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Happy New Year (Almost)

Monday already? WOW! What a weekend. I was in the hospital with a KIDNEY STONE. Sent home with good drugs…waiting…

My HB is still sick but Lil O is much better.

Since snow is for-casted, I ran to the grocery store this morning to beat the loonies who think the world will end when the snow comes. I made some lemonade a bit ago. A weird request in the winter but it will be yummy. Then I made some homemade garlic hummus. YUMMY!

I cannot believe another year is almost over. Tomorrow will be January 1, 2008. The year 2007 had been full of happy things and full of sadness.

My great aunt losing her husband and my papaw dying. My MIL losing her favorite brother.

It also brought great things as well. H in her last year at middle school. (Maybe I should add that to the sad list as well.) B2 loving fourth grade! Lil O growing up so fast. Time flies for sure when you see the growth of your children. Getting pregnant with baby number 4. Life has been great for us and I am truly blessed.

I hope that you look upon 2007 and see all the great things you have been able to share with others. May you look forward to 2008 with soo many possibilities.


Back To Work I Go:

Planning a menu and grocery list work that is. My two oldest are in NJ/NY until January 3rd, 2008 sooo I have a couple more days to plan everything. So far I have:

Shepherd’s Pie
Chicken & Dumplings
Veggie Meal-Sweet Potatoes, Corn, Green Beans & Slaw
Tuna Casserole

One night will be Lucky Leftover Night because I have a DAMA Meeting at 6pm. A get together to celebrate the holiday/New Year Season. I am looking forward to that. We are to take a favorite treat with us. I am going to make my HB’s FAMOUS Guacamole! With some SALTY chips it will be awesome. I can post the recipe for it later and I highly recommend you try it. ~It doesn’t have tomatoes or mayo/sour cream in it like lots do.~

Plus my friend Tammy wants me to root her an avocado pit since I am the pro at doing that and then mail it to her. HA HA! I need to take a picture of the two I still have. One is about 5 feet tall. I’ll try to remember that for another time.

Santa ~AKA my wonderful husband~ brought me a shiny brand new KitchenAid Stand Mixer. I am dying to use it. I think I might make a carrot cake this coming week as well. Just so I can use the mixer! But then again it is so pretty I don’t want to get it all dirty. LOL

Well, time for Lil O to get her cough medicine. I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend. :)

I want the New Year to bring good Health!

It all started with H getting sick 12-22 and going to the early office hours on 12-24 to find out she had strep. Then while “Santa” was getting ready that night Lil O starts to cough as well. Then B2 and HB are sick as well. I took Lil O to doc yesterday to rule out strep and they gave her something for her cough. To which it wasn’t successful last night since I was awake every hour or 1 1/2 hours to a coughing helpless baby. WITH AN ANNOYING HEADACHE I might add. The headache was mine….

My little niece spent two nights in the hospital with pneumonia over the holiday so “Santa” had to come up there for her. She is home and getting better while her lil sis is hacking up a lung like Lil O. Plus, my mamaw is sick. So you see…

So for the New Year I want good health for everyone. I think starting the New Year with well people would be a good sign.

The holiday season was really really wonderful here. Lots of family time with sick people, great food and awesome gifts. A very good holiday indeed–minus the coughing and snot that is.

I have been having a fit to get ready for the new baby. LOL I want to get everything ready for her but it is too soon to have PINK everywhere and to be tripping over a baby swing and bouncie seat. My shower is planned for February, so after that I am going to put as much PINK out as possible. I want girly pink EVERYWHERE! LOL The boys in the house will be gagging! We are still working on a name though. I don’t usually share that with others until after the birth though. You never know who might like it and use it before you. Silly I know but that is how a pregnant woman thinks. To get her heart set on a name and someone get a new dog/cat and them use it. Something like that would be bad. ha ha Anyway…

I guess I am going to go and crochet on my blanket for the baby. I bought this great PINK yarn with hopes of making her a sweater but the yarn was too fuzzy so I was losing my stitches. I’ll have to buy another yarn for the sweater so right now I am working on a blanket.

I wish everyone a wonderful day filled with great health.

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!

May it be filled with lots of love and surprises.

Time with the Family…

…is time well spent.

We have been busy in our house.

Today we went to my dad’s for Christmas food and to open presents. Lots of food I might add.

We all had a really nice time. Tomorrow we are having my MIL over to celebrate Christmas with her. I am planning a nice meal for her. I have been doing some of the prep work tonight so I don’t have too much to do tomorrow.

I just feel very blessed. So very blessed. And the new baby is coming into such a wonderful and loving family.

I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend and Christmas season. Enjoy this time with your family and friends. That is what it is about to begin with anyway.

Wow, what a treat!

Hello :)

Today B2 had an ortho visit to tighten those braces and make his mouth sore. I sent him on to school before and told him I’d pick him up for the appointment. School said I have 1 1/2 hours to get him back or he’d be counted absent anyway.

Long story short–he didn’t make it back.

Instead he wanted to go to Red Lobster for lunch. Such a treat for a cold day, 7 days before Christmas I might add. It wouldn’t have been my first choice in a place to go but he was picking! LOL

We had shrimp scampi, popcorn shrimp, crab cakes and crab legs. I am so full I can barely breath! Not to mention I ate TWO biscuits, a salad and 1/2 my baked potato! LOL No wonder I cannot move.

Then I had to go to Target of course. For my weekly visit there. LOL I also stopped by the craft store and bought PINK yarn to make the little one a tiny sweater for her arrival and trip home. I’ll post pictures of the progress of that later on when I get it started.

Well, we are off to collect H from school and brag about our day of eating seafood and shopping. I will say it was nice having special time with B2. We needed it together! Have a wonderful afternoon. :)

No One Knows, Yet Everyone Knows

Know what I mean? The first person I told was my sister. Then I spoke with my Mamaw. My friend Tammy. Then my dad. It was nice to tell someone other than keeping it between me and B. I guess in a way I was afraid to say it out-loud. For fear of breaking down. Crazy huh? But it was hard keeping it to myself–I wanted the comfort. I wanted someone to reassure me and tell me everything would be okay.

In my mind I am a pretty healthy 33 year old woman and my husband is a fit 44 year old man. I have had 3 healthy children. Weighing in at 8 lbs 12 oz, 9 lbs 13 oz & then 7 lbs 12 oz. I had no worries about them. I dealt with kidney stones in ALL three pregnancies. That was pretty much my only complaint. A painful one I might add. Thankfully they give wonderful drugs for those that let you hallucinate in your hospital bed. BONUS: They send you home with them too.

