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Shopping and Homemade Pizzas

Happy Saturday!

Been a busy day in our house. I finished the blanket yesterday and have it ready to be shipped to Texas–then on to California.

I was inspired by my new favorite blog and I made a really quick and easy dinner tonight!

The ingredients:


Tortilla shells, pizza sauce, red onion, garlic, pepperoni, mushrooms, asiago cheese and salad veggiges. Where did those nice looking salad greens come from? My garden! :)

salad greens

I sauteed some mushrooms and garlic together and some red onion and garlic together. I used a round pizza baking sheet with holes in it. Sprayed it really well and put the shell on first. A little bit of sauce. On his pizza I put the mushrooms, onions and lots of cheese. On mine I added pepperoni. NO MUSHROOMS. It must be a texture thing for me because I cannot eat them.

I baked them for 5 minutes in a 450 degree oven.

I just loaded the dishwasher and I am thinking about a piece of carrot cake!

I guess it is time to find another project since the blanket is finished. I am thinking about a quilt for my B2’s bed.

Have a lovely night!


I found this recipe on my new favorite blog and I made it to go with dinner this afternoon.

Mango Salsa The only 2 things I changed in the recipe—I did not add the hot pepper and I did go ahead and add the avocado.

mango salsa

Looks pretty!!!!! It was really tasty!!! It went perfect with dinner. I baked 2 pieces of Tilapia in a garlic butter I made. Added some dill to it as well. Then I sauteed some corn with butter, red onion, minced garlic and a sprinkle of dill. Dinner was TASTY!

What was for dessert you ask? Homemade carrot cake of course!!!!

Well, I am going to hang out with my handsome husband. He came home early today and taking tomorrow off. It’s nice having him home with me. Have a lovely night!

Carrot Cake

Yesterday was filled with company, grocery shopping and stepping on a toy.
I am crocheting on the blanket to mail on Monday. I also made a carrot cake from scratch as they say. My friend Tammy sent me the link to the recipe she uses and LOVES.
Carrot Cake Recipe Click Here
I cut the cake in half and made a 2-layer square cake instead. It is really yummy!!!! I just ate a piece. ha ha
carrot cake


Some how I found this WONDERFUL cooking blog yesterday. I am wanting to try every single recipe she has shared! Well almost all of them! GO check it out! You must if you love to cook!!!!

Simply Recipes

I am making my grocery list as I type for a few things already!

Let’s Make A Deal–When you cannot sleep and watch bad tv shows.

Last week when I was unable to sleep I found Let’s Make A Deal. I remember it when I was a small child. The silly costumes and picking a box or a curtain. It is exactly like The Price Is Right. I think me realizing I was watching it made me want to turn the tv off and try to get some sleep. ha ha It was that bad. I did catch up on my re-runs of Frasier and The Golden Girls. LOL I saw a few shows of this medical show that has the woman from the Tim Allen sitcom. Ummm Strong Medicine? Maybe? I don’t recall the name. I guess it wasn’t a good series for me to recall the name.

I have however found a new drama series I like. Army Wives on Lifetime. I have watched the first 2 and have 2 more to go before I am caught up with the new show on Sunday. It is really good. If you are a Kim Delaney fan then you will like her character in this show.

Anyway….I am going to go before I ramble. Time for the baby to nap and I have a blanket to finish. Adios. :)

80’s Music Rocks! Memories from long ago.

Love Is A Battlefield–Pat Benatar

Is what I have playing off my 13 year old’s playlist. I think it is adorable that she wanted me to find the song for her. But I totally understand. Being young. Liking boys. Raging hormones. I try to not be so hard on her because after all I was 13 once. Found boys. Or did boys find me? I forget. I guess Middle School was where it all started. I remember getting a few notes from boys with the Yes and No boxes to check. Even the occasional Maybe was an option. I even remember getting a note from my best friend EVER if he could hold my hand going to the buses. He died years ago due to a heart issue. I still have a broken heart over that loss. Anyway….

