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Happy New Year (Almost)

Back To Work I Go:

I want the New Year to bring good Health!

Merry Christmas!!

Time with the Family…

Wow, what a treat!

No One Knows, Yet Everyone Knows

Me and my HB.

Banana Crumb Muffins

11 More Days Until You Know What

Ugh, where is my energy?

Enjoying a Moment

The Family Bed

The Kids Even Liked Them

5 years ago...

A Menu In The Making:

I Love A List!



Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time.

DUDE!!! He’s why I bought a Dell.

The Weekly Plan :)

9 Year Old Boys….Hmmm…

Good Wednesday Morning :)

The scale said………

What do you do when you run out of Zofran?

Where’s Peter Pan?

5:30 am

My Doctor said Stress!

I was NOT snooping!

Where did that come from?

Random Picture From Yesterday

I am totally bored at the moment.

We turned the heat on Friday night….

Where is the Calgon?

Pushing Daisies

Early Girl, True Confections and a day with my sister.

Where did my baby go?

It Hit Me Today

Bullies are cruel people and should have rotten eggs thrown at them.

Monday Already?