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I will always love her and now that she is a mom I love her more!

I have always been a huge Madonna fan! Like a Virgin. Vogue. Like A Prayer. Express Yourself. Cherish. Keep It Together. Holiday. Everybody. Into The Groove. Where’s The Party. Lucky Star. Borderline. Papa Don’t Preach. Open Your Heart. Live To Tell. True Blue. La Isla Bonita. Jimmy Jimmy. Erotica. Fever. Bye Bye Baby. Deeper And Deeper. Where Life Begins. Bad Girl. Thief Of Hearts. Rain. Listen. Secret Garden. Ray Of Light. Frozen. The Power Of Good-Bye. Music. Runaway Lover. Amazing. Don’t Tell Me. What It Feels Like For A Girl. Hung Up. Get Together. Sorry. Isaac. And the list goes on, way on!

Anyway, my point. I was reading headlines this morning like I do every morning. This is what she had to say about her daughter:

“My daughter is going through a phase of wearing jeans that are so tight she can’t bend her knees in them. I have a go at her and say, ‘Can’t you wear something else? You have a closet full of clothes and you wear the same pants every day. And please wear a belt because I don’t want to see your butt crack when you bend over.’ “ (People.com)

So, I had to write a post and say THANK YOU MADONNA!!! It’s nice to know we have the same problems! H is the same way. In fact we were not getting along last week because of a pair of tight jeans she wanted to wear to school!

Anyway! HAPPY WEDNESDAY! I have a meeting tonight for DAMA. I have a roast cooking in the crock so they can eat while I am away. Then they can clean the kitchen and give the baby a bath. Ahhhhhh. LOL Would be nice to have it all done before I get home. No pressure!

Hubby and I stayed up to watch the Bob W. story. He is very lucky to made it this far after his brain injury. Touching story.

Lil O slept in her bed until about 2. She doesn’t mind the bed and even takes her naps in them. FANTASTIC!

Nothing new to report. Just taking care of the kids and trying to stay sane. I hope that everyone has a lovely day! Talk later :)

The Family Car

I got such a kick out of this I wanted to share. We got behind an older limo today coming home from school. I mention it to H and she says, “Oh yeah that’s so-n-so”. I am thinking they have a limo service. She corrects me by saying, “Nope, that is the family car”. The family car?? A family actually drives a limo everywhere? HOW COOL! LOL H told me they have a big family. How many actually fit in a limo? LOL The questions I want to ask, “How is it on gas?” “Is it cheaper to drive a limo than a mini van?”.

Well, I am having BBQ, baked beans, mac & cheese and slaw for dinner. Then I am heading to a DAMA meeting. See you in the morning. :)

Adorable is what she is!

I say this because I laid down with O in her toddler bed at nap time. She fell fast asleep and took her nap in her OWN bed! AWESOME! She looked so CUTE asleep on the pillow in her bed. All I could think about was how adorable she looked.

We played a game of Scrabble today and I actually won this game. It was neck and neck until the end. Cool. It was nice. :)

I wonder why I am the one nesting when they are having the baby????!??!?!?!?

I have cleaned out all my clothes today! I have them grouped as well. Like all the maternity/nursing clothes, dressy clothes, dresses, coats, sweaters, etc… I have a stack to go to my sis and some for H. Then I cleaned up in the hall closet as well. It has felt nice seeing progress around the house. Again, why am I nesting when she is having the baby??? LOL Maybe I am preparing for us to get pregnant? I don’t know! LOL

Well, not much more to say. H & B2 will be here in a few from their dads! I am sure it will be a crazy house then. I hope that everyone has a nice Sunday night. I will be glued to the tv to watch the awards. And working on my SWEATER finally.

Ta Ta


How can a simple sign bring someone down? I was driving to meet my doula client at a local bookstore and saw a sad looking man asking for money on the side of the road. “Stranded” As I see people stopping to give him money. I wonder if he really is stranded? Does he just want a hand out? Do I have any money in my bag? (I didn’t give him any money because I gave B2 all mine at school yesterday.) I had a nice meeting with my couple. I look forward to helping them in their birth.

Come on, you knew she wouldn’t die.

Meredith couldn’t die and leave her own show. She will come out of this and be with McDreamy, for sometime anyway. Izzy will get over the George and Callie obsession soon. Christina and Burke will marry. I have more faith in them than Meredith and McDreamy. I am not sure what Addison will have in her future. One more note then my TV talk is over. I hope they update us on the Jane Doe pregnant woman.

