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I enjoyed my day out of the house.

Trust me, it took alot to make me get out of the house and not do my cleaning….lol….I still have 3 loads of clothes to fold. Anyone want to help?

I got up and went to the evil place. IE: The Mall. I went to Belks and bought a few Clinique things for the special bonus starting next week. I had a really nice chat there. Looked around some then explored the rest of the mall. I took O to see the puppies at the stinky pet store. Had a silly picture taken of us. Tried to get her to ride the toy car….nope she wouldn’t have any of that. We had lunch in the food court. Then I walked around some more. I was in no hurry. When we walked back through Belks to get to the car I found a really cool sweater fabric robe! Bonus buy–like 14.00. So, I was tickled with our day. I drove by and saw my HB for second at his work. Then I came home, changed pants and O’s diaper and back to school I went to get the kids.

Our new camera should be here Friday! I hope the weather doesn’t interfere with that. Must have camera!

They are calling for bad weather starting early in the morning and lasting into Friday. That says to me that there will be no school Thursday or Friday. Ahhh, it’s okay. LOL

Well, I totally forgot about dinner today so take-out it will be. The kids want Urban Burito I think. Sounds yummy to me. I have been so thristy today. Wouldn’t it be nice to be pregnant? :)

Anyway—-I am off to fix a cup of coffee I think. I hope that everyone enjoyed their day as much as I did.


No Respect—-so just beat it!!!

Tough crowd……tough crowd.

I admit it. I like Michael Jacksons music. So I have been playing the classics like Beat It, Thriller, Billy Jean, Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, and Smooth Criminal.

My 12 year old daughter thinks I belong in the loony bin and keeps turning the tv up to not hear my MJ. I on the other hand keep turning up because O and B2 rather enjoy it and have been dancing around!

I have been dancing too. I am a pretty good dancer. For a white girl that is. I can hold my own on the floor and have been twisting and moving today like high school. And those fun club years I had. I hope this ole body isn’t sore in the morning. HA HA

Well going to torture H some more. I am mean……..nahhhhh.

My Dealer called last night.

My Clinique dealer that is. She has me addicted and on a short rope and SHE knows it! That evil woman! Seriously, she is a nice woman about my age. It was nice talking with someone MY AGE about OUR skin and how it changes after a certain point. (I am glad they don’t have young 19 year olds talking about 30 something year old skin!) SO anyway, she told me to come in the next few days and pick a few things that I need because the BONUS time starts next week. I can get lots of freebies! I told her I would see her in the next day or two! Of course I told my HB last night, my dealer called! LOL He said, “Anything for my honey!” I thought I’d go pick put a lipstick and a blemish cover-up. I already told my friends that I needed to find a CA. CliniqueAnonymous. After I started using Clinique products I came home and threw everything else away. All the make-up from the drug store. Lotions promising beauty and tight skin. Threw it ALL away. I am very happy with Clinique and how it makes my skin feel. Anyway…..enough talk about my ‘habit’.

Today there was a two hour delay. I took the kids to school this morning. Usually my HB takes them and I go get them in the afternoon. It was nice to get out and see what morning looks like in the neighborhood.

I have already used my Swiffer Vacuum! OMG!!!!! It is awesome!!!! My only complaint is the battery already died. I was supposed to charge it for 24hours before I used it; but I couldn’t wait those extra hours. So it is plugged in again.

I guess today I will start a sweater for O. Last night H & I sat down and looked at the new book. (the crochet one–she hasn’t seen the mom-teen one yet) There are lots of great projects and I have picked one to start on. So that is my goal today. Start on the sweater. I’ll post a pic later and show. Wait, our digital camera DIED!!!! I also told my HB that he had to buy a new camera in the next day or two. WE HAVE TO HAVE A CAMERA WITH KIDS IN THE HOUSE!!!!! DUHHH!!! Damn camera! So, I will take a pic when I can.

Well, I jsut got summoned into the chatroom by friends. Must go gossip for a few!

Today has been a really nice day.

We just got home from our Target trip. My grandmother came over and went with us. It was a nice shopping trip. I bought the usual things like toilet paper, Febreze, trash bags, assorted bathroom things and a Swiffer Vacuum!!!!! Those that know me will be laughing at that. I am a little OCD when it comes to cleaning. Well, more than a little. I would say A LOT! No shoes in the upstairs ocd. I cannot help it. It has been carved on/in my brain since a small child. My mom and my grandmother did it; it is all their fault! Anyway, our house is all hardwood and some tile. I love SWIFFERS! And now a swiffer that vacuums. I am in cleaning heaven! It has to charge 24 hours. But tomorrow I will have fun with my new toy. (My husband is going to tease me for the rest of the day I am sure.)

B2 bought a game for his gameboy, so we won’t hear from him for the rest of the day. Is that really such a bad thing? JOKING! Of course I’d rather him be bored to death with our company.