I had no worries about getting pregnant again and having another baby. I was thrilled at the thought and never thought we would finally decide on when to try again. I remember taking the test one morning. In my granny gown. Then running into the living room before B went to work to tell him our good news. Just what we wanted! Another baby to join or happy family.

So once it became clear to me “Yes this is happening, you are not in a dream”, I began to research. I searched the web of course. Read lots of factual things. Joined a blog group about it where I could speak with other moms that were waiting just like me. Bought a couple books. To which I read the first couple days.

So here I am. Sitting at the computer on a very cold Sunday night hoping for some snow. What are you trying to tell us you ask? Last night at my B’s Christmas party someone approached us about the fact not stated yet. It took me off guard. I wasn’t prepared for that. Wasn’t prepared to be spoken to about it. Well, other than people that I knew in a personal way. Hence: No One Knows, Yet Everyone Knows.

I am opening myself up for peoples comments. And advice I am sure. I don’t want anyone’s sympathy. We are really fine. :) There are much worse things that could happen to a family. Its just the unknown that terrifies me the most.

Two weeks ago during a routine 20 week ultrasound a tech noted something about our baby girl. Her nuchal fold was thicker than normal. This is possibly a sign for Downs Syndrome. She said she wasn’t worried because it was a 2nd trimester ultrasound. It was pretty much all a blur to me after she said Downs Syndrome. The tech noted no other ’soft signs’. But after we left–it hit me. Those words. Left us thinking. Wondering. The unknown. I didn’t want any tests. We will love our daughter no matter what. It is a waiting game now. We will have to wait until she is born to know for sure if she indeed has DS.

I prayed to God. I do it more often now. But not for the ‘perfect’ baby. Just my baby girl. His Gift to us. I pray for her to be carried to term. Be a great weight. Breath on her own. No major health issues. Most importantly to be able to come home when the time comes for us to go home.

I know nothing is certain and we will not know until April. I am okay with that. No matter what–we will be okay.

So there you have it.

Me and my HB.

Christmas Party

Banana Crumb Muffins

I found one that I LIKE!!!!
I made these this morning and they are YUMMY!
Banana Crumb Muffins
The only thing I changed was—I added about 1 cup chopped pecans to the batter before I spooned it into the muffin cups.
I am trying to save some for the kids and NOT eat them all.

11 More Days Until You Know What

First let me say, I am not depressed or need medical attention. LOL I had someone ask me if I was okay because I had a mad ramble the other day. I am pregnant with baby number 4, I am allowed to break down just a couple times a year. LOL

In all seriousness, I am just dealing with some personal thing. I have the support of a good man, great kids, wonderful family and awesome friends. Just once in a while a good cry is okay to have. Things will work out no matter what. This I believe. :)

Today I spent it with my sister and little niece A. We were out at 8:30ish until 2:30ish I think. I am a tired woman for sure.

Lil O made my day today. I had a Christmas CD playing with all the great classics. We were driving by some Christmas decorations. She said, “I love Christmas time”. It was sweet and sincere. I look forward to her ripping off the paper to her presents.

Tomorrow we are having company and they are watching Lil O for us to go to HB’s Christmas party for work. I bought a great maternity dress and new shoes for the occasion. I may feel huge but I’ll look great. I’ll post a picture of me and my HB together later on of the event.

I wish everyone a happy and safe weekend. :)

Ugh, where is my energy?

I have spent the past few days in bed more than I have been OUT of it. Since Sunday I have been physically drained. Anyway….

13 days until Christmas!!!!!!!!! I hope that everyone is ready for the hectic yet joyous time with their families and friends.

My Christmas will start on Saturday, December 22. We will be celebrating at my dad’s house. That will be exciting. I am going to make a pineapple casserole to take. I have the recipe to share if anyone wants it. It is a yummy treat that is good with ham or as a dessert. MMM….

I started last night working on a menu and grocery list. I haven’t put all the pieces together yet.

~Tuna Casserole
~Veggie Night
~Lentil Burgers (Since they were a BIG hit)
~Shepherds Pie
~Butternut Squash and Pear Soup

That’s all I have at the moment. I am trying a new recipe for Banana Crumb Muffins for breakfast and snacks. I have been craving a Carrot Cake but too lazy to make one. Maybe next time.

~insert crazy ramble here, then I will be fine, promise~

I am in a mood or funk past couple weeks. I find myself listening to depressing Damien Rice tunes and thinking way too much. I try to be positive and tell others I am. But am I? Will there be a light at the end of this tunnel or will it just bring sadness. I am tired of being the brave one. I don’t want to be brave anymore. I have too much worry in me. Unanswered questions. Fear of the unknown.

Okay, I wish everyone a wonderful 13th day until Christmas.

Enjoying a Moment

Everyone is still in bed, shhhh. I have hot coffee and I am sitting by the glow of the Christmas Tree lights.

Yesterday was a wonderful day. ~big huge smile~

My sister, her husband and their 2 daughters came over for a Pre-Holiday party. Lots of yummy finger food and the kids decorated Gingerbread houses.


Gingerbread Kit

The artists. Minus one~she wouldn’t get in the picture.

The Artists

B2 and niece H hard at work.

Hard at Work

So proud!

So Proud

Me and my sister.

Me and Sis

The girls. Except me, I am taking the picture. Where are our handsome husband you ask? Outside getting up leaves! LOL

The Girls

B2 & Niece H’s house: The only thing they were helped with was the icing. Great job!

B2 + H2 House

H, O and niece A’s house. Just beautiful.

H O A House

After they left, I was exhausted. Which explains why I slept so well last night. I hope that everyone has a lovely Sunday. :)

The Family Bed

This morning I was snug as a bug in a rug–as they say. All snuggled up to Lil O. It made me think of a few conversations I had the other day. The family bed came up and I am sooooo FOR a family bed. So I googled the subject and it seems that LOTS of people are for a family bed. :) COOLNESS!
Lil O has been in our bed since the first day home from the hospital. We absolutely LOVE it. A baby is in the womb for 9 months; why would I think of not having her in bed with me at home? My husband once said, “Waking up to have your infant staring at your face and them smiling at you is awesome”. I agree. Yes, we get the occasional head butt and kick~but in the morning hearing her say, “Good morning Mommy. Did you sleep good?” It just makes it all better.
Personally having kids in the bed hasn’t bothered our “love” life in any way. Yanno, there are other places for that. During the night we are always playing footsie under the covers and snuggling with O up top.
I understand there are risks for having a baby in bed. I really believe a person knows their boundaries and will not roll over on a baby. That’s why we don’t roll off the bed.
Plus, babies die of SIDS, all alone in their own bed. I have read that a family bed reduces that risk. There are so many sites and studies and they all say different things.
Here is a great link: The Family Bed
It is all about personal preference and what you want in your home. For us the family bed is the way to go and we wouldn’t change a thing about it. Our only problem now is, making room for the new baby come April.
I firmly believe in:
~Wearing your baby
~Nursing your baby
~Sleeping with your baby
~Holding your baby
Ahhh, to be a baby…
I have done the above with all 3 of my children and will when number 4 gets here.
I for one am glad it is Friday. I am going to check somethings off my list. Tomorrow we are having a Gingerbread House building party. My sister and her family are coming over for that with lots of YUMMY snacks to munch on while 5 kids get icing and candy all over the place. I will post pictures when I get a chance.
Plus, who wouldnt want to sleep with this???