Hello everyone on MS. TGIF!

I left this morning to run a few errands. Picked up my mirror for my car. Ran to Kmart to buy pacifiers and ended up with EVERYTHING Dora for O’s birthday party. And I mean DORA EVERYTHING! Plates, cups, napkins, table cloth, banner, hats and party favors. Not to mention the Dora Sit N Spinthat talks. Thankfully she has forgotten about it because now we can give it to her for her birthday! LOL

Then I enjoyed a lovely rectangle pizza at school with B2 and O. I love having lunch with my kids at school. They like it tooo.

I came home and then HB came home for lunch. I ended up in bed with O because I was tired. I didn’t rest well last night. I woke up to my arm and shoulder hurting. So I was exhausted and the bed was calling my name. I didn’t sleep long though. I heard the garage door open when he went back to work so I got up and raided the girl scout cookies. DAMN those girls and their cookies! (joking of course)

I need to wash some clothes. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow. I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend with their family! I look forward to seeing my doula clients again. :)

How a trip to the hairdresser can make your day so much better.

First let me say that I love my hair stylist. She has been cutting my hair for many years. She makes me look pretty with my short spiky hair. I haven’t been since December so I was in need of a cut. My appointment was at 915. I had my grandmother sit with O so I could actually have some Michelle time. It was nice. D washed my hair and cut it perfect. She is such a lovely woman and a pleasure to talk with. We had a lovely chat while she worked her magic. I came home just glowing.

After my grandmother left I picked up O and headed to the grocery store. I wasn’t able to get everything I need. A visit to the organic grocery Saturday should do the trick. I have all the groceries put up. O is napping. Hubby back at work–he came home for lunch :) And I washed some clothes. I think I heard hubby put them in the dryer before he left for work.

Tomorrow I will have lunch with B2 and go get my car mirror from the dealer then call the fix-it guy.

Still no sweater progress. I am such a slacker. I did email my doula client and we will get together Saturday. AWESOME!

Well, I think I’ll walk downstairs and check on the clothes then maybe dust the living room. Adios :)

How can a lazy day turn so hectic?

Because I had to email my doula client, a friends dad died, the car fix-it guy called, I made a hair appointment and I am working on a grocery list. That’s how.

How is everyone? I stayed up to watch Boston Legal. I really like that show. I must because I gave up my 10 pm shows and I stayed up to watch it. I even watched American Idol. Hanging head in embarrassment.

B2 is doing well with his braces. He still isn’t eatin alot. That bothers me as a mom but I know he will be okay. O and I are going to have lunch with him Friday. I was going to tomorrow but something came up so I will go Friday. Hopefully they will have that lame rectangle school pizza I LOVE! :)

I am such a slacker and haven’t been crocheting on the sweater. I have some friends having a baby in a few weeks and I had hoped to make something for them. A blanket but I don’t know if I will have time. Their baby is due to them about the time as my doula client. Not to mention everything else I have to do. We shall see. Maybe I can add buy yarn to my list.

I finally went to make my bed. I am doing absolutly nothing today. I emailed my client and made the appointment so I am set! I will shower though. LOL Then that is IT!

I was reading about the miracle baby who is going home this week. Born at only 21 weeks gest. AMAZING! Very touching story! I think anything related to birth and babies is amazing! I guess why I wanted to become a doula.

I hope that everyone has a lovely day. I cannot believe it is already Wednesday! This week is speeding by. TTYL :)

What does a stay at home mom do most days?

Run around like a crazy women hoping to get a few things accomplished.

My sister got here early yesterday morning with my niece who will be 2 in May. We rushed to get ready because B2 was getting his braces on at 910. I was bringing her along for moral support and to watch over O so I could be with B2. A couple of times I could tell B2 was thinking “what the hell did I agree to with these braces????”. He teared up a few times which meant I teared up. I was so worried about him. He’s my baby!! I was so relieved when they finished! He has a FULL mouth of metal. He wanted to go to school in excitement mostly I think to show off his new smile. While he went back to school I headed to Target. It was paper product day… lol… toilet paper, paper towels, wipes, sippy cups that do not leak (Another story coming soon), wet swiffers, & hair gel. I also picked up B2 a bag of goodies. A game for his game boy, 2 packs of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, 2 packs of sugarless gum and 3 tubes of chap-stick (his poor lips are a mess after the braces application). I put it all in a Pirates of the Caribbean bag found in the 1.00 section! I LOVE THE 1.00 SECTION AT TARGET! Then we headed home and had lunch with my HB.