H bought a CD with her money. And secretly she bought Valentines for the family–to which I am supposed to not know and not mention. Sooo, I will be surprised on Valentines Day. O is sleeping. She waited until after the shopping trip for her nap. My g-mom ended up buying her a toy keyboard for children. OH LORD HELP ME NOW! She has been banging on it since she saw it.

So yes, it is quiet here. I am going to peel the tators in a minute and put some green beans on to cook. The steak and gravy is done–but it won’t hurt it to stay in the crock while I cook everything else.

My HB did come home for lunch. He was all bundled up in his poof daddy coat. He informed me that it is older than most of the people at work. HA HA! I am not laughing that he is old because he isn’t old at all. I am laughing on how he still has that jacket! It is better than that awful blue one he used to wear all the time. I was thankful that after we married I could tell him not to wear that hideous thing again and put it in the Goodwill pile! Now if I could get rid of those damn slippers he wears around… Different story for a different day though!

Well, this day has flown by and I am thankful I was able to spend it with my kids without fighting!

I guess I better hush and go peel potatoes. I hope everyone has a lovely afternoon.

Huh, No School?

Well, we knew last night there would be no school today. We were watching “The F Word” (BTW I LOVE GORDON RAMSAY) when the phone rang and my grandmother said to look outside. Sooo, I turned off H’s alarm and settled into the idea of having kids home.

I was supposed to have a doctors appointment at 9am–I changed it to next week. I had been looking forward to the appointment because Dr J hadn’t seen O since she was a couple months old and I wanted to tell him about baby number 4 being planned. I guess I can wait until next week to see him and talk to him.

Then I was going to make a visit to the drug store I managed to see everyone and talk to one of my best friends C that works there. He is the manager there and I called to tell him I would be stopping by. Grrrrr……all because of the snow/ice. Not to mention it is 12 degrees outside. Not counting the wind.

I can see the sun shining in the house. I have the blinds shut because the room feels warmer that way. H, B2, and O are vegging on the couch. I have dinner cooking in the crock-pot. I have cleaned both bathrooms and thinking about mopping them now.

I had thought we’d get a board-game out soon. H wants to me take her to Target. I told her I didn’t think we’d make it out of the house today. I need a few things there myself…I just don’t want to get out in the cold. Maybe I could order a pizza in. Now that sounds like a plan. We did that last time school was cancelled. Hmmmmm……

I have been thinking about getting some paint and start working on my canvas that my HB gave me. I want to “try” and paint something for our bathroom. Something abstract would be pretty neat.

Well….guess I will become part of the living and hang out with the kids. Get a game out. Something…..lol

I hope everyone enjoys their Monday. Until…

Ahhhhhhhh I love drugs…

My HB brought home a medicine for me to try last night. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER today. I even made my bed; which hasn’t been touched in a week. I am trying to talk myself into going downstairs and start laundry. The basket is overflowing into the floor. Don’t you hate when that happens?

Lil O is still sickly and didn’t rest well last night. She will need her nap today for sure.

I feel behind this morning. I haven’t checked out the local headlines or anything like that. I hope the world isn’t ending and I haven’t heard yet. lol

I spoke with my grandmother this morning—my papaw rested well last night. If all goes well here I am going to stop by tomorrow…or Thursday. Just depends on sick baby now.

O is upset because her baby has a few blue crayon marks on her face. She forgets she is the one who put them there! I gave her a blue crayon this morning and a coloring book. Usually I use the color magic markers that only show up on special paper but she needs a new color magic book–she colored all the pages already. I want her to be creative and color so I was BRAVE (maybe stupid) and gave her the blue crayon.

There it is, I just heard it.

The other shoe dropping.

I just want to say that I HATE CANCER!! I have lost so many people to cancer and heart disease. The recent being my Great Uncle a few short weeks ago. I just finished writing the ‘Thank You’ notes for my Aunt K. (shaking head)

To the point. My grandfather (my moms daddy) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer while I was prego with O (So maybe 2 years ago). I know we are blessed that he has lived this long. He is no longer doing treatment. Today he went to the doctor. It breaks my heart. So now while my family is gathering around the only papaw I have left I am sitting here at home. SICK with a FEVER! I want to be there. I need to be there. But I will not get anyone else sick. Or him. I just spoke to him on the phone. I will go over tomorrow if no fever. Here goes all my death phobias all over again. I am so afraid of death. Like I wrote earlier that when I reach 103 maybe I will welcome death and not fear it. I told someone the other day maybe that is why being a Doula is such a good thing for me. Being around birth the start of things.