So if Pat can ease my daughters hormonal off balance, then I better find more 80’s music for her! We are young….heart ache to heart ache we stand…no promises no demands…love is a battlefield….we are strong…no one can tell us we’re wrong….

I have a question out there for moms of daughters. My daughter just turned 13 and has a boyfriend. Its not like they actually go out anywhere in public. They talk on the phone and plan on seeing each other at the pool. He is 15 and in high school—which I do not like but what am I supposed to do? HA HA My husband is 11 years older than me….but that doesn’t count because we are older. Anyway, he wants to take her to the movies and said I could come too. Maybe a double date sort of thing. This was the BF’s idea. Cute huh? But I have a better idea. I said why not let him come over for dinner and you can watch movies here.

~At what age would you allow a boy over? I think now that she is 13, I have no problem if he comes over for a family time. Am I wrong?

~At what age would you allow them to go to the movies? With a group? I wouldnt mind if a group were going–but no way would I allow a one on one date.

Being a mom is so hard!! Suggestions!! Send them my way. I remember going out in a group and someones mom taking us to the movies. I don’t remember how old I was though. Heck, my mamaw was married at 13! Not that I would wish that on anyone. LOL

Well, I am going to stop thinking about H and boys and think about lunch. Adios.

I’m Back…

Things have quietened down a bit so I am back to post. We were away for the weekend and if I say so myself, we had a lovely time. We were with my mamaw, great aunt, my daddy, his GF and of course all the kids and my husband. We sat by the pool. Shopped at a few places. Had a couple good meals. Visited the Dixie Stampede. And B & B2 rode go-carts. It was our yearly trip in Pigeon Forge. We’ve been doing it since I was a little girl. Now my husband gets to go too. LOL At first he was leary of my family routine but now I think looks forward to it like we do. I am sad though we didn’t get to play a good game of Scrabble by the pool this year. That is what we usually do while the kids play in the pool all day. But now that we have Lil O, she needs constant attention and she LOVED the pool and slide. No time for Scrabble this year.

I returned home to veggies that grew like CRAZY while I was gone. I have about 7 cucumbers on the vines and when we left I had 2. The bell pepper is huge as well. It was exciting to see the progress in a couple days! I was worried they wouldn’t be happy about missing a day with no water. Unless it rained. It didn’t. So I watered them first thing. Also, my avocado is sprouting on top now. The root is about 7-8 inches long, maybe longer! I’ll post a picture of it later to show the progress. I don’t know if the other pits are going to do anything. Maybe time to throw them out and make more guacomole. LOL

Well, I have a baby blanket to work on. I hope that everyone that reads this is well and they post soon. Good Night :)

Things I learned over my busy weekend:

~ It’s pretty fun riding with your grandmother and great aunt for 6 hours in a car and talk about her life growing up. How they played and the things they have done. Not once did she tell me I was driving too fast and too slow down. ha ha

~ Going down a water slide is FUN!!!!!!! And no black eye this time. BONUS! LOL

~ I didn’t mind being in a bathing suit as much as I thought I would. I don’t look too bad after having 3 kids.

~ I was upset to find out I wasn’t pregnant. There is always next month. :) Right honey? Let’s get busy!

~ Watching my dad in the pool with the kids was amusing.

~ The Dixie Stampede wasn’t as boring as I thought it would be. We actually liked it.

~ Write more later—-kids want me to do a million things I suppose.

pigeon forge

Rain Rain Go Away–Come Again Another Day

Nahhh it actually okay that it is raining. I don’t have to take H to the pool now. LOL

B2 left with his grandmother at 10am to do ‘boy’ things. So, that gave me and H some girl time together. We went for pedicures and nail painting. It was nice. H has silver-ish nails and I have a french look. It’s nice and clean looking.

Ran to the drug store to find zinc sunscreen and allergy pills.

We enjoyed a lovely lunch on the deck together.

Nothing too exciting going on in the house. I should be cleaning and picking up. I didn’t get to bed until 3 am last night. i have been having trouble getting to sleep these days. Suggestions?? Herbals?? Something??