I have been washing everything I can get my hands on. Since I can put ‘bigger’ things in the front loader I threw my down comforter down yesterday and washed it and the cover! I have been looking at all the rugs down in the house wondering hmmmmmmm??? LOL No telling what I might wash next.

After lunch I headed out to get my niece from school. Then we all stopped by my grandmothers house. That is where H & B2 go after school when they are with their dad. I HAD TO CHECK ON MY BABY! He looked much better and was back to his excited self about having braces. He loved his goodie bag and told me last night he had been playing it all afternoon at his dads! It made me feel better seeing him and knew he was feeling better. We sat around there for a bit then headed back to my house.

Lil O loved having a playmate all day yesterday. They played and played and then played some more.

My BIL came by to collect his girls after work. We were all tired I do believe. When they left I picked through the fridge and we ate. No glamorous meal but (shrug) it was food! LOL

Then we sat on the couch until bedtime.

So here I am. Just getting up and enjoying a hazelnut coffee. I must be in a nesting phase or just down right ANXIOUS. I heard from my doula client and will be setting up out next get together. I go on call March 2 until the baby is born. I guess I know I have to get things done in the next couple weeks because I could be called and have to rush away for a day or two. I have to get a game plan down for the kids and throw some meals in the freezer for them or they can have take-out. I need to keep clothes out for me and have a small bag packed at all times. Things of that sort. Anyway…..

Things to do today. I wonder what I can wash next?
Bye Bye

Guess what I am doing?

I am washing clothes in the new washer and going to dry them in the new dryer!!!!!!!!!! !!HAPPY DANCE!!

Lowe’s brought them here today and set them up. It’s awesome. I was giddy knowing they were downstairs hooking them up!

Today has been lazy I guess. I have picked up because my sister and niece are coming over in the morning. Then I am going to the ortho because B2 gets his braces in the morning. His mouth will be sore for a few days but them he’ll be used to them. He is really excited about getting them. I am excited for him. Now I will have 2 in braces!

HB has been working his hiney off in the basement. It looks really good. I think when he gets back home he is going to soak in a bath for a bit. I don’t blame him. He has a headache.

We are going to veg for the rest of the night. H & B2 are going to be with their dad. Quiet house here. (pout) I do miss my kids when they are gone. I really do.

Anyway just wanted to post real quick then I am going back to the couch.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

PS. Dinner last night at Outback was YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all had a really wonderful time and then waking up to a light dusting of snow was fun too!!!! C-ya.

That was the BEST movie!!!

Stranger Than Fiction

Add that movie to your “watch” list ASAP!

Today had been designated Clean Up The Basement. Which of course I am all for being my clean freak self. I have been moving things around and vacuuming down there the past hour or so. We will have a new washer and dryer come M-Tuesday so I am cleaning up for that. When HB gets back from this Barber visit he is taking out the old machine and moving the dryer. He is putting the dryer on Craigs List and getting it out of the way. So the basement looks a bit messy but the rest are things that HB has to do. I cleared him a table to arrange his ‘piles’ on as soon as he gets home. The rest is his stuff. Sooooo, that is his ‘honey do list’. Well I do have two pots to empty in the compost because the flowers died. But that’s it. LOL

H had company last night and they were very well behaved. We didn’t hear a peep out of them last night. I love over night guests like that! LOL Company and a good nights sleep. WOW!

Then after company left H started her 2 weeks of being grounded. She is lucky her company was allowed to come to begin with. H has never been grounded before. She has 2 weeks of no Ipod or phone. I think that will hurt more than it sounds since she lives with both of them all the time. Why is she grounded?? Because Friday morning I asked her to change out of the TOOOOOO tight jeans (from her dads) into some different jeans. Long story short–she wasn’t very kind to me and talked very hateful to me. I know the start of being a teenager. But I will not be talked to like that. So now she is grounded for the first time and being very nice to me at the moment. Why are moms considered the enemy??? Hmmmm???

HB and I are going to buy O a toddler bed this next week. I know it will take some time for her to adjust but she will in the end. I just don’t want her to think we are kicking her out of our bed for the new baby. So if we get her out now—she can adjust to her new bed before the baby gets here. She can help pick out the new bed things and we will make ‘her bed’ really really special for her.

B2 is out with his grandmother at the moment.. He house is strangely quiet. LOL But it is nice that way. I have been crocheting on sleeve number 1. I am making progress I suppose. I know this is my first sweater ever and I am not sure if it will look right in the end. ha ha I will make sure the sleeves are the same length though! LOL You hear of horror stories about a relative making you a sweater and the sleeves being different lengths and such. Anyway.