Speaking of Doula–I HAVE A CLIENT! AN OFFICIAL CLIENT!! They contacted me through email today and then we spoke on the phone a bit ago. We are setting up our first meeting over the weekend—if I am not contagious that is. This means I have a trip to Kinkos in my near future and then I’ll panic reading more BOOKS to help this couple in their wonderful birth experience. I have never seen a ‘real’ birth. Not even mine. And watching it on TV doesn’t count. Or does it? Hmmm, if it does then I have seen a couple hundred. (joking)

All I have felt like doing today is cry. With the frustration of being sick, no sleep and now about my papaw. But I do have a new life to look forward too. I guess I’ll focus on getting ready for that. After I am well that is.

I spoke to H a minute ago. She is with her dad this week. She is talking to some young boy in her class. Why does she have to grow up? She is just a baby, my baby. With a teen body; which I would stop if I could. She is a wonderful young lady. I am proud to call her my daughter. Sometimes I think, “Does she really belong to me?”. She does.

Well, I think I’ll go make a few phone calls and get my Kinkos stuff together. Thanks for listening to a sick woman vent. :)

Finally Monday Morning.

Good morning. I wouldn’t exactly say good because I am still sick but it is morning.
It was a tame night here last night. I watched the last show with Steve Irwin. :( I think it was called The Seas Deadliest Creatures?? Something like that.
Then I watched Iron Chef America. I SOOO LOVE THIS SHOW! Beets was the ingredient. Beets are YUMMY!
HB and I just sat in a comatose state on the couch. He’d flip back and forth to the football game of course.
I think we went to bed about 11pm. I didn’t have any hopes of sleeping. I worked on a crossword puzzle then tried to sleep. I woke up at 230 and didn’t go back to sleep. I was freezing and couldn’t stop shaking. I got up and came into the living room (with the new curtains) and turned the tv on. I watched a few re-runs of The Kumars at No 32 . Alice Cooper was one of the guests and then Jane Seymour in another re-run. It was comical! I think I fell back to sleep on the couch around 530am. Then HB woke me up to get back in bed at 630. I think.
My sister called and woke me & O up around 830. O woke up with a fever. Can I not get a break ?!??!??!!?
I got an email of a couple interested in having a Doula at the birth of their baby in March.
Anyway….the Circus is coming close to us in a few weeks. I want to get tickets to the show and drive the kids down. I always loved the Circus, my grandparents took me all the time. I took the kids a couple years ago and they enjoyed it, I think. I also took my grandmother with us. I hope things work out and we can go.
I must sign off and sit on the couch.

Candy as a reward, huh?

Maybe because I am sick I am in a ‘fighting’ mood. Let me explain. My daughter H brought home a list of things to buy for her new class last Sunday to me. Since there was no school on Monday I took her to the local drugstore to buy things. The list looked like this:
*150 page notebook
*Markers*Colored Pencils
*Box of Tissue
*Hand Sanitizer*Glue Stick
*Bag of Candy

I didn’t intentionally forget the bag of candy because I really did forget it. Then when I realized it I shrugged it off. I thought if a teacher wants to reward the children for good work/behavior with candy then she/he could buy their own candy.
I do not reward my kids with candy. For example I would never say, “Thanks for making your bed honey. Go get a candy bar.” I thought it absurd…….
Soooo, anyway H tells me the teacher took 10 points off a grade because the teacher said she wasn’t prepared for class. IE: She never brought in her bag of candy. Ummm, excuse me. I purchased everything for H to have in class that was needed the most. She had paper and pencils. I even bought a box of kleenex. Did H have to have a candy bar to finish the paper??? So needless to say I am frustrated at the whole situation.
With Type 2 diabetes in children and obesity in children on the rise I just do not understand the candy as a reward system.
I am trying to decide on what to do. 1-Send the teacher a nasty letter getting back H’s 10 points by sending in a bag of candy, 2-Leave her a voice-mail because I know I couldn’t get straight to her, 3-Talk to the Principal or 4-send her lots of packets on diabetics and obesity in children. I could even do all of the above.
I am just upset about her taking points away from H because I didn’t send in the candy. HELLO!! We’ve all had the flu. When have I had time or even thought about buying a freaking bag of candy to send to school?
Then I begin to count in my head….how many students are in the class? How many bags of candy does she have? Wonder how many BONUS bags of candy she has because you know people must buy bigger!! 20% more free!!! Lets do the math. Lets say there are 28 students in class. I just searched around and the average drug store bag is around 20 ounces (they have Valentines Candy out now). Let’s say everyone but H brought a bag of candy in. Soooo, she has around 33 pounds of candy shoved in a drawer? And the amount goes up if there are more students in the class.
Well, that is all I have to say at the moment. I don’t feel like typing anymore at the moment. I hate being sick. I have had a major set back and today I feel worse than the past 2 days.

What no snow?

I figured as much. I had hoped for snow. (Along with H & B2)

Silly me, I thought it was winter.

Even though I feel like crap and didn’t sleep much last night; I made the traditional pancake breakfast for everyone. Then cleaned up the kitchen, which didn’t seen really fair to me. Anyway….

