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It’s not really stealing, is it?

I love...

Mydoula What?

I will always be her Mydoula

After coming home for some sleep…

The Call Has Come

Bathing Suit Shopping Sucks

Let The Countdown Begin

Chicken Noodle Soup

Happy First Day of Spring!

Have you ever thought?

Details Details

More Details Later

411 missed calls ?

The Orange Bags of Salvation

Looks Like Rain

What’s wrong with your screen name?

The kids have been outside enjoying the day!

Something for Moms.


A couple of things I learned yesterday:

Happy Birthday To O

Recovering still...

Find a way to watch this series!

OUCH !?!? (Insert cuss word here)

Preparing for my first birth as a Doula.

Wow that was really nice.

Good Saturday Morning :)

It will definitely be a Dora party.