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That was just what I needed.

As I was laying on the chaise today in my living room. I wearily picked up this workbook I have been eyeing the past week. It’s called the Frazzled Female. Finding Peace in the Midst of Daily Life. By Cindi Wood

Day one said to read Luke 10:38-42.

I admit it was just what I needed and I heard it very clear! Jesus was telling Martha to stop and smell the roses. She didn’t have to be “doing” all the time! Well, he didn’t say it in those words but that was the idea.

I can always find something to do. A house to clean. Clothes to wash. Project to start. ETC… Being the CEO of my family with 3 kids and 1 husband keeps me very busy.

I am going to make myself a promise. Stop and smell the roses every day. I think I can handle that. Can you?

I am glad I picked up the workbook today and it made me see something very clear. Michelle stop doing and listen! :)

Well, I am cooking out today at my house. I have to go make those baked beans.

I hope that everyone is well today. I am still in shock that school is about to start soon. WOW, where did the time go?

A Great Salad To Make For Get Togethers

Spinach Salad

Make the dressing the night before.

1 cup Canola Oil
3/4 cup Sugar
1/2 cup Cider Vinegar
2 tsp Salt
1/2 cup Ketchup

Shake well and refrigerate overnight.

1 bag of Spinach (I used a container of organic I found in veggie section.)
4 boiled Eggs, sliced
1/2 pound bacon, cooked and crumbled. (We aren’t bacon eaters but it really compliments the salad—so add it.)
1/2 large Onion, chopped
1/2 cup chopped English Walnuts

When ready to eat, pour dressing over salad. I do NOT use all that the recipe makes. Just adjust to your personal taste.

This salad has to be eaten all at once–it does not taste good if you refrigerate left-overs.

My HB brought home a great cookbook last week.

Super Natural Cooking By: Heidi Swanson

Please check out her website! She has wonderful recipes and writes a great blog. I have already bookmarked a few recipes in her book to make this week. I’ll tell you how it goes and link the recipe!

Everyone is home. B2 loves his quilt! H leaves for GA Camp in the morning and be gone until Friday! WOW, can you believe school is almost ready to start? It seems unfair that summer has gone by so quickly. Sad I tell you.

I am trying to work out a few things.

1~ How can I start to buy all my groceries at Earth Fare and Green Life? How can I stop shopping at Ingles? Ingles carries great organic food at a much lower price. (We are mostly an organic food family.) I am just tired of having to shop at all these places to get my weekly grocery list checked off. We are going to hit the tailgate market Saturday morning. We want to make this a weekly thing. Maybe this will be one step at shopping at ONE place and buy from local growers!

I am wanting to start using Agave Nector instead of sugar. I want to stop using white sugar all together. Opinions?

We pretty much have a wonderful diet. We don’t eat a lot of meat but we are not vegitarians. I just want to continue to use healthy organic food and make wonderful meals for my family.

Anyway….. I hope that everyone has a wonderful week ahead of them.

It is really finished this time!

I know I posted that the quilt was finished. Only the top was really finished. After THREE days of motivation; I FINISHED THE WHOLE QUILT.

I pieced together a back for it. I made it that when you turn the bed down you will see checks that match the quilt. Or he can use it the other way if he wants.

Then I sewed all three pieces together. Today I sewed around the whole blanket and put it on his bed.

I had hoped to personalize some of the squares. I just didn’t have the energy right now. But I can still do that later.

Drum-roll please……….

I used bright colors to tie the quilt off.

B2 Quilt

Lets Play Catch Up

Hello everyone that reads my blog. ~waving~

I have been busy to say the least. I posted a picture from the goodies from my little container garden on my back porch. It is just lovely. I am having so much fun with it. I am going to cook the zucchini and green beans tonight. And slice the juicy tomato. I am even going to use my salad greens and cucumber for a salad!