My shoulder hurts so I added something to my “TO DO” list for this week. **VISIT MY CHIROPRACTOR!!!!**

B & B2 are playing football on the PS2 and H & O are playing together. I on the other hand am sitting on my butt behind a computer screen. I just took out my “planner” and looked at what the week ahead of me had in store. Thankfully not much. *I have to call someone on their birthday. *I MUST TAKE H’s JEANS TO BE ALTERED!!!!! I have been trying to drop them off for almost 3 weeks. (I could have hemmed them myself in this time–I just choose not to hem jeans.) *Grocery Shop.

Not a bad week. (Knocking on wood)

If time allows and I am sure it will, I am going to run down the street and get a pedicure. My lovely 12 year old painted my toe nails yesterday for me……lol…..so now I am in the mood to let someone else do it for me. I haven’t had a pedicure since I was pregnant with O. I deserve one. All women deserve one.

Well, I guess I am going to make another cup of coffee and sit on the couch for the rest of the day. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Good Saturday Morning!

Well, I am finally feeling HUMAN again. I am awake and already cleaning and delegating to everyone else. I just pulled the muffins from the oven and sat down to drink my cup of coffee while it is still hot.

B2 and O seem like nothing ever happened but HB still feels yucky. He might go sweat it out at our friends house in their sauna in a bit. Today I am cleaning bathrooms and swiffering. H is going to dust for me. Then we all are going to fold the laundry. Sounds like a plan.

Today I am going to work on my invitation for the doula retreat in March. I am in charge of snacks. So I will prepare an invite for other doulas to bake, buy or donate and then they can pick a time to set-up/clean up. I wasn’t sure about how to go about this since I have never done it before for my instructor. (even though she isn’t my instructor anymore; I still look up to her and think she is the best at her job.) But she was very helpful so I think I have a plan now. She sent me some of her old “sheets” and I will go by those. SHE IS MY HERO and I told her that as well.

Soooo, that sums up my day. Tonight I think I’ll cheat with dinner and run to FM are pick up a rotisserie chicken and I’ll make the sides to go with it. I thought I would make my scalloped sweet potatoes and something green.

Well, my coffee cup is empty so I must go. HAPPY SATURDAY !!! :)


someone pass me a kleenex please.

Still feeling YUCKY!!!

B2 started throwing up–yipee! NOT!

Back to the couch………

I want to stay in bed all day

I don’t see that happening though with a husband and 3 kids running around.

School was on a 2 hour delay and everyone just left. B2 is making his debut back at school today. Lil O is sitting in her Dora chair watching a Dora.

I have a cup of coffee; which is probably warm by now. Nothing tastes right to me anyway so it doesn’t matter.

I hate having the flu. I really hate it. Every joint in my body aches. The docs called us in some Tamiflu. Plus we are taking Oscillococcinum. Try saying that fast 3 times. lol

I was told last night that a Doula will not be needed for the home birth in a few weeks. Thats ok. At least I got my rear in gear and ordered my packet. I’ll be ready next time.

Well, my ‘To Do’ list is short today. *REST*

What has Supermom done so far today?

  • woke up with a sore throat (Plus no sleep because O was feverish all night)
  • made the beds (but B2 and I just talked about crawling back into mine)
  • put the clean laundry up
  • transfered my Doula blog

  • drinking cup of coffee #2

  • set some chicken breasts out to thaw for dinner


  • called docs office and medicine is on the way for me & O
  • fixed lunch
  • took a nap
  • sat on the couch and watched Cops<~~this I am ashamed of
  • took a quick hot bath
  • washed some dishes (the dishwasher is full of clean dishes)
  • took a picture of a hat I made yesterday (will post later)

This cannot be happening….spraying Lysol.

Sunday my son came back from his dad’s with the sniffles. Yesterday he complained of his leg hurting. Me being the hard ass mom said, “You’re ok, stop goofing off.” Well, I was treating him for the sniffles. He went to bed early which is normal for someone with a cold. This morning he was unable to walk. His legs were hurting him. Thankfully our doctors office opens early for sick patients. I got there at 7:25 and had to wait 5 minutes to get in. We were the second in the door then the office was PACKED!! All these sick kids were everywhere. Some carrying their throw up buckets. I was thinking OH NO GET ME OUT OF HERE! LOL

Well, it turns out B2 has the flu. He even got the flu shot last year. Why bother? LOL So he is going to be hogging the couch for a few days and in the mean time I am spraying Lysol so HOPEFULLY no one else gets sick.

Any suggestions on something else I can be doing to keep everyone else well?

Well, I am going to drink my cold coffee and catch my breath.