Tonight we are having my dads birthday dinner finally. Everyone is over the flu and he is back in town. I am looking forward to eating out with everyone. I know it will be very nice.

I hope that everyone has a lovely Saturday and Sunday. They are calling for snow today and tonight I think in the area. I hope we get a light dusting! We’ll see. Bye Bye :)

One joy of being a parent is..

..being able to say, “Because I said so”!

I hope that everyone is well this morning. TGIF!!!!

Last night we had B2’s program at school. A musical in the gym about being healthy. Eating right and exercising. It was fun. All the kids looked like they were having fun with it. Which is a good thing.

I stayed up and watched Grey’s! What an anxiety episode!! I cannot wait until next week to see what is going to happen.

I also have been working on my sweater for O. I finished the front and now working on a sleeve. I think it looks great!

I am not Lost today.

Because I didn’t watch Lost last night.

Everyone had a lovely Valentines Day. My HB brought home the most beautiful flowers. (He gets them at a downtown shop) And an awesome book. Stitch-n-Bitch for crocheting. It looks like a fun book. Once I finish my sweater for O I am going to make something for H. There are lots of cools things a 12 year (almost 13) would love! And she will have something original. And I think it would be cool to hear her say, “My mom made it”.

I was such a mess and so tired I went to bed around 10. I laid down with O and didn’t get back up. I woke up this morning with a headache though.

I am walking around watering plants. H is having company spend the night tomorrow. How lovely. Who wants an overnight guest–that would be me. I don’t snore!

Then Saturday we are finally able to take my daddy out for his birthday. Everyone is well (knocking on desk) and he will home from going out of town.

Well, I have so many things I want to do today. I am sure I write more later.

PS. Funny story to share. I had a roast cooking yesterday for dinner. I started it before I had the awful trip to the LM and when I got home from that I added the veggies to the crock pot with it. I got home from school and the veggies were just floating around. I stuck my finger in and the water was warm. Sometime during the cooking time the surge knocked off and so there was NO power going to the crock. I know it is okay to eat for dinner TONIGHT because I put the roast in the crock frozen. So yesterday I just let it thaw a bit! Soooo we didn’t have roast last night. That is tonight meal! Then we have B2’s musical at school tonight.

My Adventure at the Laundry Mat!!!!!!!

Just got home brought almost all the clothes up. I have a few pair jeans in my dryer that were damp.

My experience wasn’t that bad. If I had been alone I would have enjoyed it more. Not that I enjoyed it at all. I guess there is no etiquette there. Nothing reserves your spot–not even clothes. I had made my 3-4 trips from the car inside and had a row picked out just for me and Lil O. It consisted of 5 front load washers that were supposed to hold double loads. I had three going and working my way down when someone took my two other washers. Don’t mind the clothes sitting there in front of them. Sorry I shouldn’t just leave my things laying around….LOL So I have to compromise and find two more. No one holds doors for little older ladies with their basket except me of course!

Back after being away for a couple hours. Company stopped by and I had to go get the kids…..LOL Let me continue.

Ok, where was I? The Laundry Mat. Between washing 5 loads of clothes and drying 5 loads and fighting with O and their rolling baskets I wanted to cry at the end. OMG I am never doing that again. I forgot to mention O fell and bumper her head tooo. I was never so glad to load my car with clean clothes and head home.

Everything is put up now and I told the kids to not DIRTY anything unless they had too because I was not going back to the LM this week or any other week in fact.

Valentines has been great for the kids. After getting their goodies this morning they got goodies at school too. B2 got lots of great cards and 7 balloons from his dad and SM. H got a huge teddy from her best friend, balloons as well from her dad and SM, and something from a secret admirer. It was a basket with candy and a teddy bear. I hope she is tickled with her day. I was thinking back to when I was in school and I don’t ever recall actually getting a Valentines sent to school for me. Hmmmmm, surly I had a valentine though…..

I guess I better get off here and check on dinner. I have had a roast cooking all day in the crock and have to make things to go with it.

Have a lovely afternoon and enjoy Valentines Day!