Saturday we took the kids bowling. H’s new BF came along too. He’s a nice young boy. I met his father and they are ‘good’ people. So I am okay with her talking to him and such. We sat around and bowled, played a few games and munched from the BA Menu. They had tator tots on the menu! I LOVE TATOR TOTS!! They should be on every menu! LOL

Then HB took H & B2 to see the new Harry Potter. Me and Lil O stayed at home and packed. They didn’t tell me anything about the movie because I want to see it myself. They did say it was GREAT! But so far they all have been. I wish I had the patience to read the books. Not only do I not have it I don’t have the time as well.

Sunday we got up and of course I was frantic closing the suitcase and making sure nothing was forgot about. Yanno like hats, O’s blanket, extra pacifiers, tennis shoes (TO WHICH B2 ONLY HAD ONE CHORE–PACK HIS TENNIS SHOES AND HE FORGOT!) sunscreen, snacks, toys, and bathroom things. I managed to get everything ready and in the car so when HB was done watching the tour we could leave. My sis and her family showed up and we hit the road. Well after filling up 2 cars with gas and stopping by Green Life we hit the open road. Until we had to stop and pee and then stop and get lunch. LOL

We were headed to the NC ZOO. The plan was to check in the hotel at 3. Let the 5 kids play in the pool all afternoon and order in. That was pretty much how it went except the heated outdoor pool wasn't heated at all. We played for a bit then went to our room. The men went out and found food and we ate in the room. Then we hung out talking and watching TV until bedtime.

We woke up to rain. Got everyone ready and packed up the cars. Had breakfast and then drove to the zoo. We had a wonderful time. I really love that Zoo!!! It was wonderful seeing all these great animals. I took 186 pictures. I will post only a few.

This is your first glimpse in the zoo. BEAUTIFUL!

NC Zoo

I love Gorillas!

NC Zoo 2

Nap Time already?

NC Zoo 3

Me and H.

NC Zoo 4

H2, B2 and H.

NC Zoo 5

They had lots of Elephants.

NC Zoo 6

See the baby?

NC Zoo 7

Me & O.

NC Zoo 8

Polar Bears.

NC Zoo 9

That is only a small part of our day.

We came home after that and then the usual unpacking and baths and etc….

We got up Tuesday and the kids wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese again. We had a great time. Pizza and games!

H & B2 went to their dads when he got off work. So last night was the first quiet night I have had in some time. (I won’t mention the 2 hour nap I took when we got home from eating and playing.)

Today I am working on laundry. PILES OF LAUNDRY! I promised myself I am going to work on B2’s quilt when Lil O takes her nap.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful week. I printed out school supply lists to hit Target this week while they are having their back to school sale!

Bye Bye :)

Recipe For Salmon Patties

Salmon Patties

1 egg
3/4 cup bread crumbs
1 green onion
2 Tbsp. Mayonnaise
14 3/4 oz can Salmon. I buy it ready to use in pouches. Much easier.

Combine egg, bread crumbs, onion, mayo and salmon in a bowl. Mix well.
I use my griddle. Drizzle some olive oil on and I have it set at 300. Make out some small patties and place on griddle. Just let them brown on both sides. ENJOY!

Dill Sauce

1/4 cup mayo
1 Tbsp. Dill
1 Tbsp. Milk

Stir together. Add more milk if you want more of a sauce to pour over them.

salmon patties

How many days until school starts? ~jk~

Wow I didn’t realize I haven’t posted in a couple days. I have been busy. I haven’t sewn anymore on the quilt though. It would only take about an hour to finish it. Then put the layers together. I don't have the back or center yet though. No hurry. Even though B2 wants is like yesterday. He keeps asking me.

My garden is doing so well. I have learned a few things about the one I’ll grow next year.

I took the kids to Chuck E Cheese yesterday. We had a BLAST! I meant to take the camera but alas forgot it at home. Oh well. I am going to take them again next week and I will try and remember then. They have changed all the games to new ones and we had a really really good time.

I still cannot believe I’ll be school shopping in a few short weeks. Time to buy pencils, pens, rulers and paper. Plus the other 100 things on the list they ask for. I remember only showing up to school with my bookbag and pencil. What happened to that?