I wish everyone a lovely Tuesday. xoxoox

**I need to talk about this crazy dream I had last night. I was in the mob, well my family was. Someone trying to kill me. I guess he was a bad guy. But it seemed in the dream we grew up together. Next thing I know I am fighting someone, he’s fighting me…not a pretty picture. In my mind I kept thinking “am I going to have to kill him?”. Weird I tell ya. Then next thing I know he kissed me which made me furious. But then things change and we are ripping our clothes off. I don’t recall what his face looks like. I don’t remember what happened after that. I do remember my dad being upset that I didn’t do him in. But I told him I just couldn’t do that to him. Soooo, maybe I am wanting the Sopranos to come back on? LOL I don’t know but it was a messed up dream.

What a busy, yet not busy weekend.

Saturday I ran to the grocery store. My grandmother and Aunt K came over for me to write a few thank- you cards. My sister and her two daughters made a surprise visit. Then M came over and they finished their soup.

I did start to work on a hat for O. I unraveled mostly.

Sunday was a quiet day at our house. Literally. My grandmother and Aunt K came over again for more thank-you cards. She had bought more cards and then realized she forgot her addresses at home.

B raked some leaves. I ended napping with O.

H & B2 came home from their dads. So we played catch-up.

I FINISHED A HAT FOR O. But I didn’t write anything down because I made it up as I went. Sooooo……

Good morning. We are getting ready to do a few things. No school. We are having lunch with my grandmother and I have to shop for a few things for H’s class.

ALSO, I got a phone call last night. I might possibly have a doula client in February. HOW EXCITING!?!?! Another Doula called me and asked if I would be a part of a birth, like a back-up for her. So, if one of the certified Doula’s will be a mentor for me THEN I GET TO HELP IN A HOME BIRTH in a few short weeks. AWESOME! So as soon as we hung up I ran to the computer and ordered my DONA paperwork. I have to have that packet before I can be in any births. SO I dished out 45.00 and hope it gets here this week.

Well, I think the shower is mine now. have a Happy Monday.

People and Cars don’t mix well…

Last night while we were out we saw an accident up front. As we got closer I could tell that a person had been hit by a car. There were people all around the person; help hadn’t gotten there yet. At least I didn’t see the police or ambulance. It made me very sad. After the past few weeks I have had; to see something like this made me sad.

I want to look in the paper today to see if anything was posted.

I went to buy more yarn. We had such fun walking around the store. HB and I have such a good time together. I didn’t find much yarn though. I will try the other place once I have used up all that I have.

Then we went to the organic grocery to grocery shop and had a really nice meal off the hot bar there. Bread pudding YUMMY!!!

We got home and I put the groceries up and sat around. We watched The Soup. I was working with some of the new yarn trying to find the correct gauge to make O a hat of her own. All the hats I make are for infants. But now I want to make one for her big head…lol I found 2 beautiful colors to make her two hats from. I’ll post a pic if I accomplish it today.

Well I need to run to the not-organic grocery store in a few to pick up a few things I couldn’t get last night. We are spending our day together! I better get the Scrabble game out and shave my legs :)

Olive is my hero!

Last night we watched Little Miss Sunshine. It was a really really really good movie. I give it 3 really’s! Okay 4! Really!
It was wonderful from start to finish! At the end I couldn’t stop laughing! Soooo Olive is my hero! I won’t go stripping in any beauty pageants just yet though. HA HA!
Good Morning everyone. TGIF ?!?! I am glad it is Friday. Today I am going to take H’s pants to be hemmed, buy yarn and grocery shop. If time permits I want to run into Steinmart and look around. Remember I still have a gift-card for there. I like Steinmart. I seem to find the best jeans there! I am so picky, well all women are picky when it comes to jeans. I want jeans that cover all the goodies. I cannot wear low cut jeans. HELLO I HAD THREE CHILDREN! Make them for my body type too! SO, that past few pairs of Jeans I have came from there. Anyway…

Playing with the camera

Sometimes when I get bored I take random pictures. You’ll soon find that out. LOL

This is O and me. CHEESE!

M Lil O

I guess I’ll stop talking now…

…I refuse to sound like a nag.

I am still not feeling well. My back has been killing me for days. That is enough to make anyone grouchy.

Hubby had company over last night; they made homemade chicken stock. I guess he will come over again this week to make the soup. They were going to hang my curtain but the rod needs to be a bit longer. Sooo, HB is going to exchange it for me today. Tonight I’ll post a picture of the hard work.

I still need to take H’s pants to be hemmed and grocery shop.

H & B2 will come home Sunday afternoon from their dads.

Anyway…. I am going to check email and make a few phone calls.

Yes, they will always be underwear!

Today my sister came over. With her daughter who is (counting on fingers) 20 months. We had a big day planned.

