Happy New Year (Almost)

Monday already? WOW! What a weekend. I was in the hospital with a KIDNEY STONE. Sent home with good drugs…waiting…

My HB is still sick but Lil O is much better.

Since snow is for-casted, I ran to the grocery store this morning to beat the loonies who think the world will end when the snow comes. I made some lemonade a bit ago. A weird request in the winter but it will be yummy. Then I made some homemade garlic hummus. YUMMY!

I cannot believe another year is almost over. Tomorrow will be January 1, 2008. The year 2007 had been full of happy things and full of sadness.

My great aunt losing her husband and my papaw dying. My MIL losing her favorite brother.

It also brought great things as well. H in her last year at middle school. (Maybe I should add that to the sad list as well.) B2 loving fourth grade! Lil O growing up so fast. Time flies for sure when you see the growth of your children. Getting pregnant with baby number 4. Life has been great for us and I am truly blessed.

I hope that you look upon 2007 and see all the great things you have been able to share with others. May you look forward to 2008 with soo many possibilities.