Sleeping O

PS. My HB said I should add that H & B2 are well adjusted children and when the time came, moved very easily into their own bedrooms with their own beds. So you don’t think we have this room full of children. LOL

The Kids Even Liked Them

I made another new recipe last night. Two actually. I made these great burgers.
Heidi’s Vegetarian Lentil Burgers
We have one of her cookbooks that my husband picked up. The burgers were tasty. I did what she suggested and after they were cooked, I cut them in half and added a slice of Swiss cheese. I put them back in the pan and put the lid back on until time to serve. The cheese was melted just right. Next time I am going to add some sauteed onions when I add the cheese.
I made this Slaw w/Apples as well. I am not sure if I like that recipe. I think I’ll search around for another one to try. If you have one, please share. :)
Then I diced up potatoes and sweet potatoes. Threw them in a baking dish, added sea salt, lots of garlic cloves, onion and olive oil. Baked until done. Another family favorite.
I went to the doctors yesterday and we saw our sweet sweet baby girl. I weigh in at 146. I knew I gained some pounds. 7 pounds in fact since I was last there for a visit. It’s nice to have an appetite back. Even if it is with the help of medication.
We really like the new doctor in the office and have chosen her to do our cesarean. She said we would schedule it closer to time since they are only up to February in making appointments for them. Something like that. LOL
I woke up this morning about 2 am’ish with a COLD! It’s just not fair. I have a killer headache, my nose is all funky, aching ears and sore throat. Wahhhhhh!!!! ~Insert pouty face here.~
Well, have a great day everyone!

5 years ago...

…I was nervous about my first date with HB. I am sure I was anyway. Our first date took place December 1, 2002. We went downtown and had a bite to eat at Doc Chey’s. Then went to watch a James Bond movie. We both love James Bond. I even have a Bond girl name. Lovea Bedhead.
It was a nice first date. I remember as we were hugging goodnight–I grabbed his behind. What can I say? It was squeezable.

After that, we were together when we could be.

I can remember where I first told him that I loved him and I know where we were when he told me.

We became engaged New Years Eve of 2003.

We got married May 30, 2004.

We found out we were pregnant with our beautiful daughter July of 2004. Our after the honeymoon baby. :) We were so happy. We wanted a baby together from the beginning.

We had a baby before we celebrated our 1 year anniversary.

So, here it is 2007. Another baby on the way. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Happy First Date Anniversary Tomorrow Honey. I’d still grab your behind if I had it to do over. xoxox

A Menu In The Making:

I have wanted to share a few things but when I sit down to write–they poof out of memory. So I made a mental note to do it first thing this time. :)

~Saturday while getting the ultrasound. Towards the end the baby was on her tummy sleeping. Her way of saying, “SHOWS OVER”.

~The other night Lil O, who will be 3 in March, got in trouble. I think she kicked me. She said, “I’m sorry mommy”. A few minutes later she did something else to get in trouble. She said, “I’m sorry mommy again”. LOL Being 2+ is so hard.

~Last night while I was trying to find my happy place and go to sleep. I felt a tiny hand on my shoulder. I rubbed it while saying, “My baby”. Then I hear, “I love you mommy”. Awwwwwww, adorable! I really enjoy having her sleep with us. She has been in our bed since she came home from the hospital. I really like the ‘family bed’ concept. We are actually playing with the idea of a bigger bed so when the new baby comes home she can sleep with us as well.

I started yesterday cruising recipes and planning a menu for next week. I think I have it pretty much all written down and I’ll be ready to shop soon. This is what I plan on cooking:

Sunday: Make White Bean and Vegetable Soup for lunch then freeze rest.

Monday: Vegetarian Lentil Burgers, Cole Slaw with Apples and Fries

Tuesday: BBQ Chicken from crock pot, Maple Glazed Yams with Pecan Topping and Green Beans

Wednesday: White Bean and Vegetable Soup with Cheddar Garlic Biscuits

Thursday: Lucky Leftover Night made which extras. :)

Friday: Get together with my sister to make 2 gingerbread house.

We worked on a menu this morning and it looks something like this: BBQ Cocktail Wienies, Pigs N Blankets, Chips & Dip, Crackers & Cheese, Baked Brie Cheese with Roasted Garlic and Haystacks. This is subject to change….lol We can munch on finger food while the kids make their masterpieces.

Saturday: Tamale Pie with Salad

Sunday: Black Bean & Corn Quesadillas

YUMMY!!!!! The last menu worked perfect. I made it just like I had planned and it was nice to have a guideline on the fridge. That way no food gets forgot about and we are making the most of what we have prepared. COOLNESS! :)

I guess I’ll go make a scramble egg sandwich with cheese and mayo. LOL I hope that everyone has a lovely day. :)

I Love A List!

I just sat down to go over Christmas lists. I have several going on. LOL
~Christmas Presents Bought. (Kids count how many they have wrapped and how many their siblings have wrapped. So I make sure they are equal.)
~Christmas Presents to Buy.
~Holiday Night Meal with my Sister. (We are going to get together before the busy holiday season and the children are going to make Ginger Bread houses. I already bought 2 kits.)
~Christmas Eve afewdaysbeforeactualchristmaseve with my side of the family.
~Christmas Eve Meal Menu withjustthepeoplethatlivehere.

Okay, does all that make sense? LOL

I am about half-way through my pregnancy. Since my cesarean will be a week before my actual due date. Woohoo. I am still fighting the urge to BUY BUY lots of PINK things. I have already had 3 ultrasounds at the doctors office. Plus 1 at a 3D/4D place. The detailed ultrasound at doctors office is Monday, December 3rd. I know we saw HER girly shot on Saturday but part of me says, “Wait until Monday”. LOL Then I will feel fine with buying everything PINK I see. LOL I hear the baby shower planning is under way so I am tickled PINK! Sorry, couldn’t resist! LOL

It is so exciting to think about the birth of our baby. I know I said I would stop after this baby but I could be easily talked into another. I don’t think my husband knows this though, shhh. LOL Knowing our luck it would be a FOURTH girl in the house! 5 girls and 2 boys. How cruel! Wait, I change my mind! That would mean FOUR weddings for us to pay for! LOL That’s one way of looking at it.