I can mark off H’s underwear, B2’s shoes, O’s socks, paper towels, lotion, sippy cups, O’s bath wash, and CURTAINS!!! Yippee!! Oh and I found the perfect rod. My HB will have to hang them tonight after I get them pressed. I am excited about it! It is a HUGE window that allows people to see into our living space. I have never felt comfy sitting on the couch in my gown at night much less making out on the couch without a curtain…lol So now we can make out honey! lol

Now back to my subject line. I was looking for H some underwear today. Yes, I know she is 12, 13 in June, but I refuse to call them panties. I know I am being silly. My sister was teasing me and said buy her some thongs. I said, “Hush your mouth, this is my BABY you are talking about.” We got a good laugh. I should have bought her some granny panties!!! I didn’t though. I refuse to buy that small stuff for her. It is sad that she will be 13 this year. I don’t even want to think about her underwear when she gets older! Anyway…..

We got a dusting of snow.

I guess her taste in music isn’t that bad..

I am playing my daughters Ipod music. It isn’t that bad actually. One catchy song I like is by Pink–Stupid Girls. I don’t wanna be a stupid girl.

H & B2 are with their dad for a few nights so it will be a quiet house. I just gave O her bath and I have been cleaning house. That is what I do every Monday. Clean house. I just started a load of laundry. A stay at home moms life is so glamorous. Maybe I should put on some stockings and heels? I could turn this into a naughty housewife blog. I guess you can tell I am in a mood today.

I fell asleep right before Iron Chef America went off–bummer. I didn’t feel well last night. My back was killing me so I took something for pain. I am hoping for things to get pretty normal around here. I am in need of a chiropractic appointment. I haven’t been in weeks. I haven’t made time. This week is the week.

The Doula Retreat is in March. I am going to be in charge of snacks. Getting all the beautiful Doula women together to bring snacks to the wonderful women learning what a Doula is all about. I was in their shoes last year. It was a wonderful retreat! Great instructor. Hell, I’d take the class if I hadn’t already taken it. lol

Here’s a glimpse of my To Do List for the week.

Michelle’s List:
JCP-Curtains for living room window (need to take measurements)
B2 shoes–size 2
(Look at their towels)
Steinmart-use the giftcard your grandmother gave you for Christmas.
Target-Dish towels
Bathroom towels
Paper towels-VIVA <~~I love those! Lotion Michael’s-Yarn

Lets not forget the every day things I do. Plus the grocery shopping. So, there you have it. A glimpse into my world. I guess I better go find my stockings and heels. See ya…

What happened to the sun?

It is raining. Maybe it won’t last long. What I would really like is about 12 inches of snow. Yes I said snow. I do live in the mountains; it is normal to snow. Sadly we haven’t had a good snow in a very long time. It was almost 70 outside yesterday in the first week of January. Something about that just isn’t right.
I was going to go visit with my Aunt today because she wanted me to get some of the potted flowers sent to the funeral home. Hell, I have 12 already, what are a couple more? But since they are running errands today, they will bring them by here. Soo, that means I can stay in my gown all day. Which was my plan from the beginning. I had wanted to stay in the bed all day but in reality that just wasn’t going to happen.
H is in the shower. B2 and 0 are going through one of H’s girly magazines that comes to the house. She conned me into getting like 3 magazine subscriptions last year. They are all about fashion and of course boys. Gotta love that!
My HB is working on work stuff.
I on the other hand, made pancakes this morning and cleaned the kitchen. Made beds. Picked up the house like a good lil wife. HA HA
I had hubby play my song just now. A Morrissey song-Interlude. We took that CD on our honeymoon and listened to that song ALOT! LOL But it was a really nice honeymoon. A B&B on a secluded beach. Who wouldn’t love that? All we did was eat, make love, sit on the beach and play scrabble. Not all in that order though….lol We’d get dressed and go eat dinner but most of the time we stayed in. (wink) Are you wondering why we played Scrabble on our honeymoon? LOL It is how he proposed to me actually. We were big Scrabble players and on our second New Years Eve together he took me to a fancy restaurant and then when we got home he suggested we play Scrabble. I thought that odd but went along. I was actually winning a game when he plopped down his letters. I will post a pic. Soooooo, we took our travel Scrabble with us. HA HA
Anyway….we found out we were pregnant 5 weeks later. :) We were so thrilled!!!! I have 2 children from my first marriage so this was my husbands first baby! He was tickled pink! So now we have 3 babies/kids running around our home. We are planning baby #4 as I type this. We want another baby together so we are working on it. LOL I must be crazy or in love. Maybe both. HA HA Well, I have talked enough——-time to think about a shower/bath and becoming apart of the living. I wish everyone a lovely Sunday.