I have had a glimpse of the rest of my life..

as I woke up to an anxiety attack this morning. Now I have a killer headache. It’s been awhile since I’ve had an anxiety attack and I do not like it at all. I am just trying to relax. I have 1 million calls to make–the side mirror on my car is hanging by a thread as well, so I am searching online and calling car fix it places. Work on the Doula retreat. (First I sent out an evite wanting donations of snacks–then someone was SURE that DAMA was providing snacks, so I changed the evite and now I have been told that we are in fact taking snack donations for the retreat. So I will have to change it again. No biggie…lol Just so these lovely ladies have lots of yummy snacks for the weekend.) Take B2 to the orthodontist after I get him out of school early. Wash clothes somewhere. I have no white socks. O is down to one outfit and no pj’s. Then be home in time for boy scouts-including having B2 fed before.

Well the phone has started ringing—bbl.

Okay I am back. I have been making calls trying to get things moving. I called the car fix-it place and he gave me valuable advice–call the dealer and see if you can order the mirror already the color of your car. I did and I can so I ordered it. It will be here in 4-5 days. I hope that IT IS the color of my car. If not then it will have to be painted to match. Knowing my luck it will not be the color I need. I guess I’ll know hopefully by the end of the week. Then I have to call the fix-it guy back. SO I can check this off my list.

I will rewrite the DAMA evite again this afternoon after I hear from someone. Maybe tomorrow.

I need to water the 19 houseplants all through the house. I have one big plant in the floor that is going to bloom–I’ll post a pick when it does. The orchid in the kitchen is still growing. I’ll fix it to the bamboo in a few days and it wont look like a naughty plant anymore.

It looks like rain here. I guess that is okay. I wish it was colder and would turn into snow. That might actually make my day. Oh my I just realized tomorrow is Valentines Day. I need to work on that. I have to run to Ingles and pick up a few house things and diapers. After the ortho appointment I will stop with O & B2.

As you can tell I have a few things going on. Let me go take a shower and get my day moving. Have a lovely Tuesday!

I hate being the BAD GUY!

Monday already? Hubby is on a washing machine mission. Anyone buy a new front loader and want to share if they like the brand they bought?

Soooo, anyway. Why am I the bad guy?
My 12 (13 in June) year old daughter came back from her dads yesterday. With a flat iron to straighter her already beautiful hair. She has hair that women want all over the world. Bouncy. Long. Beautiful color. Its straight but not flat iron straight. Of course I say NO at first and say WHO BOUGHT THIS? (Her step-mom BTW)
Then I try to talk to her about it. Offering to take her to my hair dresser–finding out what is best. I do not want her to ruin her beautiful hair with some cheap drug store flat iron. (BIG SIGH) Anyway…so she starts to cry and says I always tell her no. The only thing I recall telling her NO too is getting a cell phone. HELLO you are 12, why do you need a cell phone. And anyway how would you pay the bill? LOL Off the subject. I am unsure what to do? Well I know what I want to do and the involves the trash being collected tomorrow. So, after we both calmed down last night I went in and talked to her. I said I was sorry. She did too. I told her to go ahead and use it this morning and let me take a look. Then I got to thinking about an arrangement. That she could only use it a certain number of times during a week. So here it is morning and I saw the new and improved flat iron hair. Hated it. I see the “In Living Color” men snapping and saying together “Hated It”! And I told her that. Not like they do but I said I don’t like the flat hair. It just hung from her head and even though her hair was washed yesterday it looked like it hadn’t seen soap in a week. I can tell she wasn’t pleased. I don’t know what else to do. SUGGESTIONS??? Is this a battle I am supposed to walk away from or stand by what I believe is the right way.

Having a teen daughter SUCKS sometimes. In all honestly if H had asked me to buy her the flat iron. Right away I would have said no and told her what a beautiful young woman she is and that her hair was already beautiful. I know coming from a mom it doesn’t count. At that age you do what everyone else is doing and their opinion carries more weight. SHRUG.

Well, I am going to go pile more dirty clothes in the basket and pray to have a new washer in the next day or two. I hope that everyone has a lovely day.

I must work on the sweater. I had hoped to have it finished this week. Yesterday I unraveled all that I had done because I guess I didn’t measure correctly and it was coming up short. Soooo, I am starting over on the front. Bye Bye

Why does a stay at home mom to 3 children blog…

..because she can.

I had someone ‘ping’ my blog today and I admit what they said wasn’t really kind. After changing a few settings I thought I’d post just a few things.

I blog for myself…because I want to. I blog about places I go to , people I see, things I buy, recipes I try, and places I eat. I blog about my family and I blog about my friends. That is the genius thing about blogs–if it doesn’t interest you–there is a little arrow in the top right that takes you to another one to read.

