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GO directly home! Do not stop for lunch.

After spending the past three days in a place of mind that resembles what I think hell might be–I am finally home. Car-less but home. We began our journey Friday morning. I let the kids miss school. (Maybe this was the start of my punishment in some sick twisted way.) Six Flags here we come.
We make it to Atlanta all in one piece or so we thought. Atlanta is much bigger than Asheville. They have 5 lanes of traffic! Plus they drive really fast. I felt like I was on a Nascar ride and I don’t even like Nascar. Picture if you will. Driving the fast Atlanta pace and then traffic slows just a bit–then something metal is coming towards us. No where for us to go. It hits the bumper and thankfully goes under the car. It was some smushed piece of metal that resembled a ladder but with longer stepping slats. Our initial worry at the time was flat tires. They didn’t but something did happen to my car. Long story short. My car will now just start and cut right back off. And this time Nationwide was NOT on our side. I called them hoping for some help. NADDA. We could file a claim but they couldn’t call for a car to get us or arrange a rental. What good are they there for then? Anyway…We finally called a Taxi and Kumar took us back to our hotel. I mean no disrespect in calling him that. When I meet men from India I think of ‘Harold and Kumar’ and the ‘Kumars’ on the BBC. (Plus I changed his name to protect the innocent.) We finally make it back to the hotel and of course the kids are whining about getting into the pool. Sooooo, we let them.
My dad ended up getting up at 3am Saturday and driving to Atlanta to tow my car back to Asheville for me. Wasn’t that nice of him?? (We now have a stinky rent-a-car from Hertz that was supposed to be smoke free.)
Six Flags was okay. Okay, let me be honest. I would never go back to Six Flags and if someone asked I would tell them I didn’t enjoy my trip there as much as I thought I would. After going to Disney–nothing can compare IMPO. After waiting for 45 minutes to ride ONE roller coaster–HB bought a fast pass. (In Disney they are free.) At SF they are $115. The fast pass allowed us to wait about 15 minutes or less at the rides. So, yes it was a good idea and I wish we had bought it when we first got there but we didn’t know much about it. I did think the park wasn’t laid out very well and the map was one of total confusion.
I did realize that I can no longer ride roller coasters that do these loop-de-loos. I was getting latched into one with H where you just sit there and your feet dangle and you actually go on the outside of the track.

Yep, I was supposed to rely on some strap and metal bar to hold me in. I think when we first did the loop and I saw my feet contrasted against the blue sky, I panicked. Big time panic. I felt the tears start to run down my face. I wanted off it right then. Yes, I am 32 and I cried on the Batman ride. I will have to start roller coaster therapy for the trauma it caused me. LOL
I am perfectly content to ride the Carousel with O from here on out. After 8 hours we got back to the hotel sunburned and exhausted. We let the kids get back into the pool. HB walked to get dinner. We had a lovely dinner sitting by the pool. Ahhh, I love Fuddruckers.
Then FINALLY sleep.
So, now I am caught up. Sunday–we check-out and drive in a stinky car 3 hours to get home. The horror isn’t over just yet. I am arguing with Marriott about the price they charged us verses the price they quoted me. Of course the Manager wasn’t on duty today so I have to call back tomorrow. Figures.
(PS. I want mention that my wonderful HB had to ask the front desk for feminine hygiene products during the commotion on Friday night.)
I don’t want to think about how much we went over $$ for all the mishaps we had.
(fast forward)
Clothes are unpacked and I have some washing. I have one picture to share.

I have always been a fan of Wonderwoman. Invisible Jet and Magic Silver Bracelets. She ROCKS! I know this isn’t Linda Carter but I had to have my picture taken with her.

When you buy your own car you can listen to what you want.

Hi everyone.

First off let me say I am a big idiot. I think I killed my avocado that was rooting. I put it outside Saturday thinking it might like some sun. Wrong. It didn’t. Now the root is all brown. I am going to give it a few days then toss it and start over. Which means time to make more guacamole. ha ha

My subject time refers to the car ride home after school today. I changed the channel just in time to hear Elton sing Bennie & The Jets. I love that song. H was mad and wanting to change it back to ‘her’ music. She goes on to say something like why do we have to listen to that awful music? My response. “Well, when you buy your own car you can listen to what you want.” The driver always get charge of the radio in most cases. Right?

Things have a way of working out. After collecting the kids from school I always make a cup of hot coffee to get my second wind. I forgot we were out of milk as I reached into the fridge to grab it. As I was disappointed I suddenly remember the Vanilla creamer I had bought for company. Ahhhhhhhh, so now I am enjoying a cup of hot coffee while the kids are arguing over who gets the tv. Coffee is like Calgon on drugs…lol As I tell my daughter it is childish to slam her bedroom door. Those crazy teenager hormones are a bitch to deal with.