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

won’t you be my neighbor?
H is sleeping. She doesn’t feel well. Girl stuff. Damn puberty.
This is what B2 and I were working on before I had to start dinner:


I will post who wins later. This is the new Monopoly that came out late last year. It is okay I guess…..
Well my company will be here soon. My Aunt K, my grandmother and Aunt K’s grand-daughter are coming to eat dinner. Bye Bye

Finally able to sit down to share a funny but true story…

I will change the names to protect the innocent! lol
After my first marriage ended a good friend told me to put a profile up on Match. After a bit of coaxing I finally put one up. I had lots of responses and it was pretty easy to weed out the ones that no way in hell would have anything in common with you. Unless you were looking for an easy lay. lol
Sooo, this handsome man emails me and we play email tag for a bit. We exchange pictures and talk for a few days that way. One night he wants my number or maybe it was me that wanted his. I forget. So, we talk on the phone. No biggie. Things are going well. He sounds nice. He wasn’t getting all perv on me. And then I mention my ExH’s name. He starts to laugh. I say, “OH no, don’t tell me you know him?” He then goes on to tell me that he knows me. LOL And then it clicks. I think I shouted his name! Then we got a much needed laugh at the hysterics of it all. It turned out that my dads cousin had picked me up on Match! He hadn’t seen me since I was a young teen so that was why he didn’t recognize me in the now grown up pictures. We became friends that day and used to hang out some. Then since there was no way anything could come of our relationship we both went our own way with no hard feelings.
Have you begun to wonder why I am sharing this story? I am getting to it.
I had told my husband about it long ago, so it wasn’t some secret I was keeping from him or anything. Well, lets call him Wayne ended up being a pallbearer at my Uncles service yesterday. We hadn’t seen each other in years. We both are re-married now. We kind of had our secret knowing smile and went on our way yesterday. No biggie…
So last night I bring up the Match story to my hubby and then point out the pallbearer that it had been. So now my husband has been teasing me! LOL
So add that to the many reasons to never use an online dating service! HA HA
Well, my Aunt and Grandmother are coming over for dinner tonight. SO I have lots to do. Happy Saturday!
My husband was a pallbearer too….he said that made my story better knowing that.
Nighty Night

I need a Doctor…

A Doctor Who that is.
I just sat down and thought, my god I cannot watch the kids play PS2 for the rest of the night. Maybe I can catch a rerun. A Christopher Eccleston rerun that is. I have never been a DW Fan. Until…
I remember Doctor Who coming on when I was a child on PBS. I was too young to know what the show was about to watch it. So, when my husband brought it up, I was scared thinking–OH NO <~don’t make me watch another show you talked about as a child and come to realize that being older it wasn’t the same. BUT it is WONDERFUL! We have watched all the new seasons, have seen Doctors change and now the companion is different for the new season not shown yet.
Personally I miss Christopher E as the Doctor. I thought him so handsome. Not HB handsome but not far behind…lol
We are all home and changed out of our Sunday best. It was a very sad service of course. Thankfully the rain stopped and the sun begun to shine at the cemetery. We all went back to my grandmothers…I am glad to be home. B2 and H are fighting, I mean playing together, on some silly PS2 game. O is sleeping and HB is sitting behind me on the other computer reading whatever he reads. Well, I am off to find a DW rerun I hope and perhaps crochet on a hat. Anyone need a newborn hat? lol
I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend.

Good Morning

Is anyone else thinking TGIF ?!?!?!?
Wouldn’t you know it, it is raining. I guess a funeral in the rain makes sense.
Everything is pretty good around here. We did the family dinner last night with my aunt and our family. Wasn’t as morbid as I thought. It’s sad that the only time the ‘whole’ family gets together is when a death occurs. It didn’t used to be that way. We would all get together during the summer for a cookout. I guess everyone got older, had kids of their own and got too busy. My dad gets on to me all the time about not stopping, coming over to have a cookout. I know he wants to see me and the kids but………..this is where I insert my excuses to not leave the comfort of my home. And well my mom lives in TN and we see each other once a year. Maybe two.
Anyway…I am glad it is Friday. I guess I better get ready for the funeral in the rain.

Another Mazzie Star day…

I am swaying to Mazzie Star–Fade Into You.
I am feeling some better today. I guess 12 hours of sleep will do that to you. I am on cup #2 of coffee.
This afternoon we are having a get together at my grandmothers. She lives across the street from Aunt K. So she thought we would do it at her house so K wouldn’t have to worry with cleaning up.
Tomorrow is the service. How depressing. My oldest decided to not go with us. Which is fine. I have someone watching all 3 kids at my grandmothers while we are gone.
What a depressing few blogs I had to start my new year out with.

Well, now what?

