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The Kids Even Liked Them

I made another new recipe last night. Two actually. I made these great burgers.
Heidi’s Vegetarian Lentil Burgers
We have one of her cookbooks that my husband picked up. The burgers were tasty. I did what she suggested and after they were cooked, I cut them in half and added a slice of Swiss cheese. I put them back in the pan and put the lid back on until time to serve. The cheese was melted just right. Next time I am going to add some sauteed onions when I add the cheese.
I made this Slaw w/Apples as well. I am not sure if I like that recipe. I think I’ll search around for another one to try. If you have one, please share. :)
Then I diced up potatoes and sweet potatoes. Threw them in a baking dish, added sea salt, lots of garlic cloves, onion and olive oil. Baked until done. Another family favorite.
I went to the doctors yesterday and we saw our sweet sweet baby girl. I weigh in at 146. I knew I gained some pounds. 7 pounds in fact since I was last there for a visit. It’s nice to have an appetite back. Even if it is with the help of medication.
We really like the new doctor in the office and have chosen her to do our cesarean. She said we would schedule it closer to time since they are only up to February in making appointments for them. Something like that. LOL
I woke up this morning about 2 am’ish with a COLD! It’s just not fair. I have a killer headache, my nose is all funky, aching ears and sore throat. Wahhhhhh!!!! ~Insert pouty face here.~
Well, have a great day everyone!