Well, time to play the loving Mom. Have a nice night.

Too Much To Share and No Time

We have had a busy couple days. Company came and company left. We had a wonderful time with them. Hanging out grilling, going out to eat and playing Cranium.

Here are a few pictures.

The CUTEST picture ever!


MJ & Hubby.

MJ + R

I was going to take a picture of the whole chicken we cooked on the grill but forgot! LOL It was a nice visit.

I hope that everyone has a lovely Monday afternoon/night. BBL. :)

My Heart Goes Out to Virgina Tech.

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have been in a rut I suppose. Yesterday was the first day my bed has been made since Saturday.
I am still in shock about VT. That will have haunting effects for years to come to everyone. Such an awful thing. Makes you want to never let your kids out of the house. A fellow blogger posted this on her site.
Virginia Tech Fund (If you choose to look at her other posts besides the one I am linking you to~~there is adult content~~just a friendly FYI.)
Today is B2’s birthday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY B2!!!!!!!!! May today turning 9 be everything you hope it to be.

~A picture from Sunday~
We have company coming into town today. MJ and her hubby. She is my best friend and I will totally enjoy them until Sunday. :)
Lots of good food, company and games! Finally someone to play Scrabble with. And a new game HB gave me for Christmas.
Well, I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend with family and friends. See you later.

Bowling, Birthday Party and Doctor Who

That sums up my weekend. Since we canceled our trip for two weeks due to the weather, we tried to keep the kids busy.

Carrabba’s for dinner Friday. I love that place.

Saturday we went bowling and I realized how much I suck at bowling. Since I only go 1-2 times a year I guess I cannot complain really. Had a so-so lunch at Lucky Otter then came home and watched lots of Futurama. I had never watched it before but they found season 1 on DVD so I was getting caught up.

Sunday we had snow, ice and some crazy wind. Not to mention B2’s birthday party. We played at Chuck E Cheese for 2 1/2 hours. I love Skee Ball and played a few games of that. Then we watched the new episode of Doctor Who. I really really liked this episode. I won’t talk about it so I don’t spoil it for anyone.

Due to the crappy weather, we lost power for a few hours and this morning woke up without cable. I thought I would be frantic not having a computer but I did pretty well. I have been planning and cleaning up for my BF coming to visit in a few short days.

The wind is still blowing out there. It somehow turned the table upside down on the porch during the night. Weird huh? Branches all over the yard. They can wait until tomorrow.

Going to think about coffee and cake.

How many days are there in a week???


I have a complaint. I went out today to buy the kids new undies and socks because we cleaned out the drawers of things to small. We went to K-Mart because I was picking up my grandmothers prescriptions for her so she wouldn’t have to get out of the house today. My point is that I was getting frustrated because things were in packs of 4, 5 and sometimes 6. Last time I looked there were 7 days in a week. I am not a cheap person I just hate that I have to buy TWO packs so I personally don’t have to wash clothes every other day. And I refuse to buy socks that are singles. Socks get lost. Socks get holes. Socks get dirty. Etc…

I may have found a solution to keeping lil O in a certain part of the back yard. I fear she will get hurt back there. I found some 4 ft x 10 ft folding fencing today. I have a few sections out and need to see if the other KM has any more. They look like they will do the trick. :)

I love an easy solution to an difficult problem. TTYL :)

A moment of Peace today.

Today I was driving a familiar road to go collect my kids from spending the night with my sis. A road that I have always remembered being a part of my life. It brought a moment of peace. A serene moment. It was really nice. Then I noticed all the changes—-houses, gas stations and car lots and lost that peaceful moment. With time comes change. Some good but mostly bad I believe. Trees gone. Pastures forgotten about. Oh lets not forget roads having more lanes.

I am off to find a comfy gown and wish you a good night. :)

My daughter and her ‘thug’ music.

As I sit here typing this entry I am being tortured by my daughter listening/watching music videos.

Today has been filled with getting my hair cut, shopping for B2 a birthday present ~accomplished~, getting the car washed ~even though they are calling for rain tomorrow~ and having lunch at Backyard Burgers. TASTY!

Lil O is sick. She had a rough night tring to breath. She has a runny nose and doing pretty well with it. She is playing at the moment. B2 is gone with his grandmother shopping for swim trunks. I just mopped the bathroom. The joys of cleaning house huh?