This morning I took my aunt and grandmother something to eat. I sat around and kept them company. I was able to kiss my uncle and tell him good-bye. I wonder if he was able to hear us. He was on morphine for comfort. I left because O was getting sleepy. I just got home, changed clothes and fixed myself a cup of coffee when I got the call. It was my grandmother. She said after I left the head nurse came in and told them it would be within the hour. As I throw on my pants and grab the baby I am running out the door. Calling my husband. I get there and parking is awful. I am in tears, my phone will not stop ringing and I cannot find a freaking parking space. While driving around I run into my husband as he himself is looking for a place to park. I swear I drove around for 20 minutes, I know cussing like a sailor. But now I think it was meant to be that way. When I got to the room, he had already died…about 20 minutes before I got there. Hence me finding a place to park took that long. I touched his still warm hand and kissed him good-bye. He was so still. The chaplain said a prayer. I don’t even remember anything he said. It was all a blur. I stayed for a minute then made the drive home. I am sad for my Aunt K. She is such a wonderful woman and has been there my while life. I get sad because the people I have known the longest are starting to die around me.
I was talking with my HB last night and I think why I fear death so much is because the main male figure in my life died rught before I turned 16 and I think we buried him the day after my birthday. I guess because every person longs to turn 16 and drive. He had taught me to drive and instead of celebrating we were buring him. So maybe that is why death is scary to me. I don’t know I am just guessing.
I owe my kids a big apology from yesterday. I was such an evil bitchy mom. I had so much going on around me. I had no patience. I yelled once because my Aunt was on the phone and they just wanted to fight. It made me snap. We all were crying.
I do the best I can at any given moment. Sometimes my best needs some work too.
Well, I am going to find something to eat and think about what I am going to do after I get the kids from school.
I was trying to find a good picture of my Aunt K and Uncle G. This was Christmas of 2004. I was pregnant with O. B2 and H are behind them.
K G Kids

I think I have cried all day….

Today has been an emotional ride. My Aunt called. They are moving my uncle to a room where the family can be with him. They don’t expect him to live but 2-3 more days. Then my grandmother just called, he has taken a turn for the worse and may not make it until morning. I am not able to go up there. All 3 kids to take care of and such.

I plan on getting up first thing and heading up there.

Today I looked at death…

Since I am new here, you haven’t really gotten a chance to know me. Those that do, know I have a problem with death. It is my fear/phobia. So anyway…

My Great Uncle who is 84 has been dealing with lung cancer for some time now was put in the hospital last night. I just saw him Christmas Day and he seemed to be chipper and he talked to us. This morning my grandmother asked me to take her up there since he is her BIL. Plus she wanted to be with her sister. So I did. He is in an ICU area….there are only 3 beds in this place and everyone has their own nurse. I am thinking that isn’t a good sign. My Aunt is so sad and I am sure afraid that her life partner is dying right before her eyes. And he is dying. It broke my heart. I really didn’t say much. What can you say exactly anyway? “Sorry your husband is dying. Want something to eat?” <~~being sarcastic.

I gave my uncle a kiss while he was sleeping; he isn’t really aware of anything to begin with. Then I left. I had too. I had this tightening in the chest and I kept thinking “Dear God get me out of here. Please don’t let him die with me in the room. Please let him go to sleep and not wake up.” So after my B brought my aunt some hot soup I left. Plus I had O with me and I have to get H & B2 from school anyway. I left my grandmother up there. We will get her later….after the last visiting hours.

So today I looked at death and it wasn’t pretty. I am so sad for my aunt. She loves him so. She has taken such great care of him all these years and now it is just too damn sad. I don’t want to think about it. I just want to cry. I was up last night again. Awoken by another crazy dream. More anxiety dreams. So I watched an episode of Golden Girls and another old sitcom while I crocheted on a hat. Even after I went to bed about 2am I still didn’t have a peaceful rest. Hopefully tonight.

This is a picture of my uncle taken with O right after the cancer was found. This is a very nice picture of him.


What’s left of a Merry New Holiday Year

Happy January 1st everyone. Who actually stayed up until midnight? We had the best intentions but didn’t make it. We have company in town and they were leaving this morning; so sleep is what they had on their mind. Which was fine with us, well except my oldest. She wanted to stay up and watch the ball drop. Like it would mysteriously change her life somehow….
Last night our company was here then my sister and her family stopped by. I had set out some snacks and finger foods. We all laughed and got our hands dirty making sausage balls. Then men sat in from of the tv playing a football ps2 game in between watching a real football game on tv. Only men…. The ladies and children were all in the dining room eating and talking. It was definitely a lovely time. Then 10pm came and we all wanted to go to bed and dream of the new year coming. I slightly woke to hear the fireworks downtown then rolled back over to sleep. I had weird dreams last night. Anxiety filled dreams–someone chasing me.

This morning I woke up at 830. Knew that the coffee maker was just turning on. Time to get up. I already heard people up anyway…

Sadly my company just left about an hour ago. I had a really nice visit with them. Before they were out of the driveway I had my day planned. The Christmas Tree and decorations through the house are down and have been taken downstairs. Ahhhhh, I have the house back to semi-normal.

My kids, who I call H, B2, and O are all busy playing. Or is that getting into trouble? I get the two confused. My Handsome B is in the shower. I am sitting here drinking my second cup of coffee thinking–today is going to be a nice day.

This is what’s left of our holiday season—but it’s now sitting in the basement, alone….