I was thinking other day about the nice mommy things I do for my kids–things I hope they remember and maybe pass on to their children.
~I turn down their beds every night. I have since they were born.
~Help lay out clothes for the next day.
~Wash shoes when they are dirty without being asked to.
~Hang their wet towels up to dry. Putting them on the rack wrinkled up makes you have stinky towels.
~Put their vitamin on their plate.
~Insert forgotten things I do for them every day.

I have also been forgetting to write down the things I an thankful for.
~The rain.
~My Husband coming home for lunch. I know he does this every day but some days I really need to see his face to know I will be okay.
~My friend Tammy who makes me smile. I want to be there when she needs me.
~H B2 & O
~The house is clean for the moment.
~My mamaw calling.
~My sis being my sis.
~Planning for our upcoming trip!

Things I am not thankful for today:
~Those cuss words that have slipped out in voice and text.

I am going to start another workbook. I think the name is The Frazzeled Female. I will write more on that later. My son wants in on my daily devotion so I found him these great tapes that go along with this certain Bible. We said we’d listen for 1/2 an hour everyday.

That pretty much sums a few things up. I hope everyone has a lovely night. I am going to make myself finish the quilt squares. :)

My New Favorite Picture!

This was taken in June and I have wanted to share it!

My new favorite picture of me and my daughter O.

Fave Pic

Maybe, Maybe Not, I Just Don’t Know

Happy Friday the 13th everyone. I am not a superstitious person but some are. I would be freaked out to see a black cat outside though now that you mention it. Anyway…

I have been sewing on the quilt. I cut all the squares out the other day and laid out a pretty diagonal pattern. Looks really good. When I get enough sewn for a picture, I will post one.

I finally got my hair cut. My sis did too. We both looked fabulous after!

Not much going on here. Just being lazy I suppose.

I made a nice dinner other night. Mango Salsa and Tilapia Fish again. I made a homemade carrot cake as well last night. I also tried another recipe from my new favorite blog.


I had sliced up a french loaf, an apple and some grapes. (I used grape jelly instead of the Raspberry since we aren’t raspberry jelly fans.) It was really yummy. I love baked brie at anytime off the day or night. A local restuarant we visit has it on their menu. I try to get it every time we go–it’s only on their dinner menu I think.

I am a little bummed and yet I am trying to not be. Lil O turned 2 in March and still nursed to sleep. It didn’t bother me at all. I enjoy nursing and I am all for nursing moms and babies. She has weaned herself. She has wanted to nurse but then I tell her it’s all gone. She has done really well since Saturday. I wonder what has changed for her to not want to nurse. Like Saturday she tired and then made a face and stuck her paci in her mouth. So, she is taking it better than I am….lol

Well, I am going to snuggle with Baby O and take a nap. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

A lottery ticket, fabric for a quilt and I potted my Avocado.

Just in. Minus the hair cut–the person that schedules made it for NEXT Tuesday!!! So she is going to cut it Thursday morning.

I was talked into buying a lottery ticket. The Carolina Cash 5 for 28 days. So I have 28 tries to win something. I have never really bought a lottery ticket. My sister bought me one once months ago. I think we won 3.00, take away 1.00 for the ticket. LOL

I did find some fabric to make B2 a quilt. I found 4 blues that I really really like. They had a whole endcap with Elvis fabric I was sooooooo tempted to buy. I am an Elvis freak.

I didn’t make it to the grocery store. There is always tomorrow or Thursday when I get my hairs cut. :)

I guess I’ll go start making fabric squares to start my quilt. Everyone have a lovely dinner. :)

Welcome to Springfield

On SimpsonsMovie.com you can make yourself a Simpson’s character.

So yesterday my husband did that. Look at my family turned into the Simpson’s. HA HA

My Husband.

Me. (Wonder why he dressed us to match?)



And Lil O.

Pretty cute huh? If you go make your character be sure to share it with us!

I hope that everyone has a lovely day. I am going to get my hair cut. TTYL.

Some Things DO NOT belong on a cake!