Well, I am going to work on my “Lists”. Everyone have a lovely Wednesday!

PS. This was posted on another blog I read. I wanted to share.
From Karyn’s Blog:

Obituary euphemisms:

“Free spirit” - unemployable
“Vivacious” - drunk (female)
“A character” - drunk (male)
“Fun loving” - drank more than worked
“Down to earth” - born working class
“Utterly carefree” – senile


As our family.

~ Which included HB, B2, H & O. My Sister, Grandmother and Great Aunt. HB’s Mom. ~

We saw our beautiful baby in a 3D/4D ultrasound.

We saw her sweet face.



Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time.

As I sit here, grumpy because my nap was interrupted, watching the leaves blow in the wind. Really craving that peanut butter pie! :)

I just wanted to say I am thankful for so much. I am not only thankful tomorrow but every day.

I have a wonderful husband who adores me. He takes care of me in so many ways. I have 3 great children. Yes, they give me challenges to overcome. But all in all they are great kids and have a great future ahead of them. We have a baby on the way. That is exciting for everyone.

We both have loving families that are there for us. We have great friends to be with. Never a dull moment.

I am thankful for everything I have in my life. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. I know you have lots to be thankful for too. :)

DUDE!!! He’s why I bought a Dell.

~cleaning out the email folder and wanted to share something my husband sent me~

Dell Dude Now Tequila Dude at Tortilla Flats

Ben Curtis

Ben Curtis has moved on from his Dell Dude days. But can’t you just hear him shout that slogan?Melissa Hom

Next time you’re at Tortilla Flats and you find yourself wondering aloud to your dinner companion, “What ever happened to the guy who did the ‘Dude, you’re getting a Dell’ commercials?” don’t be surprised when Ben Curtis, the man himself, approaches your table and explains the tequila list. While guest-starring on Law & Order and acting in films like the upcoming Proud Iva, Curtis has been a waiter and bartender at the Tex-Mex spot for the past year and a half, and though he dressed up as the Dell Dude for the Halloween party, he’s not about to repeat the slogan for you. He might, however, give you a free shot. “All you have to do,” he says, “is come and have a good time.”

How often do people recognize you as the Dell Dude?
Every day. It’s really difficult, but it’s a humbling experience. There were times when I made boatloads of money as an actor, but here I can be myself.

What’s the most extreme reaction you’ve gotten?
There was a group of women in their early forties, one of whom was bawling. I walk over and they said, “Our friend just passed away. We thought you might be able to cheer [us] up, we know who you are and you’re an incredible human and you’ve been through a lot and you’re an incredible actor. We’re all DEA agents, and we think you should smoke as much pot as you want to. And we love you.”

Do people ask you to repeat the catchphrase?
I’ve had tables of young girls who think they recognize me, and when they ask me, I say “yes” and then they don’t believe me and they start arguing and ask me to do the catchphrase and I’ll laugh and say, “It’s been four years, but I’m glad you’re a fan.”

Do people quote it to you?
They get really drunk, and they’ll start yelling things at me. I either ignore them, or if it’s way out of hand, I go up and say, “I appreciate your support, but my name is Ben.” That usually doesn’t work so I smile and ignore them.

Have you met any girlfriends on the job?
I had one when I first started working there, but now I’m single for the first time in a while. I’ve met a couple people there I’ve gotten to be really good friends with or dated for a while.

You’re also in a band?
My band is Whale, made up of a bunch of former actors. We had residency at Fat Baby. It’s the first band I’ve ever fronted. We have the green light, but we’ve decided to take a little time off to record our EP and package ourselves properly.

The Weekly Plan :)

It has been over a week since I last posted. Shame on me. I have been busy though. A good kind of busy. Not OMGoodness I have to do that busy.

Last Thursday I enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving meal with my son at school then watched their 4th grade program. It was awesome. It was Music around the World themed. There were two men in full Scottish dress and one played the bagpipes. It was really cool. I am glad I was able to be there to see. The kids were so thrilled at their masterpiece. As I was. The program had Mexican, Africa, Russian and Scottish heritage music in it. Kids were dressed to match their heritage.

I hear the Scottish coming:


My blushing son in his too long kilt~to which he wanted off ASAP! He looked so handsome.


That was a nice day indeed.

Over the weekend I went Christmas shopping. I actually enjoyed it. The crowds weren’t out just yet.

Since I have been feeling like my old self again, I have let Chef Denice (CD) go. SOBBING!!! But I am able to cook now for my family. I have made a plan. Seeing her cook and prepare for a week at a time made me think. I can do that and will do that. I sat down, made a plan and went grocery shopping.

It goes something like this:

Sunday: Make homemade zucchini bread for kids to munch on as breakfast or a snack. It is really YUMMY toasted with butter on it.
Clean spinach for weekly use in salads and to saute some. I made a huge salad to be eaten on the next couple of days.
For dinner we had CD’s Tuna casserole I had frozen and a nice salad.

Monday: Cook homemade Sloppy Joe’s and cook up two meatloaves. (One to be eaten later this week and one to freeze for later.) Make slaw.
For dinner we will have Sloppy Joe’s, slaw and assorted roasted potatoes.

Tuesday: Dinner will be Chicken Parmesan, pasta and salad.

Wednesday: Dinner will be meat loaf, mashed potatoes, root casserole and green beans.
~Root Casserole: I cut into cubes a sweet potato, turnip, couple of beets. Add lots of garlic cloves and some feta cheese. Add just enough water to cover bottom of baking dish to steam veggies. Cover and bake until they are tender.~


Friday: Dinner will be Collards and Ham Soup that CD had made and I froze last week, twice baked potatoes and some sort of bread to sop up the soup.

Saturday and Sunday: Lucky Leftover days.

Sounds like a plan! See, I can do this. Yippee!

Well, I am off to start cooking for Monday. I hope that everyone has a lovely day and holiday week. :)

9 Year Old Boys….Hmmm…

Why do 9 year old boys find in funny to pour all the shampoo and conditioner in the shower down the drain!!!!!!! He has done this before and been warned! Last night he did it again! No joke! H was next to shower and we hear her screaming about shampoo! ~shaking head~

So this morning HB realizes that it was all gone..none left. B2 isn’t talking or confessing any crime. But we know! LOL So, he has no computer, TV or game devices until he fesses up about what he did. And even if he does talk today–still none of the above until tomorrow probably.