Well, I hope that everyone enjoys their Tuesday! BBL :)

Doll House No More

My soon to be 13 year old daughter is re-doing her room today. She had asked last week to take down the doll house. I had hoped she would forget. But NOOOO, I had to help pack up the doll house this morning. ~sniffle~

Why does she have to grow up to be a young woman. With a boyfriend and all. I know it is harmless but still for her to tell me she has a BF is saddening. So as she takes apart the little girl room I am changing bed sheets on all the beds. JOY!

I am jonesing - is that even a real word?- to get the suitcase out but I will wait until tomorrow. ha ha

I have a hair appointment in the morning before we leave for our trip. The kids don’t know where we are going. Aren’t we cruel. LOL Nahhhh, keep them in suspense. I just hope the weather gets better come Saturday so we are able to visit the amusement park with them.

I just ordered B2’s birthday cake. His party is Sunday. I hope lots of his friends show up from school. He invited the whole class sooooooo we shall see.

Easter was nice. Everyone enjoyed their baskets. I have enjoyed their candy as well. ~innocent smile~

After yesterday. We were approached and asked if we would give a puppy a home. From relatives. The kids want a dog. They have been asking for years. And after yesterday, the excitement of having a puppy, it made me realize I want one too. We declined their offer and I admit I was sad but now that is it over, I am glad because it really wasn’t the kind of dog I want. There are a few “guidelines” if a dog comes into the house. It cannot shed. I am such a freak when it comes to cleanliness, having pet hair would drive me crazy. Well, I don’t have but that one guideline for a puppy. LOL So honey, when you have thought about it and such, I have a birthday coming up and anniversary. LOL It would have to be ”my” dog so the kids wouldn’t fight over him.

Well, let me finish picking up. Have a lovely spring break. I am sure I’ll be ready for the kids to go back to school come Monday! :)

Orchid Blooming & Snow Outside

Good Saturday Morning!
Just the other day I was talking about planting flowers and playing outside with the kids. Wearing shorts I might add.
We had a phone call last night about 10 tell us to look outside. It was snowing!

It’s really breathtaking outside this morning. I get to wear my favorite warm sweater ONE more time and O can wear the sweater I made her again! We have dinner plans tonight with my family that are in town and the family already here. lol I think they are going to drag me to The Outback. I guess I’ll eat something light because I wasn’t impressed last time we were there. Anyway…

Yesterday I had someone come clean a few windows for me. They look fabulous. I don’t do windows! With it being “warm” outside it made me want to clean up around. Plus, company coming next week!!!!!!! TWELVE MORE DAYS UNTIL MJ IS HERE!!!!!

Doctor Who Rocks

Due to technical difficulties the other day…we finally watched DW last night.

“Smith & Jones”

I am going to really like the new companion. At first I wasn’t even a Rose fan but she grew on me. Martha I like from the start. The episode was a little shabby itself but I do look forward to next week.

I will cut this post short. I just got a call that a storm hit TN during the night and ripped my moms roof off and put it on her car.

You Big Tease!!

I am talking about the beautiful weather and the desire to plant flowers!

My grandmother has talked me out of planting right now. She said to wait until Mother’s Day. But but it is soooo pretty right now. Right now being the key words. It isn’t Easter yet and we all know the weather on Easter Day sucks and ruins all the egg hunts. Anyway…

So I ventured to Lowe’s this morning with her. I ended up coming home with grass seed, fertilizer, rolled up straw, a pretty lilac bush (to which I cannot decide where to plant), an outside table, 4 chairs to go with it and 2 Adirondack chairs to match. Plus cushions and a matching umbrella. That was a mouthful!

So when I got home I started working in the yard. I came in about 230 and I can tell I am burned to a crisp. I even had sunscreen on my face. I guess I sweated it off. I really had a good time working outside. Minus the sun beating down on me and chasing O all over the yard! It pleases me to hear my HB say, “If you get grass to grow there, I’ll shit.”. I am guessing he has tried and failed. ha ha ~evil laugh here~

So now I know I have to get the grass to grow there. I already watered it today and will do so tomorrow and the next day and the next day, etc…

The kids have already watched Doctor Who so tonight hubby and I can watch it together snuggled on the couch. :)

Sounds like a plan.

I’d love to go back outside and enjoy my new furniture but I don’t have the energy at this point. I am going to shower and find some aloe for my face. Lil O is sleeping on the couch. She has been having a blast outside. She loves her new swing. I was going to take a series of pictures today and do a pictorial but I was too focused on getting it finished. I will post a pic of O swinging soon though.

Have a lovely afternoon/night.