HB sent me a neat email this morning–an article actually. Let me share it. It makes total sense. I agree with letting kids be outside but I will say one things. The world isn’t the same place it was 25 years when I was outside every waking moment. Kids disappear in the blink of an eye these days. No matter if you live in the best or worst area–it happens everyday. Gone are the days of letting kids be outside alone. I as a parent keep my eye on the kids in my own backyard. Anyway….

Here’s the article in the Washington Post.

Getting Lost in the Great Indoors

Catching Up

  1. My kids made it back safely from their Florida vacation.
  2. My mamaw celebrated 77 years of her life.
  3. Fathers Day was nice.
  4. The baby birds survived the evil neighborhood cats and flew from the nest.
  5. We’ve had some much needed rain.
  6. I have baby veggies.
  7. Someone appreciates my crocheting to want me to make their grand-baby a blanket and hat.
  8. The deck is finished and that takes a lot off my HB.
  9. I have clean sheets on the bed; as of 1/2 hour ago.
  10. I found a bathing suit I am okay to be seen in public with. (It’s a girl thing.)
  11. The laundry basket it empty. Fear not it’ll have something in it by lunch I am sure.
  12. That I have been blessed with a loving husband who treats me so well. Listens to me. Does things for me. Lets me stay home and raise the kids. And doesn’t fuss to much about my Target habit.
  13. H is 13. Okay, maybe I don’t like her growing up.
  14. Oh oh my car was waxed the other day. LOL

Manic Monday…

After recovering from some tummy bug and a busy weekend, I am finally able to write.

~The baby birds flew away sometime Thursday or Friday morning. I hated that I missed it. But I have some nice pictures of them in the nest.

~We celebrated my mamaw turning 77 on Saturday. I bought her this pretty greenish summer straw bag. Steinmart is the place to go for “cute” bags. We all went out to eat and had a lovely time.

~I am being paid to make a baby blanket with matching hat. I have two hats made and have to finish the blanket. They are so soft and cuddly.

~My veggie garden is blooming and sprouting everywhere. I have cute baby cucumbers on the vine.

~The back deck is finished!!! Minus the lattice but that will be the easy part. It looks fabulous! My HB did a wonderful job.

Well, I am going to start moving around. My oldest kids just got home yesterday from doing Disney with their dad. They are exhausted. H is still in bed at 9:30am. I am going to work on the baby blanket.

Oh Oh another Doctor Who worth watching! I won’t say anything to spoil anything–but watch this episode. Only 2 left.

Have a lovely week.

Boring Grocery Shopping Day then a Nap

For two days in a row I have been taking a long nice nap during the day. Whats up with that??

Anyway…nothing going on at Supermoms house.

Oldest kids at Disney. I got 3 postcards online from Epcot yesterday from them.

We have been enjoying the afternoon rain for the past two days! I know my veggies need it but now they’d also like some sun! :)

We always want something different than we what have.

Top Chef premiers tonight. Going to eat take-out and watch tv.

I hope my readers are well and have a lovely Thursday! :)

A Car Wreck, Death in the Family and 2 Tomato Plants

You’d think after surviving a girl turning 13 and her pool party; we could have a lovely weekend. LOL We did until Sunday afternoon. My grandmother who turns 77 this Sunday and my great aunt who turns 79 this year were in a car accident. You always hear they happen close to home and they were right. They were about 30 seconds away from the driveway when they were hit from the side. The were on the main road and some kid was backing out from a driveway hitting the passenger side–blowing out the tire–which sent them on a wild ride through yards, knocking down a fence and finally stopping near a tree. My poor poor mamaw and aunt going on that crazy ride thinking they were going to die. :(

Then my MIL had her favorite brother die. To which the funeral is today. I have only met him a few times but he was a nice man. His family is going to miss him.

Yesterday my sister and 2 nieces were here all day. No major accidents thank goodness.

Both plants have them. AWESOME! It’s nice to see progress when growing a garden like I am. Everything is in bloom. The local chipmunks keep taking my spinach so unless I make a net for the boxes–they will have eaten it all before I can harvest it. Ehhh, you win and lose some. LOL

Our baby birds are growing like crazy and I am sure will be flying by the weekend. It was fun to watch them!