Anyway…I just got back home from buying shampoo and conditioner for the family. I bought B2 his own 1.00 bottle for now! LOL He has to prove he can handle that before he can use what we use! LOL

I checked out the local news and WOW about the Aqua Dots. Guess it’s about time our kids used their imagination because there will be no toys soon. Wonder how all this will work out with Christmas soon. Me as a parent–what is safe for us to buy for our children? Well, luckily I have about 7 weeks to figure it all out. Is that about right?

I found something funny to share from another magazine I got at the doctors office this week.

Cafe Preggers

First Trimester Menu
Tums Compote
Fresh Saltines on a bed of Saltines, lightly seasoned with Saltines.
Ginger Ale (IV drip available upon request)
Ten minutes in a dim room with an ice bag for your head

Second Trimester Menu
Half a roast chicken, extra crispy
A succulent leg of lamb smothered in pork chops, served with BBQ ribs and garnished with cheeseburgers (all burnt beyond recognition for our safety)
Toll House pie smoothie, prepared with 1/2 pint heavy cream
9″x16″ pan of double-fudge brownies

Third Trimester Menu
(Each course followed by 15-minute neck massage and/or bathroom break.)
Three bites of tossed salad
Two bites of lasagna
None-so you’ll have room for dessert
A Tic Tac

*Double portions available if you’re expecting twins

(From babytalk magazine by Melissa Balmain)

Well, I am off to find a snack. All this food talk has made me hungry. LOL

Good Wednesday Morning :)

I am sitting all bundled up in my comfy robe. With the heat up. This weather is making me want snow! I know it is a bit early to be talking about it but I did. SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW

I have a few things to share.

*At what age can a 13 year old have a MySpace page? What happens if they do it behind their parents back? Well, that happened at our house. I told her that if she had come to us in the BEGINNING then we could have talked about it and taken the right steps. But since she didn’t do that, things are a bit different for her now. I don’t know. Being a 13 year old girl is hard and being a parent is hard as well. ~PS. The page wasn’t made here at home, we have everything blocked. So parents beware–it can happen and you not know it.~

*My husband sent me a link to something other day. All I can say is YUMMY! ~not~

(NewsTarget) The movie Supersize Me has probably had more of an effect than the producers anticipated. Since then, in the fast food industry, there has been a market trend promoting menu items that appear to be healthy. But most of these menu items have ingredients that health conscious consumers would prefer to avoid.

Just click the paragraph above to read the whole article. I deleted it from this page-it was way too long.

*Here’s a link of the VW bus making its journey to California. Some really cool pictures of it.

OldBug.com Road Trip 2007

*I sometimes wonder how much the recycling we do–really makes a difference? I found this article in a Baby & You magazine the doctor’s office gave me yesterday.

What Comes Around…
Don’t think recycling makes a difference? Check out these numbers:

IF… <—————————-> THEN…

we recycle our newspapers every week<~~>500,000 trees will be saved

we recycle just 35 % of our trash<~~>we can eliminate emissions equal to 36 million cars

you throw away a single aluminum can<~~>you waste energy equal to 6 ounces of gasoline

we recycle frequently<~~>we create new jobs: 36 for every 10,000 tons

Well I am going to work on the quilt. I’d share with what I am doing but my sister reads this blog and it is a SURPRISE! :)

Have a lovely Wednesday.

The scale said………

I weigh 139 pounds! I guessed it right! It is nice to be gaining weight!

Everything is fine. We heard “her” heartbeat again.

We scheduled the ultrasound for December. We will know if she is really a “she” then! LOL I made it for the afternoon so all the kids could be there.

I am making lunch a leftover lunch. Let me heat that up and enjoy my husbands company when he gets here. :)

What do you do when you run out of Zofran?

I didn’t mean too!! I called in the script last week and then was out of town for the wedding. My HB went to get my medicine yesterday and the PHARMACY was closed due to a death. SO NO ZOFRAN!!! The medication that has been making my life bearable! Making me be able to eat!!! And keep it down. Gone. No more.

So, this morning “Alice” is doing the weekly cooking and all I want to do is BARF! I have windows open and the heat on. Then I started having hot flashes and turned the heat down while I stood in front of windows. It was not FUN! I felt awful. Just awful!

My husband saved me by getting my meds at lunch and bringing them home. The damage has already been done though. It takes on average 1 1/2 hours to get in my system. I wasn’t able to enjoy lunch and I know I won’t get to eat dinner as well. I am tempted to over lap another dose…..hmmm….

Anyway…enough whining. I thought there had to be something I could do to take my mind off things. Besides build the worlds tallest Lego tower with lil O. So I worked on the Tinkerbell quilt. I was able to sew all of the top pieces together. I was a woman on a mission. Get the quilt finished and stay out of the bathroom! I DID manage to do both. Here is two pictures of the top piece of this cute quilt.

quilt top

I hope my sister will be happy with her Tinkerbell quilt. Maybe she can wear her Tinkerbell costume and let me take a picture of them together! HA HA :)

Well, I think I am going to take a shower and rest. I hope that everyone has a lovely Monday.

Where’s Peter Pan?

Happy November 1st! This is another day closer to the best day ever! THANKSGIVING!!!!!

I have been busy of course. After my papaw dying, we spent the weekend with family and his funeral. It was sad. All funerals are sad.

Monday we had company all day from California. Those that know me know the story already. Since I am going to post a picture, I’ll explain a bit more. My husband and his family had a local radio station. They do not now due to certain circumstances I will not go into. It’s a tragic event and one that should have been fixed YEARS ago. That on the other hand is another story for another day. Anyway…we’ve had this VW bus in our garage that had been turned into a Mobile Unit right after it was purchased all those years ago. My husband happened to meet someone who introduced him to the “VW Guy” in California. The timing was right and he came to NC for other reasons and stopped by our house. He is going to fix up the VW and get it running then show it off in VW shows. Then my husband and his family can sell the VW. It was exciting for my HB and then sad to know he’s probably never see the VW in person ever again. Like he was losing some of his dad as well. Here is a picture of the VW on the flatbed about to make it’s journey to California.

Bye Bye VW!


I admit, it was sad to see it on the trailer and be driven away.

I had only a couple trick-or-treaters last night. But the house had NO lights on so that might explain that. Here are a few pictures of my guests from last night.

Lets count the Tinkerbell’s.

ONE. TWO. (My sister and her oldest daughter.)

halloween tinkerbell

THREE. (A cousin joined in.)

halloween tinkerbell 2

FOUR. (Let’s not forget my baby niece.)

halloween tinkerbell 3

How many Tinkerbell’s can fit in one room? HA HA! FOUR so far.