I don’t throw in product names or restaurants to give them business. I blog about it because my family and friends who read happen to live in the same area as I do. Or maybe someone else does and I’ve met a new friend on WordPress.

I did notice that the person only quoted a bit of my post. They left out the picture of my daughter and her table. I guess since it wasn’t branded it wasn’t important.

Anyway, I am over it now. Sorry to bore those that read it.

Before I leave I’d like to thank Coke, Earth Fare, Jae, Dansko, Belks, Steinmart, JCP, Cliniqiue, People Magazine, Karyn Bosnak of Save Karyn, Ebay, AOL, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Barnes & Noble, Samsung, HP, Google, Oreos, Toshiba, Kraft, Honey Nut O’s, Eckerds, Burger King, McDonalds, Verizon, Books A Million, Old Navy, Applebee’s, Sonic, Pepsi, Nine West, Windex, Bath & Body Works, Canon, Haverty’s, Colgate, Yarn Paradise, Listerine, Target, KMart, Sears, Ingles, Fresh Market, Port City Java, Starbucks, Walgreens, and Charter for making this post possible. (These are just random names and places that came to mind and things in my house. Just thought I’d place a few products.)

What I am going to do in a few…

Jalapeno Poppers

10-12 fresh jalapeno’s
4+ ounces cream cheese
bacon, cut in half

Cut a slit in peppers to remove the seeds and membrane. (or you may cut the pepper in half lengthwise)
Stuff with cheese. About 2 teaspoons.
Wrap with bacon and secure with a toothpick.
Place on a broiler rack that has been sprayed with nonstick spray. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until bacon is crisp. Remove toothpicks and serve.

Enjoy :)

No News Is Good News

I am home from my doctors appointment. Somehow I feel as if I just had a cheap date…lol He told me to take folic acid since we are baby planning. I picked up some at the drug store on the way home with some valentine candy for the kids.

I am going to leave in a few to have that birthday lunch with my MIL. We are heading downtown to EG. Sounds fun! I am hungry actually.

Then when I get home I am going to make Jalapeno Poppers. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend! TTYL



Last night I finished the back part of the sweater. I had been working on the arm spaces since last week. But I figured it out and finished it last night.

Today I am working on the front of the sweater. It has taken a few tries to get it the same size as the back. But of course I did it. :)

My HB is sick. He started not feeling well yesterday. He is going to work until lunch then come home. I have the bed turned down for him. I am going to plug the heating pad up and he will be comfy.

I have been spending my time on the computer organizing pictures and finding out when they were taken. Around December things just piled up and then the old camera messed up. So I sat down last night and this morning and straightened things up. A bonus with the new camera is it keeps the correct date on pictures because it has a different battery for that. The old camera–used batteries like crazy and when you changed them the time reset itself. We rarely bothered setting it back soooo that leaves a few Misc. pictures without a date folder. LOL They’ll be okay though.

Today we were going to take my MIL out for lunch for her birthday. Since HB is sick we are going to do it another day. I had wanted to go to Belk but I will wait until Friday when I go to the doctor.

Well, going to think about lunch. Have a happy Tuesday!

What's for lunch?

Italian Lentil Stew of course!

Just got in from running to Belks to pick up my Clinique. Then I ran to JCP to buy new pillows for everyone. They had their down on sale. Sadly they didn’t have the ones I wanted. So I told my HB we’d have to venture to BB&B this weekend. I need a new pillow, the kids want a new pillow etc…

O is sleeping. She fell asleep on the way home. Shopping must have made her tired.

Anyway, here is the recipe I tried yesterday. We like it and I hope you do too. I added 2 extra things and I’ll put those in ( ).

Italian Lentil Stew

1 1/2 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
8 small red-skinned potatoes, halved crosswise
1 1/2 cup finely chopped onion
2 large garlic cloves, finely chopped
3/4 cup green lentils (I used 1 cup)
1 can (15 oz) diced tomatoes, including liquid
1 bay leaf
1 tsp dried oregano
salt and freshly ground black pepper
(handful of baby carrots)
(half red pepper–chopped)

Heat the oil in medium dutch oven over medium-high heat. Add the potatoes, cut-side down, and cook until browned, 8-10 minutes. Using tongs, remove the potatoes to a plate and set aside.

Add the onion to the pot, saute for 5 minutes, and mix in the garlic. Cook until onions are browned, about 8 minutes, stirring often.

Add the lentils, tomatoes with liquid, bay leaf, and oregano. Add 3 cups of cold water. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat, and simmer uncovered for 30 minutes.