Well, things to do today. I hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday.

BTW, was anyone else way disappointed on how the Sopranos ended???? Hell’s Kitchen was on again last night. Lots of yelling and the girls kicked butt and took names for later. There is a series I loved last year on HBO–Big Love. It premiered last night and I have to find the first show so I can watch it today! Big Love is worth watching! Oh, and another interesting Doctor Who again over the weekend. We watched it last night. Too bad they are finally getting good when the season is almost over…..

What does a mom do all day when everyone is away?

Hmmmm….hard question. I guess same thing I do every day.

HB left for Greensboro to go to a bike show with the guys.

H & B2 leave in an hour for Florida with their dad.

So, just me and lil O are going to be home today. I thought about doing some spring cleaning then thought nahhhhhhhhh.

I am going to veg all day. Maybe watch a couple Doctor Whos or Wonder Woman. LOL My HB found WW on the computer for me. We all know I have an obsession on Wonder Woman. LOL I even went so far to get my picture made with a WW look a-like in Six Flags….lol

Have a lovely Sunday!


This day is almost over already!

The birthday pool party went off nicely. The rain waited until it ended thankfully. It was nice. ~and the lifeguards weren’t bad either~

h bday

Thought I was going to post a picture of them didn’t you? ha ha

So, this morning H had to spend her birthday money. We headed to Target. I LOVE TARGET!!!! This is no secret! LOL

Our porch is almost finished. My HB did a wonderful job! He’s out there working on it now. I have my flowers and veggies on it and watered.

The baby birds are growing like crazy!

Guess I’ll go hang out with the family! Bye Bye

Happy Birthday H!!!

Today is a sad, but happy, day for us. My first born turns 13. She was the one that changed my life completely all those years ago. My first princess. Well, she was all my ‘firsts’.

Today she is having a pool party with friends from school. Even boys were invited to this one. ~twitch~

I have to get the cake at 12. Make dip. Get the drinks in ice. Etc… Party at 6.

Well, I am going to make the birthday girl some food. Have a great day everyone!

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday Dear HHHHHHHH,
Happy Birthday to You!

May this day be so special to you.

I love you!!!

My Two Girls:


Happy Birthday Little Sis!!

Today is my baby sisters birthday!

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday Lil Sis,
Happy Birthday to YOOOOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful day.

I love you,

#1 Big Sis

Things That Bother Karyn!

I found this on a blog I read everyday. PrettyInTheCity

1~Plastic forks
2~Howie Mandel
3~The fact that Anna Nicole is still staring at me from TrimSpa bottles at the corner deli
4~The word “quasi”
5~People who use the word “quasi”
6~Diet Coke Plus, because getting your vitamins from an artificially-sweetened soda pop is queer
7~That I find myself worrying about the people in the Cingular commercials, like Josh and Abby and that one lady who, after getting flowers from her boyfriend at work, calls her friend and is like, “Everyone says this means he cheated on me,” and her friend is like, “No, he didn’t cheat on you, don’t be silly,” but the phone drops out so the first lady doesn’t hear this and freaks. The miscommunication leaves me feeling uneasy, and I wanna call these people on a land line and clear everything up.
8~↑Run-on non-sentences, like the first half of #7
9~Dust bunnies
10~That the definition of “dust bunny” contains the phrase “skin particles”
11~That Beverly never comes when I call her, yet always appears when the fridge opens
12~When the men I date send me text messages. I’m sorry, are we fifteen? I’m an adult, you’re an adult, pick up the phone.

I am glad that someone else agrees with me about plastic forks, Howie’s bald head and those Cingular commercials! I’ll have to think up a list myself. That should be very humorous. Thanks Karyn for the idea!!!!

I just woke up from a power nap and was going to blog about the first day of summer vacation being perfect. But it made a turn for the worse. I am barely out of bed and B2 is bugging the crap out of me. All, I need is one minute to finish this blog then I’ll go outside. That’s all.

