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I enjoyed my day out of the house.

No Respect—-so just beat it!!!

My Dealer called last night.

Today has been a really nice day.

Huh, No School?

Ahhhhhhhh I love drugs…

There it is, I just heard it.

Finally Monday Morning.

Candy as a reward, huh?

What no snow?

Good Saturday Morning!


I want to stay in bed all day

What has Supermom done so far today?

This cannot be happening….spraying Lysol.

What a busy, yet not busy weekend.

People and Cars don’t mix well…

Olive is my hero!

Playing with the camera

I guess I’ll stop talking now…

Yes, they will always be underwear!

I guess her taste in music isn’t that bad..

What happened to the sun?

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

Finally able to sit down to share a funny but true story…

I need a Doctor…

Good Morning

Another Mazzie Star day…

Well, now what?

I think I have cried all day….

Today I looked at death…

What’s left of a Merry New Holiday Year