. I love ummmm, okay I cannot think of another big chain place that I enjoy. Well, there is Chick-fil-A. Did I spell that right? I'd rather go downtown and hit a few lo…

Why in the world did I wake up at 6am?

I've been up since 6. I know this is really no biggie. Unless you have breastfed a baby every couple of hours and you cling to the hope of being able to stay in bed until 8am. That's me. Baby M has given up food. All food. She is protesting and will only take the boob. Ninny. The breast. Whatever you may call it in your house.

How do I feel about being my almost 8 months old only food supply? Well, and if you get technical, everyone in the house. EXHAUSTED is how I feel. But I love every minute of it!

Last night was B2's scouts ceremony. It was really good. I am glad that B2 has this time with his dad! They both enjoy it.

Christmas will be here before we know it. 14 days. Two weeks. About 353 hours. Not that I am counting. I found this countdown to Christmas clock.

This Little Piggy Went Wee Wee Wee.

Yesterday I had several things fall from the top shelf in the closet. I jumped back thinking I would miss it all. Sadly, the last thing to fall landed on my lil piggy. Yes, I went wee wee wee!!!!

It's all blue and sore. Thankfully it isn't broken. I should have known something like this would happen because I have a pedicure appointment on Saturday here. Heavenly isn't it? Superdad gave me a gift certificate for my birthday. Sadly, a month before my birthday I gave birth to our beautiful daughter and haven't been able to use the GC. With the help of a new friend we are going to pamper our lil piggies.

I am glad I was able to talk about teenage daughter yesterday. It has made me feel a bit better. I want what is best for her and dammit I will do whatever it takes. She is a wonderful young woman and deep down I know that no matter what, she will be okay. She has a loving family. She is intelligent. She is just trying her boundaries out. Like every teenager …

Your chopsticks are NOT drumsticks!

We blew our compacting all to hell. Yesterday we went to a FREE fun filled afternoon at the Grove Park Inn to see the gingerbread houses. I love going to the GPI! I love the feel of the place. When I win the lottery I just want to live their full time. I guess I'd actually have to play the lottery to win though. Hmmmmm.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday.

H and Baby M.

B2 and Lil O.

Baby M. Ahhh such is life.

Okay, this was all free fun! Then we were going downtown to eat at Early Girl to realize that all the change in the minivan had been confiscated for the Disney fund. Then realized that Lil O had taken all Superdads money for the fund as well. Which left us with no change for the meters and no cash for the parking garages. Soooooo, Superdad suggested we go to Green Tea for sushi.

Which was a great idea! The kids love sushi and I love Hibachi Chicken! I actually love the white sauce that comes with it more. I could just take shots of the white sauce!

All of this grea…

She speaks!!

Baby M started saying Momma!!!!

Yesterday she was crawling down the hall following me and she said, "Momma".

How cool is that?

Then today she has been saying Momma LOTS. I will go to her and she will smile really big showing off her two teeth!!!

Sniffle. I love being Momma.

Thank you Larry at Dell!

I went on a mad blogging rampage the other day.

Larry R a Dell Outreach Liaison left me a comment.

My power cord is being shipped as we speak. I tried to get Larry to send me a brand new laptop free of charge with the cord but he was unable to do that! It never hurts to ask these things!

So, thank you Larry R at Dell! See about hooking me up with a free laptop! :)

Does a short haircut mean women have gone off sex?

I was emailed this article this morning.

Does a short haircut mean women have gone off sex?
(Click to go to article)

Come on!!! Seriously?!?!? I quote a line,

If you gave a man two photographs of the same woman - in one her hair is long and in the other her hair is short - he will, almost invariably, prefer the long-haired version.and
Our hair reflects so much of our internal life - and what's going on with us emotionally - that you shouldn't be surprised when a woman cuts her hair and also changes something in her life.
Don't be fooled when a woman cuts it all off or completely restyles it and yet denies there's anything going on.
You can bet that some sort of emotional change is taking place, and usually a dramatic cut reflects a whole new phase for her.

Okay, first let me say I LOVE SHORT HAIR!! It suits me! I find it sexy!! I didn't go through any emotional turmoil to make me change my hair. Just because I have short hair doesn't mean I am not looking for se…

Oh my, adding another to the list!

It's all my daughters fault!! She was watching those MTV music video awards last night!!! There are only a few male actors that I think are handsome. Like when they were made the molds were blown up and never used again.

Here is my "handsome" list. You all know you have one. I am just able to admit mine!

Sean Connery

Pierce Brosnan

Superdad He's taken ladies. :)

Rowan Atkinson It's the accent.

Gordon Ramsay He was on the list.

Jason Statham I have to see Transporter 3.
Do you know how hard it is to find a picture of him WITH his shirt on???!?!?

David Muir ABC World News

I added this last person last night. It's all my daughters fault!
Again, it was hard to find him with a shirt on. ~grin~

The "Ladies Love Cool James".

Dell can EFF OFF!

**Beware!! Supermom is angry and frustrated in this post!**

I bought a Dell Laptop several years ago. I quit using the laptop as my main computer because Superdad has two computers that he "made" and they are set up in the office area.

I got the laptop out over the weekend to start using it again. It wouldn't start up. I ASSUMED it was the power cord and a dead battery. Upon review, I found out there was a recall on the POWER CORD due to a fire HAZARD!!!!! So, I have trying to get an English speaking person on the phone at DELL!!!! OMG, it isn't possible.

I spent time WAITING on the phone for DELL that I will never get back. I have been transferred SEVERAL times, I lost count. I have even been DISCONNECTED TWO TIMES making me have to start ALL OVER AGAIN. I even got online to do a live chat with a tech person. OMFG!!!!!!

Finally, I got so angry I typed them up an email.

I have been disconnected twice, tried to find help online talking with a Dell
support person and have be…

I am a little sad :(

I really really wanted to wake up this morning and see LOTS of white snow. I know snow is white I am just trying to explain how I had it visioned. Instead when I rolled over at 5:55am to grab my Blackberry to find out there WAS school, I was sad. That meant no snow.

Hello! I live in the mountains. I thought it was self explanatory! I WANT SNOW!

I had every intention of posting this last night but just didn't make it to the computer. Except to be nosy on my daughters MySpace. There is always time for that. If you have a teen in the house with a MySpace account, do you know the password and check it from time to time? I DO!!!!

I sat down Sunday night and made a grocery list and planned meals for the week. Yes, there is turkey soup and turkey sandwiches on the menu. I have to get rid of this turkey. :)

Other things I am planning on cooking: Tuna Pasta, Beef Brisket, Quiche-not with turkey, Veggie Night-fresh creamed corn, potatoes, peas and cornbread, pizza and fanc…

Off the camera card:

Lil O picked out the cute, yet expensive, 4 1/2 foot tree! Isn't it a beauty? My MIL handed down a table with belonged to her mother for us to use with the tree! It's a beauty too. :)