Well, I have to prepare for a wedding I am in on Saturday. I wish everyone a lovely day and weekend. :)

5:30 am

Yesterday and last night I prayed to God to let my papaw die.

Then I felt bad for wishing for such a terrible thing.

Then I took it back and prayed to God to take papaw when his time was right.

My Papaw died at 5:30 am this Friday morning.

Cancer is such an awful thing.

My Doctor said Stress!

Like I can control that at the moment.

I haven’t been feeling well since Saturday. Cramping and such. When it got worse yesterday, I called my doc. They said for me to come in and they would take a listen to the heartbeat of our little one. I have gained 3 pounds and my iron is low AGAIN! I felt like I was being scolded. But I promise I am taking my iron. This always happens when I get pregnant. My iron is LOW! I guess when I go back in 2 weeks and they check it again, perhaps I can take a higher dose. WHOOPI! I don’t need to bother with ever going to the bathroom again! ~insert eyeroll here~ I told him I had some stress going on. Some of it I cannot control but it is still there. For example:

~my papaw has now lost consciousness because his body is shutting down and he will likely die today at Hospice. It’s only 8:20 am and I have already gotten 2 phone calls to tell me.

~having things to do and not be able to do them. Having the personal chef is going to be a big relief for me when she starts.

~just usual activities with kids.

~having to find a dress for a wedding! ~I found a dress last Friday~ Then having to drive to another state to be in the wedding.

~hubby having friends in town and I know he wants everyone to get together. I wish I felt better. It causes me anxiety and it really shouldn’t. But when you don’t feel well; there is no rhyme or reason to what makes you feel a certain way.

~hubby having to deal with family things.

That’s all I can think of at the moment.

Well, my quiet time is over. Lil O is up and about. Time to do a 10 minute tidy!

This is our little bundle of joy. I got it yesterday.


I was NOT snooping!

The note was on her desk. Granted I had to open it to read it but that is a small technicality. I will say in my defense. Sometimes you have to read the forbidden to know the real scoop about what is going on in school and your 13 year olds life. To them telling a select part of it; is enough. I think not!

Back to reading the note on the desk that was in plain sight! It mentioned a girl not being pregnant because she went to the doctor. HOLD UP! Was what my mind said! It made me angry at first. Then I was sad. To be so young and not have parents protecting you and teaching you that sex at 13 is a HUGE BIG NO NO! I was torn on to tell H I read the note and how it made me feel or stay out of it. BUT me being the mom who wants to be able to talk to her daughter and help guide her in making decisions that will be with her FOREVER, of course I said something to her. I waited until we were alone and then told her about the note.

I basically said that if she has to go to the doctor to find this out then she is someone you really shouldn’t be hanging around with. I said I know you don’t believe me BUT you are judged with whom you hang out with. If this girl is having sex at 13—do you want to be thought of like that as well. I told her I felt sadness for this young girl to think sex was okay and that her parents were not teaching her the right things. That pretty much summed the talk up. She then went on to tell me that she didn’t hang out with this girl; but she had heard the rumor.

We shall see. Growing up is so hard at this age. I just hate it for her. How hard it can be.

Anyway….there was no school yesterday. We went to Target and have a lovely lunch with mamaw. I came home and felt AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL! Yesterday was a feel bad day for Michelle but I sucked up and enjoyed it for the kids! It was awful though! :(

Then of course we had take-out for dinner. I’ll be so glad when the personal chef starts on Friday! I’ll tell you how that goes!

I hope everyone has a lovely day. It’s rainy here. Wish I could send what little rain we have to California at the moment. Those fires are tragic!

Where did that come from?

My first belly pic. Taken October 23, 2007.


Random Picture From Yesterday

The avocado plant I was boasting about way back in the summer. She has grown A LOT since the last picture I posted.

avocado tree

I am totally bored at the moment.

My HB says an intelligent person is never bored. A phrase his dad used all the time. AT this moment in time I disagree! I am an intelligent woman and totally bored. Yes, there are things I can be doing. Cleaning house, working on laundry and sewing on a quilt. But I don’t wanna! I plan on staying in my pj’s all day AGAIN. Like I have for the past 3 days.

Its dreary and rainy here. That’s enough to make anyone crawl back in bed.

Last night I watched the third episode of Pushing Daisies. I still like the show but wonder how long they can go on. He will eventually touch her again—-maybe. I don’t know.

Well, I am going to heat up something for lunch and continue to be bored.

We turned the heat on Friday night….

Fall is in the air then Fall is out of the air. We had some cold weather and even turned the heat on Friday night. Then we had a 70′ish weekend. We spent a good part of the day outside on Sunday. It was really nice.

I have Fall decorations around the house and it is very nice. I love Fall and when it’s Fall I think of Thanksgiving. My FAVORITE HOLIDAY EVER! Time with family without the awful stress of buying presents. We missed Thanksgiving last year because we were in Disney. So this year I want to double up on my turkey eating and pecan pie slices. :)

Last week was fun filled as always. H got her school pictures back and she is a true beauty. Makes me want to hide her from all male beings. Seriously….

Today I hit Target (and Chuck E Cheese so O could play) to pick up household cleaners and Michelle things. Like lotion and got to have deodorant. I found my niece her birthday present as well. We have her 7th birthday party on Saturday. It is Hello Kitty theme :) I look forward to the birthday cake myself!

Then I had a nice Indian lunch with my husband and a friend of ours.

I am truly blessed.

I have been doing some thinking. I have a Personal Chef coming on Wednesday for a food interview. We have been living off take-out for the past 10-11 weeks and are pretty much tired of it. Plus it is costing us a small fortune to feed a family of 5. Some days its 2 times a day!! A friend of mine told me about a Personal Chef. They come to your house once a week and cook for the whole week. Throw it in the fridge or freezer. They even grocery shop! I am loving that. We are going to sit down and add up take-out and grocery bills from the past 10-11 weeks and when we get an estimate on Wednesday—perhaps hire her to cook for us. I am sure she will be cheaper than what we have been doing and have much better meals. She will cook organic for us and make kid friendly meals! I am excited about the whole thing.

I am feeling somewhat better with this pregnancy. Just extremely tired and occasionally get sick after eating. I am still popping pills left and right. My face is still badly broken out from the acid reflux. I just need a break!

Last night while in the zone I felt the baby move. This early you often miss it. But it was very clear last night I have something growing in me.

I have chatted enough about nothing. Have a lovely night. :)

I was trying to explain how I have been feeling and came across this great article that I shared with my husband.

Its an interview I found on pregnancy.org. Thankfully my barfing never got to this extent but the interview is awesome and says it much better than I ever could. (I am taking Zofran as well and LOVE it!)

