Enjoying a Moment

Everyone is still in bed, shhhh. I have hot coffee and I am sitting by the glow of the Christmas Tree lights.

Yesterday was a wonderful day. ~big huge smile~

My sister, her husband and their 2 daughters came over for a Pre-Holiday party. Lots of yummy finger food and the kids decorated Gingerbread houses.


Gingerbread Kit

The artists. Minus one~she wouldn’t get in the picture.

The Artists

B2 and niece H hard at work.

Hard at Work

So proud!

So Proud

Me and my sister.

Me and Sis

The girls. Except me, I am taking the picture. Where are our handsome husband you ask? Outside getting up leaves! LOL

The Girls

B2 & Niece H’s house: The only thing they were helped with was the icing. Great job!

B2 + H2 House

H, O and niece A’s house. Just beautiful.

H O A House

After they left, I was exhausted. Which explains why I slept so well last night. I hope that everyone has a lovely Sunday. :)