And I am an open minded person. HA HA

My friend Karyn posted it on her blog and I want to share it with you.

I cannot actually post the cake because it is soooooooooo out there. I warn you before you click the link. Beware the Baby Shower cake. I hope the poor soon to be mom was amused with the cake. I was horrified to see it myself.

SOME THINGS DO NOT BELONG ON A CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Flea Market, Blood, Shepherds Pie and Homemade Biscuits

Hello Everyone. HAPPY SUNDAY!!!

My sister wanted to have a yard sale yesterday. Instead we gathered up a LOT of things and headed to the flea market in Hendersonville. That meant me getting up at 3:30 am to get ready for the day. It was nice and cool then got terribly HOT!!!!! It was nice seeing people go through things that we were happy to get rid of. They thought the more they dug through boxes or piles the better the bargain. I promised myself I wasn’t going to look at any other tables and buy with the money I was making. But then on my way to the bathroom I passed a “store” in the flea market. So after we had packed up what was left into the Outback we headed over. I spent $30 on a Dora blanket for O. It was worth it seeing her face. Then we left everything else at Goodwill. I wasn’t going to take anything else back home!

B2, H and B went to see Ratatouille when I got back home with the rest of my Flea Market money. I had hoped for a nap since I had been going on 3 1/2 hours of sleep..but O had other plans for me. Anyway…..

Today has been a nice day. Everyone let Mommy sleep in. I needed it. Then of course I made a recipe from my favorite blog!!!!!!

Shepherds Pie

It was TASTY. I used 2 pounds of meat and added a garlic clove. I only used peas in the meat mixture and before adding the mashed potatoes I added a layer of corn. Along with some homemade bisuits—it was AWESOME! ~~Have I ever mentioned I won a biscuit baking contest in high school?~ I totally blocked it out and never really baked bisuits again. Since I made some many in high school. But my HB loves them! With my moms homemade pear jelly. Sooooo

Doctor Who is over so we have nothing fun and exciting to watch today. Unless I watch My Family. It’s another BBC series. It’s no longer on but HB found them for me on DVD. It is hilarious! Or I do have Sledgehammer!!!! I so love that show!

Well, I guess I’ll go play the loving mom and wife. Have a lovely Sunday afternoon.

BTW, My son cut his finger and the bathroom looked like a crime scene.

Busy As A Bee

Life is hectic for this supermom. Kids have me BUSY. No time to chat.

I hope that everyone is well!

Have a GREAT weekend!

Happy Early July 4th!

Today and well yesterday has been hectic. TOMORROW I MIGHT NOT EVEN GET OUT OF MY ROBE. Which is probably true because I got sunburned today.

Yesterday was orthodontist appointment for B2. H had to find a birthday present. My sis was here for a short visit.

Then today was a birthday pool party for the little boy my daughter likes. He turned 15 which made me happy. I thought he was turning 16 and I was going to re-think their relationship. Not that they really have one besides the phone.

After the pool—to which I am hurting right now—her girl-friend and the brother came over for a cook-out and movie. I was freaked out about a boy coming over but I’d rather them hang out here than some where else. Right?? It was cute and sad to see them holding hands on the couch though. HA HA. My sister and her family came over as well.

I made some tasty burgers and hot dogs. Potato Salad and Slaw. Then nice cold watermelon for dessert. YUMMY! I was going to bring the sparklers out but everyone left before it got dark enough.

So all in all it has been a nice couple of days I suppose. Tomorrow my HB has the day off and it will be a day of rest here. We all need it.

I hope that everyone has a lovely holiday with their family and friends. :)

Things I am thankful for:
~The wonderful time I spent with my family today.
~The wonderful women at the bank. (Let me explain–I was in line at the bank in the drive-through when these 2 sisters said to me from their car, “We think you are so beautiful, such stricking features and your smile lights up your face.” They were so tickled and made my day. Wasn’t that great! Such a wonderful compliment. Thank you mystety ladies–may our paths cross again in the bank line.)
~My daughter finding a nice boy–at that moment–to make her laugh and smile. Why do they grow up so fast???