Fun with barf: A Hyperemesis Gravidarum Q&A

By Damomma

What is Hyperemesis Gravidarum? It’s Latin for “Barfing a Whole Lot While Pregnant.”

How does it feel to have Hyperemesis Gravidarum?Okay, imagine the worst flu you’ve ever had. Imagine it continues without relief for weeks or months. Now imagine some nice stranger suggesting that if you sniff ginger and eat saltines you’ll feel all better. That’s Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Who gets it?Mostly women who did something bad in a former life whom God wants to punish. Hahaha just kidding. About two percent of pregnancies are affected by Hyperemesis, which has a fancy scientific definition that includes how many pounds you need to lose before anyone takes you seriously. My definition is more simple: If you’ve ever wrapped yourself around a toilet and begged for someone to hit you with a blunt object and put you out of your misery than either you’re really drunk or you have Hyperemesis. Your odds of Hyperemesis improve if you are female.

Have you tried sniffing ginger? Actually, the one thing I haven’t tried is smoking crack. Give me time. As to the ginger, it made me barf.

Have you tried peppermint? See ginger.

Does anything work?Well, like I said, I haven’t tried the crack yet. But, interestingly, many of the proffered remedies seem to have a similar effect on me. Phenergan, for example, elevates my state of being to the level that I giggle for a bit and pass out. Good news is that I don’t barf.

I am currently on Zofran, a relatively new remedy for morning sickness that does take the edge off. It’s kept me out of the hospital, which is great, and I only barf once or twice a day now, which is a huge morale boost, lemme tell you. The bad news is that that those tiny little Mother’s Helpers cost $20 a pop. That’s per pill. I take at least two a day. Our insurance company just denied our last claim. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that. If I think about it too much, I barf, so let’s change topics, huh?

Does Zofran have any side effects?Giiiiirl I am so not talking about that here. But suffice to say I’ve done some calculations and I expect my next normal BM to occur sometime around October 7th. (Remember: YOU ASKED!)

This really is a lot of barfing. Have you kept any records of your barfs? Any anecdotes?I’m so glad you asked. Let’s see, the most humiliating barf was when I was about six months along with Mary and I puked in the Baptist Church parking lot of our tiny rural North Carolina town. Yes it was Sunday, and yes people were filing out of services. Matters were not improved by the Marine whacking my back and saying, “WOW that was a good one, good job honey, woo hoo!!”

My most heroic barf was at the end of my pregnancy with Mary when I was eating a delicious croissant in a local bakery, was seized with a familiar rumbling, and flew out the door to toss my cookies in the public trash can on the corner. After I was done I marched back in and finished the croissant.

So far this pregnancy the prize winner was tandem barfing with the dog. Honestly, that was a low moment.

Gee, how do you handle all this big fun? Quite simply, I’ve got great friends. El has several times performed door-to-door service, collecting Mare, riding off into the sunset for a few hours, and bringing her back fed and tired.

Karin routinely takes my child into her home and is thoughtful enough to clean her toilet when I come over, in case I need to ralph. We all need such people in our lives. Mare is always returned to me stuffed with treats and wearing little trinkets Emma didn’t notice her pilfering from the toy box.

I’ve also been blessed with great doctors, some of whom went on to become great friends. When all is said and done, it can be hard to love something that is sucking your will to live. Compassionate doctors toss us Hyperemesis girls a few extra sonograms to keep the morale up.

But most important is a great partner. Cute Husband doesn’t have time to sleep any more, between law school, shopping for odd cravings, and taking Mare fun places while I barf up all the stuff he worked so hard to buy.

Honestly, you’re scaring me. I’m not sure I want children now. I know. I haven’t even told you about labor yet. Don’t worry, it’ll all be fine. Just remember to sniff ginger. That’s key.

Where is the Calgon?

I guess I’ll make myself sit here and write a post. I have been busy and then not so busy it seems.


This is a picture of my grandfather Roy and my oldest H. This was taken in February 2007. I am sharing this with you because he is and will die from cancer. It will be sooner than later. He was moved to Hospice yesterday. It was a very hard decision for my grandmother but it was the best one. Today I spent some time with him and I had H and lil O with me. I kept him covered because his hands were cold. I let him cat nap between sentences. I just sat there. And let me tell you , time moved very slow. I cried but didn’t let him see. It was an emotional day with him.

I also went to the doctor today. I have lost weight. Duhh! I’d have to actually eat a good diet to gain weight. I hope soon to find that happy medium and be able to enjoy food and eat again. We were able to hear the heartbeat today. Lil O called it fireworks. Adorable! I also had some concerns about having this baby. I had a cesarean with my last child and was worried about a repeat and the risks it involved. I was curious about a VBAC and the risks in that. After a much informed honest talk I have decided that the repeat cesarean with be the safest. And the best choice for me.

Anyway…I am physically and emotionally exhausted. I am going to veg on the couch for as long as my family will let me. :)

Pushing Daisies

Last night I watched the first show of Pushing Daisies. I do not want to get sucked into another TV show. However, I liked the first episode. I am not sure how long they can keep that storyline going though. I won’t write anymore–just in case someone wants to watch and hasn’t yet.

Pushing Daisies <~~you can read more about the show here.

Other than that I lead a pretty boring life these days. I really need to be writing down my dreams these days. They are a riot! Last night that Baywatch man, ummm what’s his name? David Hasselhoff! We were in Math class taking a multiplication test and he kept passing me a note with that goofy smile on his face and that wild hair of his. Now where did that come from???

Tonight there is a DAMA meeting I hope I am able to attend. I’ll know later on in the day.

Let me share a few pics I took the other night:

This is my view most days. This is from my side of the bed! During the day the sky just turns to blue. In the bottom left corner you can see why I am bed.

bed with a view

Lil O in bed playing with me.

O in bed

What? I love this picture of her. Those big brown eyes.

O in bed2

Have a lovely Thursday.

Early Girl, True Confections and a day with my sister.

I live in a great town for sure! Lots of different people and places to visit. We are frequently downtown–and HB does work downtown as well. We visit the local places to eat and when we have company we take them there too. LOL I love to brag about the great places to eat and visit. Anyway….

Saturday we had family outing time and went to Early Girl for a great lunch. ~Plus all 3 kids love to go~ We know the owners and love to go there to eat a good meal. I highly suggest the Bean Burger. That’s what I mostly get unless I go for the veggie plate. Since Chocolate Cake with Coffee Icing wasn’t on the menu we headed to another place to eat some sweets. I can honestly say True Confections has the BEST peanut butter pie you will ever eat. I have been eating it there for 4 1/2 years. I LOVE THEIR PEANUT BUTTER PIE!! So does H. And its nice because you can venture in the Grove Arcade as well.