We celebrated HB’s birthday at lunch. We gave him his Banacek DVD, cards from everyone, flowers and a birthday cake.

Well, guess I’ll take the restless kids outside to burn some energy.


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear HB,
Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUUU!!!

~and many more~

I love you,

The eggs have hatched

I’ll sneak a picture of the baby birds sometime today. The Mommy Robin stays close. I have seen them and they are adorable!!!!!!!

Good Morning!

Hell’s Kitchen was okay last night. Seeing Gordon in action and hearing him bleeped out. A good night indeed. This one man was crying–I felt sorry for him. But what did he expect??? It is Gordon the F Ramsay. He didn’t expect him to be polite and make it easy on him. DUHH!!

The other night while reading something took a hold of me and I am writing it down to put around places. LOL
“Whatever Lord. Whatever happens, I know you’ll see me through it.” Catchy isn’t it?

Well, I am off to fold clothes and make the day a good day. :)

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL BTW!!!!!! ~hiding from kids the rest of the week~

Crunchy Lime Gum?

Happy Monday. Busy weekend for us with company. I have a few things to share.

If you can watch the past two Doctor Who’s from the BBC. DO IT! It was a two parter and the best so far out of the new season. Since you cannot watch it on american television. Find a way to watch it. I have been thinking about it for a week now. It was a touching one this time. About time!

Second- The Growing of a Container Garden
My garden is growing like crazy. My tomatoes are blooming. I have cute lil spinach leaves coming up with assorted salad greens. My green beans look amazing! The kids have sunflowers and watermelon up! I pulled up a couple watermelons plants to give the others a good chance to grow bigger.

Third- My Avocado Pits are Rooting
This time I am not going to sit them out for cute decorative effects and boil them, I have 4 and it looks like they all might root. AWESOME. I have a good link to share if anyone else wants to try.
Grow An Avocado Tree

My niece turned 2. My grandmother turned 71 Sunday. My husband turns a year older on Wednesday. My sister turns 18 AGAIN on Thursday. MY DAUGHTER TURNS 13 ON FRIDAY! ~THUD~ My mamaw turns 77 in the 17th. (MJ has a birthday in there too!)

And Finally-
NEVER EVER buy Lime chewing gum. My sister bought a pack today and conned me into trying a piece. I love lime. But lime and gum mixed is terrible. Just terrible. Lime should be kept for pies and drinks.

I went to the chiropractor so I am sore today. Took my sister out for a birthday lunch.

I have dinner in the crock pot cooking. My grandmothers homemade Sloppy Joe’s! They are really tasty. I’ll share the recipe if any one wants it. Let me know. :)

Well, I am going to enjoy what quiet time I have left before the kids get home. Have a lovely night.

OH OH I almost forgot. Gordon Ramsay fans! Hells Kitchen premiers tonight. Third Season. We love that show. And we all know about my SUPER HUGE CRUSH ON GORDON!!!!!

Rice Rice Everywhere! All I See Is Rice!!!

Happy Friday night everyone.

I just made a hot cup of coffee and I am waiting for company to arrive!

About my title. Ummm errrmmm, I went to Earth Fare today and decided I needed rice. I always buy it in the bulk section. Well, long story short…..the bag slipped and then the shoot wouldn’t shut to stop the rice. Rice went down my shirt and even my shorts. All over the floor. LOL ~hours later when I went to the bathroom—rice was still falling out~ A woman beside me, bless her soul, told me “that’s something I would do”. Thank you mystery lady for making it all better for me. :)

I was trying to sneak out and get home to feed lil O lunch but NOOOO she saw the bar and wanted lunch then. Every week or two we have a nice meal there. So I was conned into lunch from the bar. She didn’t have to twist my arm that much…. Ran into a friend there. Small world. ~Waving at Jennifer!~

So, I told my husband I am never getting rice again–it’ll be his job from now on. LOL

We had a slight drizzle earlier. Nothing to get too excited about. BUMMER! But the weather has cooled down some.

Well, I am going to enjoy this cup of coffee and wait for company.

Everyone have a lovely weekend.