Add the potatoes (carrots and red pepper), and simmer until the potatoes and lentils are soft, about 30 minutes, adding 1/2 cup water if needed. Remove the bay leaf and season the stew to taste with S & P.

For best flavor, make this stew a day ahead. Reheat in heavy pot, covered, over medium heat. Stir occasionally until heated through. If to thick add some water before heating.

Sprinkle with fresh basil if you like when put in serving bowls.

ENJOY! Bye Bye

So has the world changed any after the SuperBowl?

Hi! It’s Monday again.

I watched the SB with my hubby while eating his terrific guac and chips. I wasn’t thrilled with Prince though. O went to bed early. H & B went to their dads.

I have picked up the house and been on the phone most of the morning. Everyone has been calling. I have a mountain of clothes to FOLD!!! I hate that job! And my child labor is not here to help! LOL


Tomorrow my sis might come over. I have to go to Belks and pick up my Clinique. Then go to JCP because their down pillows are on sale and I need 4. The sale ends tomorrow. Then I am sure we will grab a bite to eat and then I’ll go pick up my niece.

(sigh) I guess I’ll find the recipe for the lentil stew I am going to make.


What a beautiful lazy day!

O is up from her nap and I am going to start my Lentil Stew in a minute. It will not be for dinner tonight because it is better the second day. Like meatloaf! LOL

My HB came home for lunch and that was nice.

Other than that nothing is going on at our house. I do however have 4 loads of clothes to fold! UGH. When I get the last load from the dryer I’ll bring them up.

Does anyone remember Sledgehammer?

It came on in the 80’s? I do and I loved it. I just found out it was on DVD! I so have to get it!!! I have been doing some research and realized it has groupies. Well add me to the list! Along with TJ Hooker, Love Boat and Fantasy Island! (hanging head–and Miami Vice too)

I better go since I have embarressed myself enough. Later :)

The Best Guacamole Recipe

(my husband found a ‘recipe’ online many years ago and spruced it up his way!)

We really enjoy it and made some tonight.


3 avocados, halved, seeded and peeled
1 lime, juiced
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
1/2 teaspoon cayenne
1/2 medium red onion, chopped
1 tablespoon chopped cilantro
3 cloves of garlic, minced

In a large bowl place avocados & lime juice. Toss to coat, drain–reserve the juice.
Using a potato masher add the salt, cumin and cayenne—mash.
Fold in onions, cilantro and garlic.
Add one tablespoon of the reserve lime juice.
Let sit at room temperature for 1 hour.



The lake at where I live—it was frozen this morning.

frozen lake

Out and about today

I have my grocery list. My HB is making his homemade Guacamole dip! He makes THE BEST!!!! Then I am making a Italian Lentil Stew. I am going to try a test run tomorrow and if I like it, make it for the DAMA meeting on Wednesday. I’ll post the recipe if it turns out lovely.

I have taken lots of great pictures of my sweater in the making. I will post them later. I have the back bottom half finished. Right now I am working on the place for the arms. It is giving me some difficulties and I have unraveled it THREE times already. Today I am going to visit my grandmother and see if she has any advice/tips to make it even out.

Well, I better collect the kids and hit EF then visit my grandmother. Then my errands are FINISHED and I can crochet some more on the sweater!

I hope everyone enjoys their day and the SuperBowl.


I have a picture.

purple yarn



It has been a slow Saturday morning. Which is nice. I did the usual pick-up. Getting the kids dressed. Hubby has already showered and I am next.

They want to go see a movie today. But we don’t really want to leave the house. So we compromised. We are going to go rent a few and veg on the couch all day. Sounds like a nice Saturday.

I worked on O’s sweater last night and will work some more on it when I can sit down for a little bit. The colors look really nice. I had hoped to have a picture of the yarn up by now. We have been playing with the new camera (Canon PowerShot A640) and it makes amazing pictures. It is smaller than our older one as well. We have a drive on the other computer that we can put the cameras memory card in but it isn’t wanting to read the card. I really think that drive is messing up. Another reason why the old cameras memory cards messed up. Today HB is going to run a cord from the computer to the camera so we can get the pictures that way. Then I will post a few pictures.

The sun is shining here. Too bad it is too cold to be out in it. That’s okay though. I don’t mind a movie day.

Well, for once I am speechless….guess I’ll go take my turn in the shower. Have a nice day.

How did a nice day turn into such a crap day?

I have the headache from HELL. Really I do.