I can say I was stuffed after this adventure. That’s why the long nap when we got home I am sure.

Sunday I was mostly in bed unless feeding everyone. Sunday was a bad day for me. YUCKY! I am thankful that my second trimester starts in a couple days. I hope this brings me relief and I am able to enjoy this pregnancy….

Yesterday was sisters day out. It was nice and just what I needed. :)

Today I am basically vegging around the house. Lil O is behaving perfect. ~knocking on wood~
My sister brought over her portable DVD player for me. Which is nice because since I spend most of the day in bed..I can at least catch up on some movies. Or entertain O with a kid movie while I rest in bed. Ahhhhhh…..wish I had the DVD player WEEKS ago! LOL

I hope that everyone is well and enjoying their week. I hope to work on the Tinkerbell quilt this week. I need to invest some time into it ASAP! But when mommy doesn’t feel good—she doesn’t do anything. Which is odd because sometimes I think moms never get a sick day. Hmmm….

I love that Fall is in the air. Extra blanket time yet too warm to turn the heat on. Soon though. I so love this time of year.

Where did my baby go?

Earlier in the year my daughter H, who was 12 at the time, changed a few things in her room. It made me a bit sad to take the things out of the dollhouse and pack them up. I had thought that would be it for awhile. I was wrong.

The other night while I was napping, she mentioned to HB that she wanted to get the “kiddie” things out of her room now that she is 13. ~I know of another wordpress blogger going through the same thing with her son.~ Anyway, yesterday I thought I would surprise her and change things for her. Which made me feel icky but she loved the changes.

I threw all the stuffed animals down into the basement–probably to go to the Goodwill. Removed all the “kiddie” things that were sitting around. Then I moved all the furniture around. Took out the wooden dollhouse. I added my beautiful desk to her room that I bought for ME off Craigslist–to give my sewing machine a permanent home. sniff I added some ‘big girl’ things to the top and now she has a place to do her homework in peace.

The room was a hit!! I am glad she enjoyed the changes. Now she wants to go buy posters to hang on the walls. :)

Plus now B2 wants me to change his room. LOL

I have become Michelle The Decorator. To go along with my Supermom title.

Nothing new to report at our house. I am still feeling icky with this pregnancy. I’ll be glad when this bundle of joy arrives….but then I long to enjoy my last pregnancy. If only I felt better. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

I guess I’ll go back to the comfort of my couch and the Dora blanket I was covered up with. Have a lovely Thursday.

It Hit Me Today

As to why I am so sick. You ready?

So two years from now I am not saying, “Honey, let’s have another baby.” To which I would say in the sweetest voice and give him the look.

Yep, that’s it. I am glad I figured that out because no way in hell will I be doing this again. ~gentle grin~ At least I don’t think I would.

Hubby is bringing take-out home. B2 has boy scout meeting. H is being hormonal while doing her homework. Plus she brought home candy bars to sell. I already had part of one. SOMEONE HIDE THE BOX!

I have been having a hard day since yesterday. I went to see my grandfather who is dying of cancer. Hospice sees him 3 times a week. I haven’t allowed myself to think about it and get emotional. I haven’t had the strength to begin with. But yesterday was bad for me. He is giving some of his grandchildren a check. Sad isn’t it? He handed me the check and it broke my heart. I said, “I haven’t taken your money before so why do you think I will take it now?” He said, “Because I want you to have it.” So I will either save it for Christmas to buy the kids something special or buy baby things. IE: Bed, swing, carrier, etc…

So anyway…today has been depressing and I have been sad. Yesterday he said he was proud of who I was and how I have raised my children. I do have great kids. :) So just keep my family in your thoughts….

I am rambling and need to email hubby the take-out order.

I hope everyone has a wonderful night.

Bullies are cruel people and should have rotten eggs thrown at them.

The other day I had a dream/nightmare about my childhood bully. YUCK!

Those that know me, know I am a really kind and nice person. Not a mean bone in my body. But I had a bully at a certain point in my life. It was awful. To this day I have ZERO tolerance for bullies and mean people. They basically suck in my opinion. So anyway, back to my bully story.

My mom and step dad had bought a new trailer and moved the family to a tiny trailer park in Leicester when I was around 13. I think I was 13. Could have been 12. Doesn’t matter. That was when I met her! I am not sure her married name now nor do I care. ~giggle~ If you know her, feel free to pass this along to her. In fact it would give me a much needed giggle. She made my life a living hell. I cannot really blame her. Well, yes I can. She lived in a house that wasn’t loving and her parents were mean. What example could she have that would be positive. Well, I guess that is were my family came in. My mom cooked every meal. I had a neat room I suppose. I had a family that was there for me. And grandparents too. She would break into our house when we were home and take my things. Then actually wear them to school. If I was home with my little sister alone and wouldn’t answer the door–she would just open up a window and make herself at home. No joke. I was terrified of her. Not to mention she was a bit bigger than me at the time. All my family shown her was kindness and in return she was abusive and bullied me. What a real winner eh? She made me terrified to ride the bus and get off the bus and make it home. When I eventually got tired of a few things in my home life ~another story to insert here~ I moved in with my dad. Later on with my grandmother when my papaw died. Then I never worried about her. If I saw her at school I just ignored her. She could no longer hurt me after that. Anyway….

Now when I look back I get angry at Katie. There was no need for violence and it achieved her NOTHING. I feel sorry for her. I am sorry her childhood was so awful that I was the brunt of her anger. I hope with her age she gained a peace within herself. I also hope that she taught her kids to behave and not be bullies just like she was.

I don’t hate anyone and I am trying to not hate her. I’d never talk to her again for sure though.

STOP THE BULLIES~The world doesn’t need anymore anger in it.

Monday Already?

I recently said this and I know it is true. If I was sick this way my first pregnancy; I would only have ONE child. I even told my doctor this last week.

I also know why animals eat their young. But I won’t go into detail on this one. I think we all understand that statement once in their life. At least I don’t think I am the only one.


Saturday B & B2 headed up on the parkway for their yearly trip to pick blueberries. Here are a few beautiful pictures, basically from our backyard.





They returned home with lots of blueberries. To which I made homemade blueberry pancakes Sunday morning.

While the men were out in nature us girls hit Target and Carrabba’s for lunch. I had been craving some good pasta since watching Iron Chef the previous week when Mario made some YUMMY looking and I am sure awesome tasting pasta! We we made it back home, I pulled up all my plants and veggies from their pots so I can store them for the season. Know knows if next spring, I’ll have time to plant again.

Well, I hope that everyone has a lovely Monday. :)