I want the New Year to bring good Health!

It all started with H getting sick 12-22 and going to the early office hours on 12-24 to find out she had strep. Then while “Santa” was getting ready that night Lil O starts to cough as well. Then B2 and HB are sick as well. I took Lil O to doc yesterday to rule out strep and they gave her something for her cough. To which it wasn’t successful last night since I was awake every hour or 1 1/2 hours to a coughing helpless baby. WITH AN ANNOYING HEADACHE I might add. The headache was mine….

My little niece spent two nights in the hospital with pneumonia over the holiday so “Santa” had to come up there for her. She is home and getting better while her lil sis is hacking up a lung like Lil O. Plus, my mamaw is sick. So you see…

So for the New Year I want good health for everyone. I think starting the New Year with well people would be a good sign.

The holiday season was really really wonderful here. Lots of family time with sick people, great food and awesome gifts. A very good holiday indeed–minus the coughing and snot that is.

I have been having a fit to get ready for the new baby. LOL I want to get everything ready for her but it is too soon to have PINK everywhere and to be tripping over a baby swing and bouncie seat. My shower is planned for February, so after that I am going to put as much PINK out as possible. I want girly pink EVERYWHERE! LOL The boys in the house will be gagging! We are still working on a name though. I don’t usually share that with others until after the birth though. You never know who might like it and use it before you. Silly I know but that is how a pregnant woman thinks. To get her heart set on a name and someone get a new dog/cat and them use it. Something like that would be bad. ha ha Anyway…

I guess I am going to go and crochet on my blanket for the baby. I bought this great PINK yarn with hopes of making her a sweater but the yarn was too fuzzy so I was losing my stitches. I’ll have to buy another yarn for the sweater so right now I am working on a blanket.

I wish everyone a wonderful day filled with great health.