I went out shopping with O today. We hit Yarn Paradise. It was easy spending 78.00 there! GASP!!!! But I will be going back. It was such a lovely place and I loved all the yarn. I thought about signing up for a knitting class. I had O with me so it was difficult to really shop. I found some beautiful yarn for O’s sweater. When I figure out the new camera, yes it came today, I’ll post a picture of the yarn. Then I’ll post a picture of the sweater in progress.

Jennifer!! We must go together and knit! This is after you teach me.

Then I hit Greenlife for a few groceries. Came home and shared a lovely lunch with O on her Dora table. Then we ran to get the kids from school.

I really feel like I could curl up in a ball and cry. Why am I even posting? Because I have 3 kids at home and a husband at work; so there is no one to watch the children. That’s why. LOL

Today I shared the news with my friends that we were going to work on baby number 4. They are thrilled!!! I am getting excited about it and I know my HB is. We love each other so much and I love having his baby. I cannot explain it. When we had O, it was such a JOY! (Minus the cesarean I had to have) I can remember bringing her home and thinking, “Wow, she is our baby”. I know I have 2 other children from my first marriage and I know I thought the same thing when they were born. But having O was really special to me. I was older and more patient and had the love of my life to share it with me. So, I know number 4 and maybe 5 will be wonderful!

I guess I will go start to work on this sweater.

Happy Weekend!

My great-grandmother visited me in my dreams last night. I enjoy when I dream about her. She was such a lovely woman. She died about 5 years ago, due to cancer. She was at my grandmothers house for some reason. I kept having to bend down and pick up cigarettes. Really odd dream. She didn’t smoke. My grandmother doesn’t smoke. I was a casual smoker but I haven’t smoked in years.

So it was a nice dream. I like it when special people make a visit and I can see them again. I hope that it doesn’t stop because I enjoy seeing their faces. When I don’t remember their faces I will be bothered.

She knows all, is all and will rule the world.

Or so my 12 year old thinks.

Good Friday, last day of the week, morning! :)

I am in a very good humor today. A little bit cocky. But is that bad?

I have a clean house. I just finished. Insert~~BIG SIGH OF RELIEF!

I am going to shower and head to Yarn Paradise. I think that is the name. I heard about it on another blog I read. Thank you Jennifer! I am going to find yarn for O’s sweater today. I MUST HAVE A PROJECT! I choose crocheting.

Kids in school. Thankfully they didn’t make another No Snow Day today. I know its crazy and there is no way to predict these things. And with certain people being ’sue’ crazy; it is best to call off school than put someone in a difficult situation. But that is just my personal opinion and it has been known to change.

I have Michael Jackson playing again. At least H isn’t home to keep turning the telly up on me. No respect still I tell you.

Well, this has been my ‘Chat Stew’ of the day.

Anyone watch Greys last night???? What an awesome episode. I was on the edge of the couch. I may even watch it again tonight because it comes on again. LOL Maybe.

Everyone have a lovely FRIDAY and weekend!

Good Morning

I called the school hot-line at 5:55am this morning to hear that school was closed. I roll over and go back to sleep until my sister calls after 7am to ask if I had seen the snow. She then told me to not bother because there wasn’t any. In my drunken state of sleep I am thinking “couldn’t this conversation have waited?”.

So, here I sit. Looking out. NO SNOW!!! Not even a flurry. Grrrrrrrrr.

B2 is in his room doing what 8 year old boys do. H is in the living room floor playing her game-boy. O is walking around with her backpack on. I am sitting here thinking ”why do I have this funny metal taste in my mouth?”. I am thinking about making another cup of coffee or some hot tea.

TODAY IS CLEAN SHEET DAY! I changed everyone’s bed. I love clean sheet day! What I like most is pulling the covers back to a nicely made bed and jumping into clean sheets! Sweet!

Well, I can do it. Crochet O a sweater. I started with some yarn I already had in the house. I decided that since I really didn’t want that color for a sweater and I didn’t have enough anyway to finish the sweater–I unraveled it all and going to get the yarn I want for a sweater in the next couple days. I want to start on it. HB said he’d take me to get yarn. I like how the pattern made a ridge for a line throughout the sweater. I will post a picture after I get started again. Since the camera should be here tomorrow! EXCITED about that!

I hope that everyone enjoys their day today. I am sure the kids will get a Doctor Who marathon started in a few. They did that last time school was canceled. I really don’t want to play Monopoly but if they suggest it, I will play.

We have dinner plans tonight because it is my dad’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DADDY! Here’s a favorite picture of mine. It was taken while I was pregnant with O.

me dad